Monboddo's abode

Time collides as an 18th century Scottish aristocrat meets contemporary design in Edinburgh’s Point Hotel.

\.'.o'ds Jonathan Trew

The latest phase in the oeteopment of Edinburohs Point Hotel Is about to be unveiled this week as they take the wraps off lylonnoddo, their nets: bar grill Named a‘ter the eighteenth (er‘tary Stottisr‘ lord, Jan‘es Burnett Monbouoo, ar‘ ettentrrr dewus who was Kr‘otvn for his parties on the l-l!(;lt Street, the bar rs to a traditional Ed "bard" lion'vft' vinat (harnpaone lS to Lambrt.s(()

Andre's: Doota'i, the ar‘rr‘rtert and designer '.‘.rl‘() ovn‘s the Pomt, has starnpe : h s oxzn tastes or‘. l/lonboddo, filling .t s<upltures from the Arnemar‘ art's’. Betker'nar‘ Balken and iurrnshmd t unit.“ a sweepz'id, stainless steel bar and rantry Blatk, sh'ny walls and fittings "efle(t the simple tables

and (hairs While this should create a iar‘k, sornbre spate, the huge olass ‘agade and subtle l;dhtino l.lonooodo's :nterror feel more :-<e ("e ms'de of some sleek, eroonorntalry- designed spate sh;p, all smooth, r ean lures and 'i o"‘-7v polished sar‘ates You liait' expet'. 2"e ‘.‘.al|s to ":de {Jams o‘ restru'ne"ts, vke the more expens".re hr-‘r separates '.".r('tt loo< ‘eatt."eess net: a nar‘e' s toes bark to "("‘Jt‘u‘fl ro‘.'.'s of buttons, sv. trhes and LEDS :f Monboddo tout heo done. :n l‘rlanhattar‘ or the more (3‘( quarters of Bartefona, then :t \n/ouldn". look at al. out of' pia(e

In k(‘(‘prt‘z() tli tl‘e t.‘.'"'()tl/l(l"‘(}S, there Is a suitably (m ist of (o(.-<tails to sip, from the extravagant Absoafi. Fix/ made Absolut Kura't‘. vodka, Amaretto, B:;.e Curacao and "(ed (nampagne to the more xvell-knoxzn vnardarrtas and brandy alexanders Monboddo have also made a detsron to Keep the rest of the bar pr.(es lov. and a pint o‘ the usua7 draught ranoe is just above or lzust under £2, the Sdlt‘.(‘ as most (Ity (entre bars and beiov.‘ MO pmes (harried by marry of Edar‘bu'oh's oroxvzrrr; throng o‘ -de,szt;ned dunking spots

The food menu is as ‘~.".‘r(i(‘-"(lll(]llt(} as

the (orktae rnenu \.'-.:tn break‘asts,

'nut'f;ns, danish pastrres and sweets (T‘JdlldmO before lunth and in the afternoon be‘ore the dinner menu krtks in l_tltl(ll, served noon 2pm, and dinner, served 5 lOpm ex<ept Fr and Sat, revolve around dishes surh as Thar

tom L-<a (hrtken and prawn soup, sat"ron pole'ita vvth goat's (neese, (l’iarqr'r~le(l (l‘.(K(‘l‘., pasta, salmon and deep fried ravrolls of auberoine and (goats (heese All the starters are [2 50 and all the main (ourses are pr-(ed at {5 SO

lhe Point llotel's expansion, and

Monboddo: space age design

l\.lonboddo ll‘. partitular, should help the ongoing protess of transforming the previously shabby area around Bread Street into a more pleasant part of town The surroundings are sopmstmated enough to attratt the style-(onsmous but noted so as not to exr.‘ude all but the \.'.'ell-l‘.eeled

‘lt's your round, Johnson,’ as Boswell, a (lose friend of lord ltlonboddo, almost probably never said

Monboddo. 32 Bread Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AF.


you can bring your own wine

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