The Adam & Joe Show Channel 4, Fri 6 Mar, 11.05pm.

Back broadcasting from their Brixton bedsit, Adam and Joe present two new editions of their DIY trawl through pop culture, plus all four shows from series one and four shows from series two. In the first show, they recreate This Life with cuddly toys and an egg, and Moog noodlers Stereolab get their record collection slagged off by the Vinyl Justice Squad.

Playing The Field

BBC 1, Sun 8 Mar, 9.05pm.

New drama from Kate Mellor, writer of Band Of Gold. The six-part series follows a group of South Yorkshire women united by personal loyalty and the bond that comes from their women’s football team Castlefield Blues. Sports bra-tastic!

Slap! - Love, Lies And Lipstick

Channel 4, Sun 8 Mar, 9.30pm. Scottish pin-up Steven Duffy, star of Small Faces and fresh from Looking After Jo 10, plays lovelorn bank clerk Dan, who gets entangled in a tissue of lies in this saucy new srtcom about life in a Manchester bank and department store. See feature, page 18.

Apocalypse Now

Channel 4, Sun 8 Mar, 10pm.

Part of Channel 4's 'Nam season, Francis Ford Coppola’s operatic take on the Vietnam War is full of classic lines and breathtaking imagery. Dennis Hopper is at his most crazed, Marlon Brando at his most enigmatic and Martin Sheen at his Wit’s end in the mowe that almost killed him. Set those Videos now.

Our Mutual Friend

BBC2, Mon 9 Mar, 9pm.

Ex-Brookside babe Anna Friel stars With Paul McGann in this four-part adaptation of the epic Dickens ntvel Friel plays Bella Wilfer, a poo. '_ondon lass determined to marry into money. Expect brooding passion, class tension and grimy city streets. She doesn't snog any girlies, mind. See feature, page 8.

106 THELIST 6—19 Mar 1998

For The Love Of . . .

Alien Abduction Channel 4, Mon 9 Mar, midnight.

J0urnalist Jon Ronson meets six guests who believe they were abducted by aliens. Rather than the expected bunch of conspiracists and asylum escapees, his guests are no-nonsense people who have gone through life-changing experiences and feel comfortable enough in these post-X Files days to open up about them.


BBCi,Tue 10 Mar, 11.35pm.

In the film that established him as one of Britain's leading actors, Michael Caine stars as the charismatic cockney directly addressing the camera With his philanderer's philosophy. But LeWis Gilbert’s film is no simple knees-up. The tone darkens considerably as the picture progresses.

First On Four: Harry Enfield

Channel 4, Wed ll Mar, 10 m. The first in a new series cele rating the

work of top Brit comedians who began their televrsion careers on Channel 4. Paul Whitehouse, Kathy Burke and Charlie Higson reveal what a bloody nice bloke Harry Enfield is. Loadsa classic clips too.

Fourmations: La Salla Channel 4, Thu 12 Mar, 9.45pm.

Channel 4 is up for a gong at the Oscars in the animation category for Famous Fred, which Will be screened on Sun 22 Mar. La Sal/a, an animated comic opera sung in Italian, is Richard Condie's Oscar-nominated film from 1996—7.

Stand And Deliver BBCZ, Sun 15 Mar, 10.15pm.

Phil Daniels and Scottish discovery Mark Robb star in Les Blair’s film about stand-up comedy, set in and filmed around Glasgow. A sharp- tongued geetar-plucking Cockney comic arrives in town to play The Edge comedy club but gets embroiled in a world of gangsters, gambling and garish shirts. See Famespotting, page 6.

Down the tubes: The Adam And Joe Show, Channel 4, Fri 6 Mar, 11.05pm

Citizen Caine

BBC 2, Sat 7 Mar, from 9pm. Hoodoeyed cockney lad Michael Caine is hardly your typical heart- throb. But having shagged his way through scores of top totty in an acting career spanning over 40 years and 78 films, the soon-to-be pensioner ain't sagging yet. As Caine blows out his 65 candles on Sat 7 March. BBCZ pays tribute with an evening of programmes entitled Citizen Caine.

Kicking off with a documentary, The Man Who Would Be Caine. we'll hear from devoted wife Shakira. and assorted show-biz mates, while Caine himself recalls being dumped by his agent following his film debut in A Hill in Korea. 'I wasn't trained or educated to do anything,’ he tells us. '1‘ he only thing I knew was acting. so I had to stay with it.’


Michael Caine: big Cockney

You can also catch Caine’s acclaimed 1988 acting masterclass Acting In Film. together with his cool. be-suited heavy in classic Brit gangster flick Get Carter where he gets to land a few punches on a youthful Alf Roberts , followed by Billion Dollar Brain. Watch out for Alfie later this month.

Having branched into restaurants. scooped a CBE, penned a best-selling autobiography, Caine has a screenplay in the pipeline, and is not ready to join the bowls club just yet. 'I won an Academy Award, became rich and famous and all that stuff you never expect to do. But I still have outrageous

dreams,’ he says.

Not a lot of people know what they might be. (Claire Prentice)



The Essential Mix: Air

Radio 1, Sat 7 Mar, 2am.

Nicolas Godin and Jean BenOit Dunckel, also known as sexy DJ duo Air, mix it up tonight in a world exclusive. Single ’Sexy Boy’ and laid- back album Moon Safari have been enJOying chart action recently. Should be a good un'.

Race With The Devil: The Gene Vincent Story

Radio 2, Sat 7 Mar, 6.30pm.

Sod EIVis, rock 'n' rolI's ultimate bad boy was Gene Vincent, Southern boy turned leather-clad bopper. He scored

a massive hit With the seminal 'Be-Bop-

A-Lula’, but his career went down the tubes when conservative America found him too punk for their delicate palate. John Peel narrates.

Sounding The Century: Camille Paglia

Radio 3, Sat 7 Mar, 10pm.

From date rape to the Spice Girls, the controversial feminist delivers her lecture The Modern Battle Of The Sexes. 'I view all kinds of criminal behavrour by men against women as havrng much to do With the mother figure,' she Opines.

Drug Taking - Law Breaking

Radio 1, Sun 8 Mar, 9.30pm.

Steve Lamacq fronts a live studio debate on the motion 'Should People Have The Right To Use Drugs?'. Gene's Martin Rossiter, DJ Dave Clarke and Drugs Tsar Keith Hellawell are among those\taking part

Woman's Hour: Jack


Radio 4, Mon 9 Mar, 10.30am.

Film star Jack Nicholson, the man with the most eVil eyebrows in movie history, talks about his latest role as a cussing, sociopathic writer in romantic comedy As Good As It Gets. He also opens up about fatherhood, masculinity, and the day he discovered that his older sister was his mother.

A Very Bad Thing

Radio 4, Mon 9 Mar, 4.45pm.

In his first short story for radio, Scottish actor Bill Paterson remembers a childhood adventure set in the back greens of Glasgow’s tenements. Influenced by the dominant images of the atomic bomb, he and his friends go on their own quest for nuclear supremacy using paper bags and dust.

Walter Mosley

Radio 3, Sat 14 Mar, 9.10pm.

Black American novelist Mosley delivers a lecture entitled What’s The DifferenceP, a reflection on race relations in the twentieth century: ‘There are few people of any kind of pure race. You can't Spill that much blood, you can’t rape that many women and expect to keep your lineage straight.’ Strong stuff.

Pulp Do You _ Remember The First Time?

Radio 1, Sun IS lvlar, 9pm.

1998 is Pulp's 20th anniversary, and this two-part expose takes a look at the band from humble beginnings in Sheffield's 70s dole culture, through art college experimentation to Current chart and critical success.