Up your jumper

REGARDING LAURENCE QUINN'S hurt feelings about ’Edinburghers' being associated With M&S jumpers [Letters, Issue 325] -- it‘s true!

As a resident of neither Edinburgh or Glasgow, I feel I can make an unbiased observation that, yes, a glimpse along Edinburgh's Princes Street does indeed reveal the veritable M&S jumper on an abundance of bodies: old, young, trendy, sad, male and female. And let’s not ignore the compulsory accessory of the Edinburgh shopper - the M&S carrier bag.

Personally I prefer Edinburgh and the infrequent visits I make to Glasgow only make me appreciate Edinburgh even more: the ability to walk down the street without being accosted by garrulous strangers; the familiar, comforting sight of ye olde M&S jumpers and carrier bags, worn and carried by peOpIe not trying to make any pretentious statements, rather than the sight on Glasgow streets of toothless neds dressed in discount designer garb.

Carol Beveridge, Castle Douglas

Rock solid

I SIMPLY CANNOT help myself from commenting on Steven from Bis's letter, printed in your last issue. I

remember the glory days when bands were supportive of one another. Bis are, as are my own band, sadly born too late. It breaks my heart to see a committed band who get on with the business of making the music they care about, attacked on every level.

Bis are a gigantic success, as Steven points out, in that they actually sell records. It saddens me to think that Steven feels he has to respond to the barrage of nonsense written about Bis. They, in my opinion, demonstrate everything that Glasgow, sometimes rather smugly, claims to represent.

A very unusual, unique view of what pop music should be, Bis are really rather important. More significantly, they are successful. Bis and my own band share a rehearsal studio and I can assure you that Bis’s next album is, from what I've heard, a treasure. Steven can rest assured that the

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adapted and translated by [hristopher (I'UIHP

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24 THE LIST 20 Feb-5 Mar 1997

Texas: Cosy, coffee tabe, AOR outfit?

aforementioned album Will sell 150,001 copies, the additional one being the one I look forward to buying and hearing.

Love and rock,

Paul Campion,

AC Acoustics

have affected him personally, he is to my mind doing to them what he accuses The List of doing to Bis making petty remarks about them to score cheap pOints.

While his self-confidence is admirable and he is entitled to his own opinion, it seems to have escaped his attention that bands such as Texas do not need to use idiotic monikers like 'Iohn Disco' in order to get attention. While I make no claims to Texas being the greatest poets in Scottish pop, their range extends a little further than the kindergarten sketches Bis display on 'Kandy Pop' and other such tracks.

And lastly, while he his right to take offence at The List placing Bis beside Julian Spalding and Paul ’Gazza' Gascoigne, surely he must realise that someone in his position, With such an individual take on popular mUSIC, has to be prepared to take all kinds of criticism, not just the positive or constructive kind.

Jonathan Robert Muirhead

Penicuik In defence _ . of Texas WHILE I FIND IT honourable Letters page

that Steven of Bis should Wish to defend his band (Letters, Issue 325), it sticks in my craw somewhat that he does so while putting down ’cosy, coffee table, AOR outfits’ such as Texas, even going so far as to name them

While the criticism ('Saints And Sinners’, Issue 324) may well



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