Croc (Fox Interactive) £34.99

It's the old good versus evrr morality tale here as the lovable Cr'oc kicks ass in the nicest way possible through more than 50 levels of platform-based adventure You have to rescue Croc 's cute friends, the small, furry Ciobbos, from the clutches of Baron Dante and hrs foul-smelling conorts From this simple premise, Fox have built an absorbing game

Despite the 3D cartoon c->rrvr."c).'tr‘:er‘.l, the c'Ohtrols are easy to master and you'll soon have the little crrtter Jumping lava pools, climbing stalls and whumprng baddres with a vrcrous tail- lerk

Croc rs armed squarely at the fanst market so there's nowt rn the way of Violence, sex or bad ranguage Instead, there are enough hrdden levels, secrets and pu/Xles to keep the most hard- DIIIPI‘. veterans of guest games guessing An excellent PC adaptation of a cool PlayStation game ill)

Ulitm@te Race Pro (Microprose) £19.99

Why do computer game designers believe players demand sc reec'hrng heavy metal soondtrac ks7 Screec hing tyres are what yotr want from this advanced motor-rac rng game, and luckily you can hear them Just tine once the ’musrc' rs elrrnrnatecr

Best played wrth the support of a 3D accelerator card, th:s data-heavy game takes a while to load different levels and optrons Once yOu get started, you race on a range of routes ldrvrded between day, night, rainy and stormy condrtrOHs, and decorated with attractrve sc'eneryr, choosing from nearly twenty vehicle optrons, each With rts own ratings for speed, acceleration, road-holding and armour The race rs not clrrectly combative, but you’ll find rt hard not to collide with your competitors and other obstacles, espeCIally when the road surface gets slrppy A pretty skrlI-rrrtehsrve and thrrllrhg ride, (AB)

Shanghal Dynasty (Activision) £24.99

A mah-Jongg game. You know, 144 tiles covered in Chinese characters built up rnto SQLrarC walls Brt like rummy Shanghai Dynasty rs a good way to learn, and there are tile-matchrng patience-type games too, which you \Vlll probably play the most Even if yOu set them to ‘guaranteed Wrnnable’ these are not nearly as easy as they

Croc of gold

-()()K at ‘rrst grat‘ce, and s >"‘e o? the (lo/ens of ‘.a.';at o"s are Intu'tattng

t‘ you're on g, p a, ":g the pat e'rce ganies, voa'r, ‘r'rd that this adds texture arid b ayab tv to the sliare‘.‘.areciassrcs rke larper, but a'. the cost o‘ a :‘rassr'.e l()()l‘.ll3 o‘ disk space for a in :tsta l ‘i'l()ti(;lt a coh‘pact .rtstaii sa'-.'es you most o‘ this txrthotrt ngr‘rt'rcant sacrificer It's ‘.‘.()'llt the honey, but oh'y it (Oct pstc h headlong rrtto the to. nra't-Jongg ’Yl()l‘.l‘, -l(r

N64 Tetrisphere (Nintendo) £39.99

Qurt your J()l) Spl 1 up t" your partner Stopeatrng lt'i be :trcker and less hutnreatrng than. geit'r‘g ‘rred', dumbed ar‘d star'.r:*g to deatr‘, .‘.l‘rc l‘ is what late scrresy nas b store to' yoa .t you ever start pray'rg the l (‘l‘tlf'slily’ addictxe Tetrrspnere lssent;a;iy let/rs :h 30, this rs ’tl(),'(’ that‘ just a b-l-brt graph cs makeoxer You haze to destroy spheres rr‘ order to 'erease a robot trapped rnszde the core, but there are ‘our iayers of brrc ks to get througr‘ before you can "esc ue your metal pa. Th s rs a pretty strarghtf’or‘‘d prehtrse, but combine rt ‘.'.rrth colourfa game arer‘as, brarb- busting techno, loacrs o‘ clrt‘erent modes and a .rarrety of one and tr.'.'o- player batt‘es, and you have a srrnpre but effective \.'.rrnner Prepare to krss your life goodbye FPRr

Cruis'n USA (Nintendo) £34.99 It's been a rong ‘.'.at for Cruis’n USA, the first game to be announced for the N64, and \.'.rhrle rt's harclry north holding your breath for, its str.‘ an okay arcade convers on ‘.'.-llll a budget- t'rrendly price tag

