Shake your body to Brazrlran beats at It‘rs party night n Glasgow, organrsed by lvlodiesex-paseo Far Out RecorOIngs FOilOWlle the success of a December party In London, the event features Latrn s0uno's from Far Out Dls Cliffy and Russ JOnes, p as a pr‘otograpny exnrbrtron of stars 'ake E925 Regrna and Quarteto Err‘ Cy from Braz. an Jazz iabe: Quartrr. \a:so the I file 07' a new complatron CD from Far

Out‘. Other saals are provrded by 'nultz-medra artrst Sw ‘ty, whose sleeve art shown nere‘r has packaged many a not Latrn vsbe.

Batmacumba :5 at Bargo, Glasgow on Thu 72 Mar. Exit/b/t/on cont/hues unt/l Thu 26 Mar. See Clubs

lrstrngs, page 74 Quart/n rs out now. See rez/revv, page 48.

l I , Perrrer Award .5: teve Coogan is

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- e ays. It's been ivey

Ia‘st saw him live, but all that c nges' ight. You know him, now he want to,“' Steve Coogan plays Glasgow Royal Cgrlcer .V '


Divided City

'Real rr‘e rn Ed nburgn' s the theme of films collaboratzve multzmeda prolect organrsed by Ed'r"burgh-based 'tapeslroe spec'alrsts' Magrc Lantern Van Events :ncluo’e a programme 0‘ tapeslzde pro;ect‘on screenngs by seven communrty groups at the F.1mhouse, a dotrbLe-bril ot’ theatre shows by Edrnburgh Yo-uth Theatre and women's cornpany Buss Theatre, a v=deo productron cal’ed Tumb/est/ltskrn by seven teenage boys ‘ron‘ \Vester Ha:ies, and a final n:ght cabaret party. Guaranteed to bang people


Dry/ded City screen/ngs are at Fr/mhouse, Edrnburgh, on Thu 72 Mar, with an exhrbrtron runnrng untrl Sat 28 Mar. All other events are at The Bongo Club, Edrnburgh, Sat 74 Mar—Tn 20 Mar. See Theatre lr'st/ngs, page 66 and Art l/‘strngs, page 82. .

4THE LIST 6—‘9 ‘.'a' ‘998

Tue 70 Mar; and returns to Glasgow and : urgh in May. /'

Company Nude Ants

They may not be Insects, but they don’t wear many clothes. Germany’s contrrbutron to New lvloves tne annual contemporary dance festrval 'n Giasgow comprrses two shows wrtn a low garment-cotlnt. Saorne Seame who also grves a nuoe solo performance :n GotterSpersel and Andre lolles formed Nude Ants h l99S, after trarnmg with the legendary Prna Baasch. Therr Sl‘OW lch Werde Derner Schatten Essen t/ Shall Eat Your Shadowl embraces both Western and Japanese Influences to address "huge, unrversa; rsstresC It's one way of gettrng at tne naked truth, anyway.

lc'h Werde Derner Sc'hatten Essen and Go'tterSperse are at CCA, Glasgow, Tue 77 l/che Wercle , only; <9 Wed 78 Mar both shows; New Moves cont/hues at the CCA

unt/l Sat 27 Mar,

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