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ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Griritllziy Street. 229969711. ;.-\eeess: P. l.. Facilities: “(I 'WS. H. (i. C. 1. Help: A. AA} (‘loseti Suns.

The Glass Menagerie l'ntil sat 7 i-‘eh 7.45pm: Sat 7 f eh :nat 3.30pm. £l US. Tennessee \Viihams‘s :notlern .-\u‘.errcari classic is the Royal Lyceum eoruparry's opening shout for the new season. Directed by Slrareul lixpct'ience's Poll} Teale. who comes fresh trout directing and adapting June [fire at l ontiorr‘s Young \"ic. \’.‘illi;rrris‘s haunting memory plat stars lots Baxter. Monica Dolan. Alec \Jewrrranan:l.\1atthew l’itlgeou

Juno And The Paycock l'ri H helm-Sat 7 Mar 7.45prri. Sat 3 l . Well 25. Sat 28 lieh 6: Sat 7 Mar rrtats 3.30pm. £71.15. Sean 0‘ (‘aset \ play is art lrisir classic. dealing w itlr the social hardship and ltolitical turbulence ol' l‘)?l)s l)uhlrn. Juno Bo» 5c tries to keep her faint!) together against the odd-4, but all changes when a ll;lll(l‘.(‘rllc‘ law yer arrites on the scene v. rth some startling trew<. See New Show s, page ()2.

ST BRIDE'S CENTRE (lrwcil 'l'errace, 3-16 L105. [At‘cessi l’l’A, l.. ST R Facilities: \\'(". WS. (i. (‘lost'rl Suns. lit'kt‘tlittt‘. 1043—19. Antigone \lrirr ~t t-eb sr‘rrr. £6 (Ur. Sec 'l‘o'irirrg

THEATRE WORKSHOP .54 Hamilton Place. 31054.35. [.-\ccess: Pl’A. ST. R. lurcilittes \VT', \\’S. H, (i. ('. Help: AA}

An Actress Prepares l..'tttil Sat 7 t-t-h. Split. {(1501:} Stir. Se:- 'l‘otrrrrrg. TRAVERSE THEATRE (‘liil‘rl‘l'ltlg'r .‘ilt'c‘t'l. 225' l‘l‘l-«l. ll [Acct-xx; l.. i“.lc‘llllltf.\2 Wl“. WS. H, ('i, ("l ("ltrsetl .‘xiorrs

Caresses'l‘ue lrr l'ci)_ 1’. illpni. !, l. -\

performed reading. by rrrerirhers of the Traterse corrrparry. of ‘an erotic niasterpiece‘ by Sergei- Belhel Shirley Henderson and l‘itltth .\1acarthurare among the cast.

You Dance The Swords Alone Sat 34 i;e‘h..1[‘lTl.£.Al£l Slit. .-\ir open workshop from (Verl‘rct‘us Theatre ('orrrpany exploring the development process of' new work through an llllc'nsiVC collaboration betw eerr writer. director and principal performer.

The Chic Nerds Ttie l7 l-‘eli Sat 7 Mar (not Mons).Xrtrit.£><(£-1). Edinburgh writer Ronan ()‘l)orrnell's first play gets its world premiere. Dragged kicking and screaming to .i haronial mansion in the Highlands by their manager. rock band Tlic‘ (‘ltlt‘ Ntft'tls search for lllC t‘ltlsh't‘ spark which marle thetu l'airious Reaching he)ond sex. drugs and rock

i. ., \ \ ‘3 t \V ' n

'1' .. m - :‘i ,r: . L


'n' roll. the play looks behind the public persona of the _\oung t'roritrnan ti\L‘l\.\llCllllCtl h) a ruarttpulatrte llitlllsll'}'. See pr'c\ rew. page (it.



Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 225' 5535. Ticketline; ZION-10. [Access S'l. R. liacllilics. \\ C. \\'8. (i1

Country Dance And Early Dance Share Day Sat 7 Feb. 10am 5pm. L'l.< ti Hi). This is the first et er ttl‘t‘Wl'lUlllU for country and ear]; dancers to share their traditions. (‘ountry rlauces w rth intricate formations and early dances selected from the 15th. loti‘. and lhth centuries will he taught during two workshops. ('all (H31 555’ F1737 l'or‘ tlL‘ldil\.

1,19“? ‘1

h. 5’5“;

Fragile handle with care: Monica Dolan as Laura in The Glass Menagerie

at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh




Kiltlrunr. C‘utnbernauld. (ll 236 732%87. 'l'l‘. [Accessz PPA. l.. ST. R. l-‘acilities: \VC‘. \\'S. H. G. C‘. Help: A. AA] Sabina! Thu IZ—Sat 14 Feb. 7.45pm to tUt See Touring.

TOLBOOTH THEATRE Broad Street. Stirling. Booking; 017M» “(\th or on the door.

Still Game Hi (i lieh. 8pm. to 114). Sec Touring and review. page ()6.


l‘rirtersn)‘ of Stirling. Stirling. 01730 .lfilllh'l [Access: P. PPA. l.. R. l‘acilittex \VC‘. \\'S. H. G. (‘l

The Millennarium Thu ll l’eh. 7..‘\(lprri. L35” t £2.50). Wild-child dancer/chmeographer Wa} rte Mc( iregor returns with his London-based company Random in this new. higth innovative piece. based on an android-like fusion of hunrarr body and technology.

This section lists all future dates in the Central Belt of shows that are on tour.

Albertine, In Five Times (‘lyde timo- 'l‘lre;rtre presents Martin Bowman and Hill limtliay‘s Scots translation ol~ ()uchccois playwright Michel 'l‘rerrrhlay's all-woman play. in this spiritual work. 70-year-old Albertine. resident in a nursing home. is joined by her Tour younger selves and her sister as she struggles to tind sortie lasting peace. (‘all (‘lytle Unity Theatre on (ll-ll .153 0005 l'or details. See New Shows. page til.

'I‘rmr 'I/rr'um', (i/rrseou‘ l.'ntrl Sat l4 l‘eh irrot Mon ‘)). 3pm.

(Ar/ctr Theatre. .‘\\‘I' Mon l(i & Tue l7 l‘eh. 7.30pm,




“Britain’s most exciting opera company”


Cosi fan tutte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart \H'.': v: I’: Opens

Dunard Fund

Snatched by the Gods/

Broken Strings Parzirrt Vir


Concert l’erlorrriatit'e

Georg Frierlrr; h Handel \.r‘ri ii: I ':..‘ w

Opens Friday 20 February

Ariadne auT Naxos

Richard Strauss

Thursday 5 February

Wednesday 18 February

5 Wednesday 18 March

Theatre Royal, Glasgow Box Office 0141- a 32 ()oori First Call (booking fee) 0141550 585‘,

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Box Office 0131-929 (.ooo

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