9 I saw you Mac (1’) Blockbuster Video Leith. Me: regular customer. Let’s get together and enjoy a movie. your choice. I’ll supply the popcorn and . . . T.D. Bear. Box No U/326/1.

V I saw you in Lazer Quest. You were Irish girl who's gun didn‘t work. I was boy with blue hair and big specs. You can pull my trigger anytime young lady. Box No U/326/2.

V I saw you two rows in front. You youngish. redjurnper. You pull curtain. I smile. You watch film. Box No U/326/3.

'0 I saw you DJ at TF1 Friday. 30/1/98. You: mad orange hair. Me: mad orange tie. My mates say I've got no chance with a tasty bird like you. Let‘s dance. Box No U/326/4.

V I saw you Kenneth. Monday 2/2/98 at Tin Pan Alley. You danced with my friend while I held her Elmo bag and drink. Would love to meet up soon! Box No U/326/5.

V I saw you Valeria. in the Beehive. You said you were waiting for your sister. but she stood you up. You know who I am. Call me! Box No U/326/6. V I saw you striding to work along Pilrig Street every morning. You. the blonde in short red skirt and black tights. me. striding other way. You really should stop smoking! Box No U/326/7.

V I saw you Club 30. Saturday 7th. You had black T—shirt. ritnless glasses. nice body and little hair. Wanted to say ‘hi‘ but felt too queer. Get in touch. Box No U/326/8.

V I saw you prematurely aged? (Your hair suits you perfect!) John (Ewan??) La Belle Angele. Friday 30 Jan. Let’s spend the night in the front garden together. Box No U/326/9.

V I saw you and me driving across America. eating chocolate digestives. singing Shine On. stripping the willow and slutting our way round Soho. Can we have an adventure soon? Box No U/326/10.

V I saw you driving to the Highlands with me! A lovely weekend away from studies and stress and a time to reminisce about tequila and champagne. and getting older. . . Box No U/326/1 I.

V I saw you John Newton from Liverpool at Flamingo Night Club Glasgow. Sorry. I have lost your address. please forward address so I can send photos to you. Yours Tony. the shemale. Box No U/326/l2.

V I saw you most mornings on the 36 bus. Corstorphine to Edinburgh Uni. You: beautiful with dark hair tied back. Fleeting eye contact sends shivers. First words are always the hardest. Box No U/326/l3.

V I saw you green. as water. University Health Centre. Bristo Square. Will follow your whereabouts - where next? Box No U/326/14.

O I saw you Spanish blonde angel. Virginia. at Taste. The Honeycomb. 1/2/98. You're beautiful. James. Box No U/326/15.

V I saw you in NY. We drank pink cosmos. quaner of a mile up in the sky. I still haven’t come back down to earth. Love you madly. xxx Box No_ U/326/l6.

V I saw you in ObIomov. You brushed passed as I held the door open. You have long auburn hair and a gorgeous smile. You looked stunning in a wine velvet suit. Did our eyes really meet? Box No U/326/17. . I saw you Kevin - Joy 7/2/98. I really did call and I'm sorry you didn‘t get my message. I'd really like to see you again and make amends. Please get in touch. Stewart. Box No U/326/18.

V I saw you Peter from Aberdeen. walking in Glen Clova on Sunday 8 Feb. Would like to talk (and walk) some more but too unsure to ask. Box No U/326/19.

V I saw you on the 16.51 from Prestwick airport to Glasgow Central on the 6/2/98. You were reading The Alchemist. I showed you how to get to Queen Street. What I meant to say was how about a drink? Box No U/326/20.

V I saw you kilted man from Edinburgh. thoroughly misbehaving at Bad Bobs in Dublin. rugby weekend. I'd really like to know who you are. From Blondie. Box No U/326/21. V I saw you and your pink duffle. and so it began. Heavenly clouds mixed with champagne tequilas and a few popstarz . . . Mr Red . . . socks? ' San Francisco or Sydney? Life is a bag ofjewels. so let the adventure continue . . . Box No U/326/22.

V I saw you first year female student at RSAMD - at the bus stop on Hope Street about 11.45pm on 6/2/98. We talked and took the same bus. Let's meet again. Box No U/326/23. V I saw you a young vegan who bought a new book. Was thrilled to find she could cook. neither lentils nor beans - but orgasmical dreams. at last. she'd found where to look! Bananaman. Box No U/326/24. V I saw you Michael from HMV. Let me and my penguins kidnap you for lovebites and milkshakes and missing more IO o'clock lectures. Much love Eve. Box No U/326/25.

V I saw you Pootle you play sexy tunes and I will shag you when I know how. You cannot go nowhar. so stay and smooch me. Box No U/326/26.

V I saw you Cannie lad Mark. You make my days more fun and because this is a fresh shop. we will do well here. Too shy. shy. hush hush - eye 2 eye! Box No U/326/27.

V I saw you Stephen. assistant in Woolworth's. Lothian Road. Your bum looked so sexy in those trousers. that my pick 'n' mix began to melt. Let's meet and compare customer service techniques (and bums). Box No U/326/28.

