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swarm is: . Rummage ttocx SAT l 4TH MARCH ~ 220 4349:" ' 7 I ' ' Cornershop Hip hop, righteous beats, LA O

mellow vibes and lyrics sung in Punjabi. it may seem like an implausible mix on , V

FRIDAY 20 which to make a breakthrough but 9

Glasgow . . Cornershop finally hit a well-deserved

I 32"“ Fang")! 02"”? §folllrlli$3§h wider audience with their album When I I

a" ""9" °"‘~’ "‘8 U‘ S 3 Was Born For The Seventh Time. See

Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. . . .

8.30pm. £4. Dundonian 'supergroup' led “We” Gtasgow‘ Gafage' 5”" 22 Feb'

by ex-Danny Wilson man Kit Clark and Edmburgfr jafia Cake, M0" 23 Feb-

also featuring the skin-bashing skills of muapy" |f you like it loud and hard

TV‘s Dougie Vipond. Their eponymous ~ ~ debut album is out now on 800 then this may well be the gig for you as

“awarding... Haven label, the Northern Irish growlers unleash their _ / IN ASSOC WITH FOUNDATION PRESENT I Velvet Jones and Push The Cathouse. personal Vision of He". See prewew. 9 0

Union Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £4.50 plus Edinburgh: Venue, Wed 4 Mar. 0 '

booking fee. Another group with ’m ' f/

connections Velvet Jones are fronted by . '1’ N TlV

Sir George Martin's son and are pushing ‘9“ 999.0%” The ace Ameilcan \ «~—

ihrough in the off-kilter alternative pop mainstream clarinetist and tenor I and SpeCia' gueStS ISOtO e 7 stakes. . . saxophonist lines up with the David //\ G ARE L I "'9 GEMJP “'95: 3'3"! and 55'“! Milligan Trio, a partnership which has .‘ \ 30TH

the . delftones

Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 - . 9637. 9pm. Two post-hardcore acts from prOdUCEd Sparks m the paSt' GlaSgOW'

the States supported by one ofGlasgow's Farm-k Burgh Hal/5' Wed 4 Ma" prominent lo-i'i combos. BLUES

I The Commercials, House Of Cheese and Push The l3th Note Cafe Bar. King 0‘“ Gm“ 3"" “‘9 3‘9 “"95 Band

Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). Three Tough 9'99“ 9W" blues “0”” the

local bands offer their services to raise caliiomla'raised bluesman. augmented

money for the Greenheart Festival of by a powerful horn section. Edinburgh: 9 a 0 w q. m o u 0

Diversity and Tolerance (catchy!) in ueen’s Hall’ Fri 2 7 Feb; (513 ow; Kin

Dalkeith which last year made a loss due 0 i 59 g Tut 5, Sat 28 Feb.

to a Glastonbury-st le down our.

I Bulb Chutney, urroun and Gringo CLASSICAL

The Arena. Oswald Street. 321 3010- Royal Scottish National Orchestra Lisa

?nPC';L'd£i:-531f‘advtgncgzi .f‘: (‘2?ng Milne —~ the rising opera star recently

. Peaflgand Wofkpsfiy éfvem Ban seen in Scottish Opera's Cosi Fan Tutte ~

Sirmhclydc University Student Union. and baritone William Dazeley join the -

15th Street. 552 l895. 9pm. Free. RSNO for an evening of operatic tu ents and guests. highlights from the timeless favourites.

I Hullaballoo Grand Ole Opry. Paisley

Road Toll. 429 5396. 7pm. £2.50 (£1.50) G’asgow Roya’ concert Ham sat 2 7 Feb' PSYGHEDELIASMiTH

I The Red Eyes McChuill's. High Mansfield Place Church. Corner of

Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free. Broughton Street. 557 8003. l0pm. £5 I ltchycoo Park MacSorley's. Jamaica (£4). Live jazz. blues and soul played by ' ' Street. 572 0199. 9pm. Free. Recreating a collective of seriously exciting local S

mOd sounds or [he 60$. Eusiaciizeniindggsygttg TheFGallery. 369 B I Edwin Star Cavendish. West Hgiiiigiiloiidhorgan Dave.

Tollcross. 22f8 3252. 9pm—3am. £5. acid jazz wanderings from the support. E

Classic pop or an older crowd. I Jazz Joint Henry‘s Cellar Bar. m '

:Wingcelr andCAtlantis The Attic. Morrison Street. 22] 1288. 10pm. £5 yer’s ose. owgate. 225 8382. (£3). The El Cometa All-Stars play live . . . 6

7.30pm. £3. Winger contain the fallout Latin jazz dance. Plus Dis.

from other Edinburgh indie bands like I Fungola and Red 2 Subway. Cowgate.

232 225 6766. 8pm. £2. Funky indie guitar

from Fungola. heavy rocking from their

Canongate. 556 4481. 10pm.Amixture Sabbath-influenced support. ST

of soft and heavy rock. I PH Family, Sawyer and Coney

:Tlglrhre_au anld Combagflergy‘zg‘he Iszlgngfycgone CgaisJxk. WestfPort. TICKETS FOR ALL SHOWS AVAILABLE FROM THE CATHOUSE a a st . .t .. 2 . 1. .£.. ie ui l -

405i. 9prtliTlFr32. E20380: rocalfe'n' roll Glasgow. Fiizenand Edinbu’igghtflCorriiiyl ' 15 UNION ST OR RIPPING RECORDS (EDINB‘JRGHi- punk from the reformed Threats. With Island Cyclone are stirring interest. ENQUIRIES/CREDIT CARDS 0870 601 0002

support from more melodious punks.

I Midnight Blue Cafe Graffiti. Continued over page

20 Feb—S Mar 1998 THE lIST47