Scene By Scene With

Steve Martin

BBC2, Sat 21 Feb, 9pm.

Actor, director and comedian Steve Martin is interViewed by former director of the Edinburgh Film Festival turned Moviedrome presenter Mark Cousins. Martin talks candidly throughout the interVIew which takes place in the Formosa Cafe, Los Angeles, which recently featured in LA. Confidential. The programme is followed by a double-bill of Steve Martin movies LA. Story and Grand Canyon. Next week Mark Cousins chats to Terence Stamp.

Island Harvest BBCl, Sun 22 Feb, 7pm.

Surely one of the busiest people in Scotland what With opening up Nairn’s restaurant in Glasgow and writing a new cookbook, Nick Nairn is whisking up even more public attention with this new TV show. The chef will be seeking out tasty morsels from sea trout to watercress around Scotland's western coastline.

Heaven On Earth BBCl, Sun 22 Feb, 9pm.

A new two-part drama starring Neil Pearson (Drop The Dead Donkey, Between The Lines) as a middle-class London graphic designer who drops out of the rat race to become a power- crazed cult leader in Wales.


Scottish, Mon 23 Feb, 10.30pm.

The American version of Cracker has had a grudgingly warm reception from Scots critics. In tonight’s episode ’Lemmings Will Fly’ a teenage boy is found hanged, but Fitz finds a book linking him to his teacher which suggests there was more than a teacher-student relationship between them.

The Morwenna Banks

Show Channel 5, Tue 24 Feb, 9.55pm.

Absolute/y veteran Morwenna Banks scores her own sketch-show. Promising to be faster than The Fast Show on fast forward, Banks will be joined former muckers Gordon Kennedy, John Sparkes and Jack Docherty. If that's not enough to get you saying 'Scccchhhhhtoneybridge’ like a good un, then be aware that Moray Hunter is among the scriptwriters.

The People vs Jerry Sadowitz Channel 5, Tue 24 Feb, 10.25pm.

Giving sicko Scots comic Jerry Sadowitz his own chunk of air-time is rather akin to letting a hedgehog loose in a balloon factory. But this is a chat-show with a mm, in which the audience can talk about anything as long as they're not boring. Fall on that score and they will be verbally abused if not physically ejected. See Feature, page 10.

Modern Times: Shooting Versace

BBCZ, Wed 25 Feb, 9pm.

When Gianni Versace was shot dead in July 1997 it was also the starting pistol for the race to make the mowe. Sam Lupowitz and Menahem Golan were first off the mark, aiming to shoot the film in eighteen days. TV producer Christopher Sykes had full access to the making of The Versace Murder and his resulting documentary captures all the humour of making a low-budget film.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

BBCZ, Fri 27 Feb, 9.30pm.

'Portly’ Phil Jupitus, 'cuddly' Sean Hughes and ’greasy' Mark Lamarr are back for a new series of the comedy pop quiz that couldn't give a stuff who sang ’Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)'. Be prepared for the drummer from Hanson playing air guitar to 'Barbie Girl’ while Bez does the Macarena. Possibly. See Feature, page 20.

If I Ruled The World BBCZ, Fri 27 Feb, 10pm.

A new topical political comedy show from Hat Trick productions, the makers of Have / Got News For You, hosted by Clive Anderson, wrth team captains Graeme Garden and Jeremy Hardy. A series of rounds test the teams’ abilities to be modern politicrans. Can they lie their way out of trouble, dodge difficult questions, perform U-turns and joyfully stitch up colleagues and opponents?

King Of The Hill Channel 4, Fri 27 Feb, 10.30pm.

Mike 'Beavis And Butthead' Judge’s fabulous yellow-trash adult animation returns to our screens for a massive 22- show second series. In tonight’s episode, Hank Hill stages a rescue attempt when a tornado bears down upon Peggy and Luane inside a trailerpark. See Frontlines, page 4.



Sounding The Century

Lectures: Gore Vidal Radio 3, Sat 21 Feb, 10pm.

Historian, novelist, essayist and official sarkiest bugger on the planet Gore Vidal attacks American imperialism in a lecture at the South Bank's Queen Elizabeth Hall. His rant is followed by what can only be described as a lively exchange with the audience.

Live In Concert: Ocean Colour Scene

Radio 1, Sun 22 Feb, 9pm.

Live from Manchester Apollo on their current UK tour, Steve Craddock and his merry band of wandering mod- strels get, like, down With the real music. Will Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher or Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts jom them for a jam? A nation holds its desert boots in anticipation.

reviews TV

Craig MacKay's Cull

EX:S This is MacKay Country

BBCl, Wed 25 Feb, 10.45pm.

Craig MacKay is more at home behind the lens than in front of it. but the 37-year-old welder-turned-internationally-successfuI-surrealist- photographer is the focus of the latest feature from EX:S, Scotland’s weekly

arts programme.

Exhibitions of MacKay's abstract fantasy landscapes and dramatic portraits of major Scottish figures - including Gregor Fisher, Kirsty Wark and the poet Norman MacCaig - have toured overseas. He has also been a major player in creating an image for home-grown bands; shooting album covers, stage backdrops and publicity stills for Wolfstone, Runrig and Capercaillie, and is currently working on cover art for former Love And Money frontman James

Grant's new album.

EX:S also explores MacKay’s collaboration with the poet Alan McLeod. The two recently combined beautiful images and haunting phrases at a London exhibition. The work is inspired by their Highland roots, specifically their

shared home of Brora.

'Historically and geographically, the Highlands are all around me: the sea, the people, the land. It couldn't fail to influence me,‘ MacKay says. 'When I exhibited in London, a guy said that he had always regarded art as urban. For me. it's the other way round.’ (Peter Ross)

The Sunday Play: Flight Radio 3, Sun 22 Feb, 7.30pm.

The British premiere Of Mikhail Bulgakov’s Flight performed at London’s Royal National Theatre. Bulgakov is slowly emerging as one of the greatest Russian playwrights of our century, His satirical novel The Master And Margarita profoundly influenced Rushdie's The Satanic Verses,

Thirty Minute Theatre:

Lantern Slides Radio 4, Tue 24 Feb, 2pm.

Helena Bonham Carter plays her grandmother Violet Asqunh in a true st0ry of love and tragedy in Edwardian England. Lantern Slides a dramatisation of Asquith’s diaries and letters explores her friendship With Archie Gordon from 1905 to 1911

Blue Suede Shoes: A Celebration Of Carl


Radio 2, Sat 28 Feb, 6.30pm.

The legendary writer of '8lue Suede Shoes’, arguably the most important

man in rock 'n' roll, who died last month gets the tribute treatment. Presenter Charlie Gillett, who interViewed Carl in the 70s, assesses his impact on artists such as Elvrs and The Beatles, Paul McCartney prowdes insight into the importance of Perkins's work.

Centurions: Federico

Garcia Lorca Radio 3, Sun 1 Mar, 4.15pm.

Andalu5ian poet and playwright Lorca is the most translated Spanish writer of all time. Assassinated by anti- Republican rebels at the beginning of the Spanish CiVil War, he left behind a significant body of work including Blood Wedding and The House Of Bernarda Alba.

Fresh Air FM

105.4fm, daily, until Fri 28 Feb.

A iomt proiect by students from all Edinburgh’s universities Fresh Air FM is using it's limited license to offer 24 hours of alternative sOunds including live broadcasts from the city’s top Clubs.

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