I Englishman. Edinburgh I StatuesquE. helleflic . Are you Giasgow, bilgay g I Shy. gay male (32) slim. n/s.

GUY SEEKS GAL for grins. greets. griddles. grogs. gropes and growth in Glasgow.

mind. lnto cinema. eating out. squash and an occasional bop!

confident. straight-talking. I

Looking for friends. laughs and i


idiosyncratic (any combination). Box No 327/l3.

I Edinburgh-based male young 50. 6ft. fit. good looking. prosperous. educated. professional. sociable. wide interests (in the city and the

cute guy (25-35). Likes music (indie. Floyd. Prodigy). PS I can remember Me of Playstations. nights in. Fed up ' ~ w. h ‘69 I wrth pubs/clubs. nutters. Photo a Perhaps “10W 8}“ [‘0 3?:7/59- ‘8 l U must. Glasgow (southl/Ayrshire. I ran: P'Olessmnal Edmburgh Box No 327128. Box No 326/58. 3 gay male. 30s. active. sincere. caring. GSOH. ii/sm. Occasional swiiiimei/badii’iinton


based. Lecturer. 46. medium I AWMUIVE INTELLIFiENl' female. 32. artistic. articulate i rofquional "WC 7149 6“ + : in“, Cinema pubs and lazy build. likes science. arts. i meesswnal ma“; 39. umvérsuy and musically eclectic. lnto gaudg‘ém mm 1.“; ‘l_ i Sundav mor'mngg in bed i classical music. countryside. graduatev affecuomne~ caring. sense and nonsense. Has own non_;cen:’ WLTM mm“ ".1316 (Edit!) Ki'nd and caring. romantic. ;. humorous- SUCCCSSfUl. career. Would like to get to l sexu‘any cant-ldém “Cam 7 ' E BOX NO 337/57. ' WLTM younger female lees rcslaunlms' walks‘ know malc- under 45~ relaxed. hone“ TLC I \yl'i‘B ' ,urb i I Cultured, intelligent ' graduate with Japanese/Chinese cycling. sWimming. outdoors. sexy and interesting. Glasgow. , wrva‘m “10”;an h" if” i wungcr man sought by m” appearance for friendship. love. readmgv Wmmgv Cmcml Box No 327/26. 5 ‘mcndghi Hc‘mwmm ‘1 am sensitive. 35 v.o. gay Glasgow relationship. partnership? Box S Piycfiolog)’. arl- lr‘lll‘fel- I Fun-loving. independent Asian'mzfic 28 “(10%) ga; pr.,t‘cwo,m].'[0 enjoy life's finer No 327/12. . Ce 5 af‘mF‘Wel'f'me llgem‘ Glasgow-based female. 29. into : handsome. danccrk physiqu't . picrmrcg mgmhm Interests I male: 32o Glasgow kmd' pro csmona lama 8‘ rune-‘5' “nema' PUbS and l confidcm GSOH mm varied 3 include classical music the ans quirky. slightly cerebral. likes Phom apprecmled- hillwalking. seeks confident. ! men.qu 'phom er'mursg m 1 i challenging hillwalking and ' words. seeks female friend to Box "0 327,18- caring. strong. single man to Box bio '326/5‘ " p y' ' mug” WWI. Box No 32758. hang out with. Following score make her spine tingle. Box No l I spma‘le 613110“ looking 5 I Edinburgh graduate (26) extra pointsrfunny. clever. 327/27. gm 5/]. respccmblc‘ clean. 5ft Hm young looks. Wants ‘0 warm' acerblc' happy‘ i discreet. passive. WLTM active. C“511W from SCCHC With like-


mountains) and (not least) a . Elo “em male (26) MALE, MUSICAL OMNIVORE TIRED OF THE PADDLING 5 play“ NO “News! in {Gotham sense of fun. Happy with life. In” dgk h d I get? k (lnClUdlnglalZ and 0P9”) “ring pool and lOOk‘“g ‘9 lake "‘9 I rugbv or mind games!

