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and Kerr sounds less jfi'llllt'egh‘e's hollering from a distant top. Returning bassist Forbes asserts himself with lines that couldn‘t haire come

little pockets of grandeur.

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"" ( 7 tittle pockets of grandeur are the product of Simple Minds

°'._fhhh-anyone else and, with Mel Gaynor and Charlie Burchill. helps create

,: been the inevitable trade-off. in that Neapolis doesn't contain

in the way of killer melodies and hooks that demand instant replays - if ’Kflling Andy WarhOI‘ does allow Kerr to deliver a cracking couplet in . Thank! be no dictators anywhereflfl could rule the world’. IOld-timergshbuld hang ‘aroundfor the the final track. the instrumental :"Androgyny’, which, with its trancey synths, makes for a statelyending and a' hint at what Neapolis might have been. (Alastair Mabbott)

musical colour and idioms within the format, while Lovano’s use of three different horns and percussion provides a greater degree of sonic variation as well. Both are masterly improvisers, and demonstrate their invention and mutual understanding on a well- chosen mixture of their own compositions with the standard ’How Deep Is The Ocean' and jazz compositions by Monk, Tadd Dameron, Benny Golson, Scott LeFaro, Paul Motian, Ornette Coleman, and the less-familiar Emil Boyd. (KM)


Various Artists

Quartin (Far Out) at * *t

Producer Roberto Quartin launched his eponymous label to cultivate the new Latin-jazz directions in Rio de Ianeiro in the repressive political climate of the early 70s The original albums are now sought-after collector's items, but this CD gives a generous taste of the label's radical (and dangerous) anti- establishment stance in its brief but influential existence. The music ranges from lithe samba to hard-edged jazz improvisation, and includes all of saxophonist Victor Assis Brasil's excellent Plays Jobi'm album, interspersed with cuts from vocalist-guitarists lose Mauro (later abducted by the military regime) and Piri. See Frontlines. (KM)


Bax: Symphony No l (Naxos) it it ilr * At a time when there is much doom

and gloom in the classical record business, the budget-priced NaXos label has been one of the decade's success stories. Their policy of by- passing expensive star conductors and

soloists has produced consistent (if occasionally mundane) results, and often much more. The RSNO shine under the direction of David Lloyd- Jones in this excellent disc of works by the still rather undervalued English composer Arnold Bax, with the Symphony No I as the centrepiece, accompanied by the Irish-influenced tone-poems In The Faery Hills and The Garden of Fand. Sumptuous music, gorgeously played. (KM)

mm;- Pulp

This ls Hardcore (Island) it ir *

In which Jarvis digs deeper into the seedy seam of sordid sex and describes a porn shoot with loving detail. The accompanying score is sunably shabby, like a cabaret that’s seen better days and more respectable customers. Intriguing but likely to make your skin crawl at the same time. (IT)

The Sativa Drummers/ Rocka Ragnarok

Project Work/Matchbox (Bosque)

it ~k air * t

The trusty Sativa Drummers do the kind of relentless tattoo we’ve come to expect of them, augmented with feedback and studio effects. Rocka Ragnarok, conversely, sound like nothing you’ve ever heard, building on a backwards guitar which first makes you think your stereo is out of joint and then the whole world. Fantastic. (AM)

William Tired Of Fucking (Creation) ‘k

A laughably poor effort that wants to be an Alex Chilton Sister Lovers outtake but ends up a disjointed,

record reviews MUSIC

The Montrose Avenue Where Do I Stand? (Columbia) int

hopeless mess. A man who's made i enough decent records to know better, in his day job as half of The Jesus And Mary Chain, William (Reid) has already l Pleasant enough, radio-friendly, announced he will release no more ‘classic' US honor-pop (from London) solo material. Cheers. (AM) wrth three-part harmonies and

- V‘T‘ hill 31 it: or a The “9‘33"” N0 9/ Sniff. ..339?¢,S?i..iii§7 tii‘iii't‘Siiliijeme REVO'Utlonary Corps enough to merit the gland hype Teena e jesus Columbia have in store. (AM) featuring Alan Vega Carrie Port Of Mars/Who Cares Who Dies Molly (Island) it at ‘k (Creeping BETH) *** * lvlme BUYS (.lrmrt front the singer) going Rediscovering a super poporcl groove

all American on us At first, this light that T-Rex left under a rock for New perv-rock tale sounds only good for one

Order to find, the Nectarlrtes have timer. Elli: than its punchy almost REM- rarely SOurtded bettei. RevCoio :Irclvnic i like :i' ‘I‘rvl'vl‘ ~ in lurer mu hack Alan Vega with the kind of backing 36in ; ‘it‘l w or unit ll listens, then (AM) track he likes best, whereupon the old


geezer gets to prove that his voice hasn't lost its emotional impact. (AM) Anything GIBBS Willi) SOUTldS) ** Reef and Bush mt ellt’iucjh for you? Bernard I These could he yom men. This single NOt AlOne (Cleatlon) * * * * j covers all the bases, from its pseudo- Remember a Meat Loaf song called f Indian opening rift through sway-along ’Everything Louder Than Even/thing j verses, insistent chorus and all-important Else’? Butler does and goes for the persecution crlmpltw. Remember, a camel symphonic, Spectoresque jugular this is n llOle‘ designed by ti committee. (AM) time arOtind. This is how The Bay City I Rollers should sound these days. But f REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE: probably don’t. (AM) I Thorn Dilitlin, Alastair Mabbott, Kenny ' lv'liilill(?3f"ll Craig Reece, Fiona

Mandalay i I Tiloillas, Ionathan

Shepherd, L«i\‘.’fIL’ l

Flowers Bloom (V2) air at at , Tm...

With the involvement of Saul Freeman, 7

who brought US DaVId McAIITlOItl, E I STAR RAT‘NGS something special is expected. Mandalay * * * t i, Unmissabje

threaten to deliver too, on an i it t it x Very ood atmOSpheric track with singer Nicola ; * " W0“ 5’ ShOi Hitchcock sliding into the space where l i 1” Egg‘fyeaggerggsamed

Cocteau Twins meet drum 'n’ bass, (AM)


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I, ‘19 Mai 1998 THE HST“