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Long-time indie outsiders CORNERSHOP have turned themselves into the hip kids on the block. How did they do that?

Words: Damien Love

When David Byrne ended his last European tour at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a while back. attentive audience members tnay have picked tip on the prc-show tape. an aural display of rigorously relaxed. shifting good-time grooves. like vodka and honey dripping down from the speakers. What in the hell was it. we wondered. figuring we‘d never get the chance to find out. In fact. a month or so down the line. it transpired that Byrne was treating our ears to an advance tape of the latest album to be released Stateside on his Luaka Bop label: When I Was Born For The Seventh Time. the strongest and most consistent statement yet from those long-serving watchers on the periphery. Cornershop.

Formed a decade ago in Preston, Lancashire by 'l‘jinder Singh.vocalist. guitarist. scratcher and all round. sleeves-rolled-up co-worker in the co-op shop Cornershop initially made their mark amalgamating traditional elements of Asian music harmonium. dholki and sitar with racket fields of abrasive. feedbacking electric guitar. Wrapping the tourist’s perception of what Asian life in Britain was like in sheets of angry white noise figure the statement out for yourself.

‘Wc don‘t like to shove anything down people’s throats.‘ 'l‘jinder points out. ‘We were doing a lot of different things when we first started out. stuff that‘s only been picked up on five years after it happened. The whole Asian Underground scene is based upon what we were doing five years ago. Like. when we started. in our first interviews. we stated that Bhangra was commercial and we wanted nothing to do with it nowadays if anyone from that scene says that. it‘s seen as revolutionary. So there’s certainly a few things we haven‘t been credited with.’

'i'jinder Singh

The Cornershop sound evolved over the course of

critically acclaimed singles releases and two albums: Hold On It Hurts and Woman's Gotta Have It. In the meantime. in the guise of their more technologically minded side-proje’ct/alter—ego Clinton. Cornershop slowly started infecting themselves with the funk.

. Seventh Time. then. was the mother river into

‘The whole sound of the album is very . . . optimistic. Very upbeat. And very righteous. Righteous in the vocals, righteous in the heats.’

Cornershop: Tjinder goes for the burns

which all the tributaries fed. Released back in the

balmy days of summer. the album is a hazy party of

Io'ose—limbed pop. butter-dripping hip hop. country rock and hijacked Beatles with a guest list including Allen Ginsberg. Dr. Octagon. Justin Warfield and Tarnation yodeller. Paula Frazer. A good-time album ifever there was.

‘The whole sound of the album.‘ agrees 'l‘jinder Singh. ‘is very . . . optimistic. Very upbeat. And very righteous. Righteous in the vocals. righteous in the beats . . . Just good music. good elements of music. different influences. You know —- rather than just sticking to the one element. I think there’s too many groups just ripping off the Beatles these days and not putting their own bent on things. And that’s criminal. it’s really sad. I mean. it’s I998 if people can’t be imaginative these days. that’s just really sad. A lot of bands are allowed to get away with it but theyjust shouldn’t be allowed.‘

Cornershop were last sighted in these parts playing support to Teenage Fanclub. and the exact nature of their forthcoming shows is a little difficult to predict. In the past they have staged head-spinning nights of entirely acoustic. traditional-sounding material. real extended raga stuff sung entirely in Punjabi. Equally. the night could turn out to be like a hip-hopping Friday night down the ageless yottlhclub. Most likely. though. the material on display will range far and wide. the only unifying factor being that righteous groove.

Cornershop play Glasgow: Garage. Sun 22 Feb: Edinburgh: Jaffa Cake. Mon 23 Feb.

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