Artaid '98

An exhibition of work by over 40 major artists opens in Edinburgh this fortnight. Organised to mark the tenth anniversary of Crusaid Scotland, the national fundraiser for Aids projects, the show features work by Eduardo Paolozzi (whose ’Circus’ is pictured), Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Alison Watt, David Bowie and even HRH. Prince Charles. All works are for sale, with prices ranging from £500 to over £20,000 not unrealistic, according to exhibition organiser Sheilagh Tennant, for the names involved. Some artists have donated their work; others could not make direct donations, but Crusaid will receive at least a substantial cut from every sale. Art—lovers whose pockets don’t stretch to the prices can acquire a lavish 80- page catalogue for £10. See art listings, page 81.

Artaid ’98 is at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Feb—Sat 27 Mar.

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Clear your diary for the fortnight’s big hitters.

Television: The People vs Jerry Sadowitz The Glaswegian comic/ magiCian has been let loose on TV in what must surely be the bravest deCision Channel 5’s bigWigs have made. In this show the audience do the talking and Jerry harangues them till they Cry, probably See feature, page 10. Channel 5, Tue 24 Feb. Film: The Boxer Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t pull any punches in this grittily realistic portrait of an ex-IRA man trying to rebuild his life in the Current climate of peace talks in Northern lreland. An unuSLially optimistic View of The Troubles See feature and reView, page 28 General release from Fri 20 Feb.

Theatre: Timeless Glasgow’s newly revenue-funded Suspect Culture returns. This low-key hit from the Edinburgh International Festival has been reworked to throw more focus on the tale of four old friends who meet up after a long absence See preView, page 59. Glasgow: Tramway, Tue 3—Sat 7 Mar, Edinburgh: Traverse Theatre, Thu 72—Sat 74 Mar

Comedy: Johnny Vegas Rotund funnyman and ceramics expert Johnny Vegas tOurs the UK With his special character comedy/pot throwmg interface, Glasgow: Tron Theatre, Sun 22 Feb; Musse/burgh. Brunton Theatre, Fri 20 Feb, Paisley: Arts Centre, Sat 27 Feb.

Film: Small Time Cheeky feature debut by Shane Meadows, covering similar ground to The Full Monty, Brassed Off and Mike Leigh but With a more mischievous sense of fun. See Famespotting, page 16 and reView, page 28. Glasgow: Gilmorehi/l, Fri 20 <9 Sat 27 Feb, GFT Sun 22 Feb.

Music: Cornershop lendef Singh and cohorts finally come in Out of indie obSCurity With their new album When / Was Born For The Seventh Time. A tasty splicing of fresh pop, gentle beats, pastoral harmonies and songs sung in Punjabi. See preView, page 41. Glasgow: Garage, Sun 22 Feb, Edinburgh: Jaffa Cake, Mon 23 Feb. Art: Explorations Of Dualism Flesh- wounding performance artists Marina Abramowc and Ulay star in their Video works ranging from 70 minutes of mouth to m0uth air sharing to shots of them walking into pillars Pushing the b0undaries of body politics. Glasgow: Tramway, until 74 Mar.

20 Feb—5 Mar 1998"“ [ISTS