and has it all including a and‘ C rin‘ in tsdoTe‘ 2." 'd acd 0f solos and arias. seeks female Plunge? This ChUbb)' . Appreciates music of many vacancy for a committed a g‘ u L ermme an Par!"er 0f 5mm“ “k. [0 Share prOfeSSiona' male (mid 30“) kinds. Plays Piano (‘1 [a Les

mascmme' seeks CUR" dark duels and Chorus“. (Glasgowl- wants you [0 join him m "‘6 ' Dawson. Various interests

relationship with a younger. . intelligent and attractive lady. funalffztg—fl) who 3‘ Box No 327I29. deep end. l‘m optimistic. : particularly poury‘ Doric Box No 327/14. Pnpre- two"? se-ns-ua ' 5“ 8m' "/5' “mt ‘men'gcm 1 language Scottish fishing I Male. 28, 5ft 10in medium Egggénaugeb emrzmn;7/2O I Female allumphile (38' wnh 650”: “News” indu‘jc industry. Alternative Dispute build. fair hair. not bad looking. . 3; mg snoring]; ° Glasgow) seeks similar travel. the Wilderness. movies 5 Resolution Seeks special GSOH. sociable. solvent. ff Ppy' Fd, articulate. erudite male (pref and eating out. Ideally seeking l pleading from legal eagle who educated. List interests: 8 ecgonale‘ m] mburgh. “Isl EClCCllc “News” inClUdc m rugby/{Omban'ng PM“. I can handle my briefs or suitable movies. music. clubbing. also l'bztccell’l‘s mm hefan l CSOICFiCfl. fOfitfianfl- 5“ 7!"+- l‘!" Edlnburgh based l prescription from medico reading. rambling (foot and bl“ on fer a (.me‘ Seekmg. . conversation. [306104 "W81. b!" "avel POSSlblc- ' possessing good bedside mouth). travel. Seeks bright. mwn'cyed pnnces‘s to wm‘Sk humour and U5" WP“ Ihlngs- write 500" With PM“) P1935“ i manner!! Aged 25—38 he lovable female. ALA Box No 9” ‘0 fantasy lalld 0f Witty and honest replies only Waterwings available! . Should be unprctémioés 327/l5. lalgoglliter. pieasc, Box No 327,30, Box No 326/63- i unselfish and smile a lot! Brown I Edinburgh male early 40$. . Recyde valentine C‘ards : eyes mean bonus points! Box seeks woman for here! ‘Newly 30' female seeks , I Gay male. 38just moved to i N" 327m” uncommicmed‘ passionate affection from cute. sensitive. Glasgow. would like to meet , liaison and enjoy Cinema. pubs. intelligent yet unpreltentilous. yttilunger nt'ianfi20st)i 5ft 8in- cam, out, 5 ns‘ conversation creative yet practica ma e. A is . s im. or rien s ip and and is] me hi: [0 Offer. Short or love of music. art & design. possible relationship. Absolute long term. All letters answered. Walks» cellidhs Md chie haggls discretion assured and c"Pcc‘cd- Discretion assured. Box No \VOUld help - - - 'hlPPY' 100“ 80" N0 327'50‘ . 327/32. won't! Photof? Box No :27/31. I Edinburgh gay lad. 19 Infidmgurgh gay male 6“. , I A heart needs a home I Busy. ro essional emale attractive. strai ht-actin . m . me i!!!“ build. 50yrs I (9'13le 50"?“ male: 3": Sensitivc‘ hone“. iaidback. 34. Edinlllurgh. adores chicken. relaxed. enjoysgfootballgcinema. Young- lnlcrcm inClUdc theatre. intapifestly attractive. aesthetic. Glaggowbascd. Single malc‘ 3O. own homebrew (you migm not!) {00¢ drinking. passion. seeks music. travel. dining out. seeks 3‘ “'9 ammo Possess“? into usual 14's,). things. sceks cultural stuff. having a laugh. pleasant. fit. interesting gay lad. malt '8‘45Yr5' {Or ffiendsmp looks. charm. humour. Laidback similar female for possible Hates Cheese. too much 18-25, straighmcung only hopefully leading to a and libertine. Has animal nitrate romance. Photo not important. a Cigarette smoke and Clubbing. friends or more. photo meaningful relationship. and human intellect. WLTM sense of humour is. Box No Seeks like-minded male. Box appreciated. Box No 327/5l. Discretion assured and attractive. slim. stealthy. slinky 32703. No 327/32. I Gay femah' 3o siim‘ , respected. Box No 327/6 1. woman for howling. harmony I Eclectic rural west coast feminine GSQH WLTM ! I Tall. slim, long haired male and holding. Box No 327/16. . . ~ - ’- a _ 30 bi bu fi ' ' . . . woman (slim. 36. attractive) Similar. Sincere female. ~5 30- ( ) ‘0 “WW” I Melina. philosophy, art seeks her match. for Likes Cinema‘ clubbing. experience. seeks similar male poetry. psychoanalysis. Thanks cultural/bucolic fun and hiilwaiking' Cycling. eating out. for mutual friendship and for You!” card- Ffmall Presently unconditional spontaneous Photo appreciated. Edinburgh. horizon broadening. 