6 Madonna 3 Frontlines Exclusive interview with the world’s most famous 22 Agenda woman as she releases her latest album Ray Of 24 Letters Light- 25 Film _ 27 New releases 10 Jerry Sadowrtz 30 Film index . . 36 FT l‘ The tWisted comedian saved by a TV show. 'm Isimgs 41 MUSIC 12 The Boxer 44 Record reviews 46 Live reviews Barry McGuigan on how he made Daniel Day- 47 Rock a Pop listings Lewis a prize fighter. 52 JaZZ “Stings 54 Folk & World listings 14 n The Company Men 56 Classical & Opera listings L d , It H 59 Theatre a 5 cu ure a arge. 60 New shows 61 Theatre reviews 16 GatecraSher 64 Drama & Dance listings A singles night with love on the menu. 59 Comedy . 7o Clubs 18 Fame-C’IDOHmQ 71 Clubs listings Shane Meadows and his film Small Time head for 75 Venues big things. 77 Art 78 Exhibition reviews 20 Never Mnd The Buzzcoclcs 79 Ga”ery"s““95 34 Sport

Our man goes behind the scenes at the rock ’n’ Daniel Day-Lewis . inJhe Boxer roll comedy quiz.

85 Kids

86 Extra Time 96 Health special 37 Classified

Why men are turning to alternative cures. 87 Recruitment 93 Flatshare

95 I saw YOU

. . . 98 Books

Neil Jordan on Sinead O’Connor’s acting (25); 99 New titles

Sergei Buidrov on filming in war-torn C hechenya (26); 100 Book events

Cornershop burst into the super market (41); 101 TV

Get some Therapy? with Andy Cairns (42); 102 Channel Hopping

Suspect Culture returns to a Timeless theme (59); 103 TV 8‘ Rad“) Highllghts

The Citizens’ new shows reviewed (61); 104 scanner

London’s Sonique no token woman DJ (70); 106 Videos

William Boyd curls up with Armadillo (98); 107 Food & Drink Jerrysiidowiu Bill Bailey has a wizard time on TV (101) 112 Reader Offers

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