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The fifth edition of The List's highly successful Eating & Drinking Guide will be published on Thursday 16 April.

To make the Guide better than ever, we want your help. Please take time to fill out the form below, telling us which you think are the best places to eat and drink, and why. We’ll combine your comments with the work of our research and reviewing team to make the 1998 Guide the most authoritative yet.

We’ll put all the completed forms into a prize draw. The first two to be pulled out will win a meal out for two at a restaurant of your choice in Glasgow or Edinburgh, to a value of £60.

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Your name and address Your telephone number

Please fold the form a< cording to fire instructions overleaf and return it [0 us, to arrive no later than Friday (3 l’Vlarcli. No stamp required.

20 Feb—S Mar 1998 THE “ST 107