O I saw you on Leith Walk with your thick blond/brown receding hair. You strutted your stuff in that checked jacket. boyisth eating your Kinderegg. Let‘s meet. but your friend (Italian?) I was the girl you gave a light to. Box No U/326/29.

V I saw you you reset my digital watch. I was with cat on train. Ewan. get in touch. Box No U/325/1.

V I saw you in Waterstone‘s. You bloke with short blondish hair. wearing green long sleeved T—shirt. Me writing you cheque in pre-Christmas frenzy. wearing fluffy blue coat and short blonde hair. Free? Box No U/325/2.

.1 saw you Craig at the Moat House. Wednesday 21. You poured me coffee. Can I treat you to dinner? Box No U/325/3. 9 I saw you on ward 22. Blonde bombshell with the sexy telephone voice. Me all in blue. You stole my heart and corrupted my accent! Do it some more. Box No U/325/4.

V I saw you Kim. Legends. Cowgate in early hours of 1998. We danced and talked before I left suddenly. Like to meet again. H. Box No U/325/5.

v I saw you in OPTO on Shandwick Place again. You tested my eyes a few weeks ago and I had to come and have another look at just the most gorgeous Kiwi I‘ve ever met. Box No U/325/6.

V I saw you St James‘ Centre. Saturday 24/1/98. 5.30pm. You had gold ear-ring. going in. Me yellow jeans. going out. You stopped. I didn’t. I apologise. I’m shy!!!! Box No U/325/7.

V I saw you Franck at Luvely. Can‘t forgive myself for taking so (too) long to come back. please give me a chance to give you your chewing gum back. Box No U/325/8.

V I saw you outside Iguana. 23/1/98. Seen you many times before. You are Ian(?) Red and black jacket. totally stunning. I'm small and insignificant. wishing I had the courage to speak! Box No U/325/9.

O I saw you Euan in The Kitchen (of all places) 24/1/98. You liked Dali and my furry jacket. I wanted to stick around longer. Call me! It's not too late!! Box No U/325/10.

V I saw you chunky chicken boy. outside Burton's. Liked what I saw. Remember me? Hope so! Let‘s meet soon. Box No U/325/11.

V I saw you a vegan in blue jeans searching Scotland the

Green. Friendly advice entice

him. romance him. entrance him. content him Taigh Na Mara him! Pleeesel. Bananaman. Box No U/325/I2.



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V I saw you Reaching Out in

V I saw you Chicken. in these

lnverness. Come dance with me

safely on Friday night and be my Valentine. Billy the Doll. Box No U/325/l3.

9 I saw you ALII‘. 3/2/95. Mexican porn star lookalike. getting funky on a dance floor on Sauchiehall Street. Fancied you then. madly in love with you now. Happy anniversary. mucho love and hugs. Rosie. xx Box No U/325/l-I.

V I saw you through the window and walked in ‘Beyond Words‘. Want to get to know you from cover to cover. Book me now for valentines. Box No U/325/15.

V I saw you wearing Kookai top and think you are fantastic. Fell in love. still surprised. Psycho bunny! Box No U/325/16.

V I saw you and see you every day. Sarah. You: too cute for words. Me: incredibly lucky. Thanks for everything . . . here‘s to another six. ()K? Box No U/325/l 7.

V I saw you Alice (not Alex!) at GeolSoc ceilidh. c. 21/1/98. We talked for about 60 seconds at the end. before I left with friends. Want to meet up sometime? Box No U/325/l8.

pages. four year s ago. In London, Paris and Blackpool. At numbers 91. 15 and 31). In tny bed. in my heart. love you baby Bo\ No L‘/ 1125/19.

V 1 saw you at The Bootleg

Beatles on lSth Decettiber. You

' wore long brown leather coat <-

yery fetching! I wore leather

60s dress and Keeler make-up.

Know you saw me! Box No 13/324/1.

V I saw you Whynot's Ilogmanay bash. Jenny t'.’1, Get 111 touch? or best New Year wishes. PS. We danced. Box No [VIZ-U2.

I saw you Sun 28th. i-lotterstone Inn. You ~~ grey

sw eater. glasses. Me < purple fleece. diagonally opposite. You grinned as you left. Do I know you'.’ Wish I didll Box No U/RZ-I/R.

V I saw you lilsbeth. Spoke to you on the phone. but was 20 minutes late for our coffee and you were gone. I‘d still love to be your yassal. Box No 1.1/32-1/4.

V I saw you Robin. Safeway. Anniesland. Tall. sweet. blue eyes. gold-haired baker boy! We both keep looking at each other. You're imprinted on my mind. Keep smiling for me! Box No 1.1/32-1/5. .

V I saw you Wright Johnston Mackenzie. Christmas party. 22 Dec. Moat House. You beautiful girl. wearing short. dark. leather skirt and small white top. We danced/kissed. arranged to meet later. Let's meet Box No U/324/6.

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