PREVIEW Aironauts (Ocean)

Promising fast and furious 30 air combat, Aironauts is the first release from Glasgow developers Red Lemon. You play a convict with the chance to lose your life sentence or your life in a futuristic TV game-show. Dog-fighting high above the world’s prisons, you must blast your way to freedom, all the while being egged on by game-show host Bob McGuffin.

'lt’s a fantastic game, full of action,’ says Red Lemon director Andy Findlay. ’We're pushing the technology envelope pretty far. It‘s above and beyond what's already out there for PlayStation.’

Red Lemon were formed eighteen months ago when Findlay and seven others broke away from games giants Gremlin. In their time there they established a reputation as groundbreaking innovators with such seminal titles as Actua Soccer, with the result that all eyes will be on Aironauts when it hits the streets.

Red Lemon are also developing a strategy wargame for Eidos which will use an enhanced 3D battle-simulator engine. It is unlikely to keep its working title of Tartan Army.

’We're a bit worried people might think it's about going down to Wembley and breaking goalposts,’ Findlay laughs. (Peter Ross)

Aironauts rs released for PlayStat/on and PC rn May

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Winter Heat


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REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE Andrew Burnet, larn Grant, Peter Ross

Quake II: woo hoo! I feel heavy metal


Totally wired

This issue: conspiracy theories

Riddle Of The Teletubbies

http: rrtoosespeslrcom teletubbies


I.Ioose Industries 2000 ('(lill‘ to naue unto‘».rered set 'et <lltll:‘.'(" footage of Teletubbies .‘.hr( h lrfts the 'rd on the "nappy, :rrnoten’. and (lean' rnrage portrayed by the BIN rmages from a Ros\.‘.el- style Ieletubb‘,»

I'r‘..s 'riiwles

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Who Killed Diana?

Irttpzy merrrber' ' FalrimF indexlrtrrr I'te top te" r)a'a"od (or‘sp1'at, theor stzggestng that so'r‘eor‘e "i‘gh'. haze do"e a'.‘.‘ay ‘." fl‘e I’eoples' f’r"‘( ess err on We Tofa' ‘.'.a( so s (re o‘ b'.’a"‘e I“e

suggest or‘ that T'ee .'.as a o"e (;_r"r"rrrt at t"e for) o‘ t"e Y..""e ‘s or‘e o’ the feast

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The Universal Conspiracy Against Everything

lrttp: 3atlavxaageocitiescom Athens/Delplri6696 consphtm

Warning that ‘there are 50501 l / l 2/ people rn the world nox'r.‘ and a iot of them are out to (rt l YOU', thrs srte Irnl:s an errorrrxoas amount of theorres Into one huge ultra-par'anord flout (hart .‘rnd out ‘.'.'nat tonnet ts Santa ( Iaus, [has and spate alrens

Conspire.Com Weekly

lrttp: \Arxrr‘xraconsprrecom' A ":(e r" In; ’sr'.(‘ t'.."e'r’.‘v t.r‘ders‘.ar‘dao y obsessed ‘.'.':tl‘. t"e( 'rtor‘ s ea/e star‘dar s the Mo". (a "less an o'gar‘r/ed s"‘ea' agtrost Iprdnoas Br. )' but a so

‘eaturrog (oor stuf‘ on JI‘K, UIOs ar‘d other stary "rtrals

Scooby DooIX-Files Conspiracy Theory

http; wwirohansdsuedu«Iquintor scoobyhtmi

One (ta/ed rr‘d \gruaal's 'r‘sar‘e guest to prove that C rrr s Carter rrpoed of" Smoby Do ‘or 'r s I‘A‘. par‘t‘rr‘or‘rr‘a snov. II iar'ously he refers to St'appy Do as ‘We Yoko Ono of Sata' ray nuorr‘ “g (ar'toor‘s' ar‘d suggests tirat Stooby and to were go\.'e'r‘.'ne'rt agents pos r‘g as 'pesky luds and a dog' Cree. us

Weird Music Conspiracies


Areal par‘anordsrtedrs(o\.rer'rng hrdden rneanrngsrn popular hits Davrd Bome's 'l rfe On lslars' rs held up as an example of the Ihrrr \"Jhrte Duke's real extraterr‘estr'ral nature Iber'e rs a tool Irnk to a srte whrt h drsr usses ‘l\.lexr(an Croatsut ker' lhe C hupatabra to the tune of 'I‘.la(arena'

Men In Black

http: «tentlrrrrusecomlparanor'mal 'mibhtml

Before Sn- th and Jones's (i/rostbusters rn surts st l‘.’.I( k, the Men In Blatk rsxxere the sole preserve of (onsprra< y theorrsts fast rnated by these set r'etrve (haps vino seemed to sho\.‘~.' up whenmrer a Ill 0 srghtrng was reported Read all about them

Heaven's Gate http:f,’\.vww.heavensgatecom/ Il‘-e famous srte of XI/les obsessed sur< rde (ult l-Ieaven's (rate rs berng rnarntarned by free-speer h group Rrght Io Know The srte explarns that the (ornet IIaIe-Bopp rs the me for a spa(e( raft to destend and take the < ult to another world Spooky and a lrttle sad

Kennedy Assassination Quiz



Ihrs srte had been set up by a deeply rnrstrustrng rndrvrdual who, for some reason, doesn’t buy rnto the flrrn-flarn he rs spoon-fed by Uncle Sam You can learn hrs thoughts on the Kennedy assassrnatron by answerrng guestrons rn thrs rather rnatabre gur/

Antwan at: am no «nun (an cuhnuru-m.

mama/m to“?! m; a the; Inn in Inn at“! “mix”.

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