A rac rng game, Cruis’n USA has t\.'.'o garneplay modes C'lilSO The USA lets you drive through fourteen stages from hrppy mecca San Francisco to political centre Washington DC To reach the next stage you must cross the 'anrsn lrhe t'rrst and before time expires In the second option, Single Race, you choose from ten tracks and take part rn a stand-alone competition You can also choose from four vehicles \s'nrc h rnclude a schooi bus for that Speed vrbe 3Cr'urs’n USA rs no old banger, but rt arh't no cool hot rod erther :PRr

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE Andrew Burnet, larn Grant, Peter Ross Jonathan Trew


Totally wired

This issue: rock ’n’ roll

The First Church Of

Jesus Christ, Elvis

http: jtrbalAscestnetcorn lrypercliscorcla sacred heart elvrslttml

Fofal bsstake o‘ a srte ha\;r‘g a go at those 'oor‘res '.'.ho believe Lists .s the Second ( orhrng o‘ Cnrrst leatutes crac king blaspherhous mages and cod-szlcal Izbes And [Juzs so ()‘.(‘-(l tl‘e world that "re died, ‘at ar‘d b.oated, iii a t)titl"c)c)rt‘

I Hate Oasis, Do You?

http: thrust.Lpageconr tvgb ragbviewclbnr?o\.‘-;ner.:ihateoasis8tlang» xeron Dedzcated to er‘c ourag ng constrtrc true debate as to Whether the l‘.l(l'l( roc xt‘ls

are ac tuaily cop, th-s srte ends up attrac trng the sort of people ‘.'.ho leape 'r‘essages like this ‘You"e losers t‘.()'.'. and that's all you're going to be until you trnaiiy at : ebt Oasis as tne greatest band rn the \'.()ll(l sr'rc e Queen t()l\l(r liVl

lRlDDll. (:0 OASIS Interesting pornt

Belle 8: Sebastian

lrttp: r.'-.".'t'\.'v.',bluesocla

Lied a-sny Be e 8. Sebastrab, currentny putting the finishing toac hes on their

t"‘r‘d abu'n,

ti be c'ratt;ng or‘: the ."ternet ‘.'.rtr‘. tabs and hat ks on lr‘u l2 Mar

at 2()t"- A‘ hard nie'rtbers ".'.rll be partrc rpatrng

No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll

http: unrest; ~cvivar musichtml

lire broke ntho 'trrts this srte says that tuber: he .rstens to music ‘rny body starts sl‘acr'ig, and .l I am lucky, I bust into vrolent convulsions When this occurs, 1 appears as Enough l arn break-danc rhg But I am not ' Still, he has at. sorts of cool nks to labels, niaga/rhesand band homepagesboth oftrcral a'rd uholtrc a;

Lessons? I don‘t need

lessons! How hard

can it be?

Urusei Yatsura http: tt't'v‘t't'comrx.interhettryhtm

Sonny Bono In Memoriam

httpz' glaclstone.troregonecltr ~aembler bonolrtml

Bad taste srte makhg c'reab gags at the expense of deceased pop star turned polrtrc rah Sonny J)oho who d ecr in a skiing acc rdebt recently The song 'l llrt You, lree sung to the tune of ‘l (rot You, Babe' rs repr‘esehtat '.'e

Not, as you rn;gl‘t assume, a srte all about (ilasgo‘J-z's top norse-poppers, but ac ttral'y a gurde to the lslanga comrc of the same name For the record, Urusei

Yatsura means ‘Those Obnoxious Alrens'

Instrument Jokes http: ‘.".".‘t".".'.lTTlI.€dUI800l "people jcbv other-instrument-jokes.html

If you find the word 'bassoort' inherently arnusrng, then you m:ght apprec rate tl‘rs sight ‘eaturwng hundreds of Jokes about rnusrc What does it say on a blues singer's tornbstone7 ‘I didn't \'.dl\(? ub thrs morning 'Arf

The Twisted Genius Of Rock 8: Roll Poster Boy Frank Kozik

http: 'ft'vt'vvvaddict.Com/ issues 1.01 Cover'__Storyx'

Amerrca's bes‘. krroxzn contemporary rock poster artist isn't a household name here, but he's an alternative scene celeb .h the States l'hrs interview \‘vrth hrm rnclucles hrs o‘.‘.n explartatroh of why he deprcted Fred Flintstone as Srd Vrcrous ’The Flintstones are the typical American losers, so they’re like the total rconrc thing to fuck \‘rrtb

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