30" N0 impossible. Write to me again affection NO pedal"g or Box No 327/52 327/62. (male. 34. definitely attractive. adolescems _ own transport I Are you into the usual I F“"'l°Vi"9 Pmlflsnmal Egénblsg: etc) and indwe essential! All intriguing letters U-W'type WWW-“57 lf 50» gay guy' 'na‘lcunne' mn' broad' goxri‘j‘o 2737187" other means' answered. Box No 327/24. Proceed ‘0 the “8"! ad- NOW! not bad.l°9k'ng.‘ 33‘ seeks . I “waif-462 -casket deaIer Gentle but strong [3]]. slim. This irreverent. maverick but energeuco mllehggmi {unflovmg WLTM Lily Tao—190 mare Independent. professional very human mountaineering. guy for 86W!“ friendShlP» favourite ha. - h woman (41) seeks civilised new motorbiking male islooking for laughsi Cmema. "‘83le mPs . "n s m l 6 mp Ola man to talk to. walk with. and a guy Who's "0! afrald 0f some and much mom Box No Ici‘l’cfefi". “id: ligrhapsl You are 9 Share mutual enjoymem of risk and adventure. and who 327/63- Plegg‘hzes'ggilgmogd. free- people. music. books. films and wants to expand his horizons. I @3590“ gay guy (23) 5“ gardens (Glasgow). Box No I Glasgow gay guy, 47 GO 0“ - Wme ‘0 me. 'f you Hln‘ SIM (non's'm’ SIOCky' crypteasers. Box No 327/19. 327,25. professional. s/a‘ reasonable dare! Box No 327/53. lhairy. OKlloglks. professional. : looks. intelli ent. sane. carin . I Gay Pmlessmnal 9% 32 ones“ re 'a 3‘ genu.'nc' r a Likes travel.gfood. drink. music. EdiNburgh. 0!". intelligemv GSOH' lmo "Pu-9'“ cmema' To A cinema. theatre. seeks genuine confident; however. "on'CamP. [ravel‘ "'gl‘ls W09" 568!“ male guys. 25/40‘ for friendship and activle. cfontt'ident. secup; seeks $30—$83]xtihaggnéggigéergis- ' ma be more. Photo a reciated. Simi 3' 0‘ one“ 33d OVlng r ' ' x ALL YOU HAVE TO 00 is ADDRESS YOU tErrER ro: BOZINO 325,51. Pp ilgggnéhip. I?” No 337/54 I 206332.,7l/i694'ie mm mm I G as owish. friendl n “'9 93)! Pro CSSIOM . The List Classified skinny.%2-year-old. nonY female. 308. seek: similar to 8:159:23 ($16) $2335 . ~ rofessiomfl a u . music- share a penc ant or new world W lP ' 5 21P Y ‘1 14.l'llgl'l Street or At the CCA Sim. animaHgogeE sieks wines. laughs and usual [my strong. sexy Vixen. Cropped. Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall St younger clone for nights out and things- "you aPPreCiale bCaCh cuwace9us‘ fe.mme' 'mglhgem' EH1 1T5 Glasgow G1 3") cosy evenings at the fireside. walks Md Sunsels alone 0’ in GSOH' ""0 .Lmy pursu'ls' SCH] fans particularly company drop me a line. Box eclectic musical tastes. and we will forward it. welcome. Get writing! Box No No 327/55. Discretion desired/assured I Edinbufgh gay ma'e' (GlflSgOW). BOX NO . Remember to write the box Number clearly I Edinburgh Rita Hayworth PFOfCSSiODaL caring and I Shy guy (24) seeks romanuc in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER. (26) seeks Ava Gardner (26+). genuine Enjoys music. Pubs. "‘a'c ‘0 Sh“? Swee‘s' ‘0”"ds' your diamante, fluff up cinema. times. WOUlCl Sneakers. Slussy' smOke.s' SUb Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies, send Your leopardSl‘i" and let's l00k ‘0 meet Similar for friendsmp/ CIUb' snggs and Slum I [Fl-non- them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the for the Delta of Venus. Lots of relation-Ship GO 0". 'lake ‘1 scen,e‘ Sllmf sussed‘ senSluve’ I appropriate Box Number on each envelope. rhyihm, no blues. no chance on me . . .' Box No Y0? “3 Slmfla’ (Glasgow). “'51 ‘7 . " " 327/56_ do it. Box No 327/66.

timewasters. Box No 326/52.

6—19 Mar 1998 TllEle'l' 95