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V I saw you Ann-Marie from East Kilbnde. George Square. midnight. Friday l3. We talked. but your friend dragged you away. Make it lucky l3. Cinderella. and I‘ll be Prince Charming. Box No U/327/I.

V I saw you l5 Feb. stormy Sunday night. waiting for the bus on Lothian Road. You: beautiful face. sun-like smile and big trainers. Me: specs and goatee. Could we share tnore than a No l0? Box No U/327/l. V I saw you H from Glasgow. in October. I‘m sorry I behzu ed like an idiot. I was ready to fall in love with you and it scared me. Box No U/327/3.

V I saw you babe in Fran and Anna T—shirt/SNP muzak show. You planning tour/phone boxes highlands. Can I hold your clarinet? The ‘Rollers‘ next! Box No U/327/4.

V I saw you at Subway. You gorgeous German(?) man. Why did you shave? Saw you several times. Marzelt?) but was too shy to snog you! Take me. I am yours! Box No U/327/5.

V I saw you doing your commuting thang on Lothian Road. You: long-lost friend; me: perpetually scowling blonde girl. So come up and see me. make me smile . . . Box No U/327/6.

V I saw you the shiny pebble and queen of the podium. where? Next to me. keeping my toes warm. I love you. Your big daddy. K. Box No U/327/7.

V I saw you opposite my desk in a poo shop. Now you‘ve moved. Let's make it a fresh shop. fun. fun. fun. no need for sun cannie lad. Mark. Box No U/327/8.

V You saw me choosing tea. drank so much it made me wee. Camomile and sage. peppermint too. Chaz told me that UJP. If your black bean sauce is anything like your hummus. I’d rather have a shag. pj (20th C). Box No U/327/9.

V I saw you Su on the bus to Hampi. My temples are all in ruins. But what a way to Goa. I am entranced. enraptured. Love you to bits and pieces. xxxx Dee. Box No U/327/IO.

V I saw you new location. out at Royal Infirmary. Still as green. your liquid relaxes. Box No U/327/I I.

V I saw you Darren in Bennets several times. Briefly we spoke. You work in advertising and have beautiful eyes. Do they sparkle under darkness? What's on in Glasgow? Stuart. Box No U/327/12.

V I saw you Elaine? You had the most enchanting smile. I still hear your laughter. Could I make you smile? M. Box No U/327/I3.

V I saw you Craig from the Seattle Coffee Company. I still think you are the most attractive

sight in Edinburgh. Looking

forward to my next coffee . . . ? Box No U/327/l4.

V I saw you Bruce. I997 in the Eastem General Hospital! No cries: eyes déja wide open . . . sweet baby boy. Happy First Birthday. darling-Cheri!!! Maman & daddy. Box No U/327/ I5.

V I saw you Marchmont 7/2/98. Your daredevil antics made me swoon. Won't you let me climb up your drainpipe? Box No U/327/l6.

V I saw you you left the Assembly Rooms ceilidh early (20 Feb). Your hair fair. jeans coral. shirt black. Mine less. kiIt green. shirt white. Name your next ceilidh for a Pride of Erin. Box No U/327/l7.

V I saw you Katerina at the Assembly Rooms. We danced. we talked. you smiled beautifully. I'm smitten. I think I should have asked you out. Let me know if you agree. Steve.

. Box No U/327/18.

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96 TIIE LIST 6—19 Mar 1998

V I saw you Gerry (in the long dress) at Valentine's Ball in Assembly Rooms. Your lovely smile made me want to dance. Fancy a tum round the floor? Natalie. Box No U/327/l9.

V I saw you David. Thursday afternoon. Guilianos. National Portrait Gallery. I thought we had something. but you didn‘t get in touch. Shame. Box No U/327/20.

V I saw you at Club Jakey. The Mission. I8/2/98. You’re blonde and had white jeans on. You and your friend ended up going to the Liquid Rooms after discussion. Please get in contact. Box No U/327/2l.

V I saw you Brian Hawley. your departed French friend from the closet. Let’s have a Chinese together soon. Can't find you anywhere. You know where I am four years ago. Yours Lucy. Box No U/327/22.

V I saw you and you saw me at Bent on 21/2/98. You are the slim. handsome. young man with small goatee and orange(?) shirt. My hair‘s short and dark and I was dancing around. Shall we talk next time? Box No U/327/23.

V I saw you Lex. Divine Diva‘s (8/8/97). Not a moment has gone by since when I haven‘t thought about you. Let’s hit Aberdeen together! Miss you all the time. Love U Netty. Box No U/327/24.

V I saw you Motto. I sheltered you in The Bunker. Next time you will be forty! And as beautiful. as loved. as needed. Let‘s avoid the air raids. I love you. Box No U/327/25.

V I saw you Angus. Broughton Street traffic lights. 21/2/98. Me: shorter hair. thinner. black velvet coat. You: no beard. bicycle. long dark hair. Remember chenille jumpers you're still a babe!! Box No U/327/26.

V I saw you Opto devotee. Box No 325/6. How dare you! Do you honestly think the lovely Kiwi’s charms have gone un-noticed by others? Get in line. you brazen hussy! Box No U/327/27.

V I saw you in CC. Bloom‘s. Caught your eye. asked if you were attached. You were driving fn'ends home. so drinking lrn Brll. Would like to meet you. Box No U/327/28.

V I saw you MacTaggart exhibition. Sunday 22. You short hair. dark sweater. Me long hair. suede jacket. looking into the glass case should have spoken to you. Coffee? Box No U/327/29.

V I saw you in the GGLC. Friday 20/2/98. You with the ‘Healthy Gay Scotland meeting'. Tall. blond hair. slim. good-looking guy - me guy. 5ft 7in. kept looking at you but too shy to act. Please get in touch. Box No U/327/30.

V I saw you Debra the zebra. looking gorgeous in wellington boots (22/2/98). My pulse is animato when you pizzicato. See you on 22 March. But will you see me?! Box No U/327/3 l.

V I saw you Irish boy in the Bailey on 25/2/98. You stood at the bar in brown leatherjacket. I sat watching you watching me (tall. short dark hair). Box No U/327/32.

V I saw you Tony. Di's manager. 30/4/94 and you have been my ‘real thing‘ ever since! WLW. adoration is mutual and the glory is well worth the risk! Box No U/327/33.

V I saw you on the 6.20pm Balloch train. Tuesday I? February. Partick to Dumbarton. I was the girl listening to the Walkman. You had gorgeous brown eyes and leatherjacket. Box No U/327/34.

V I saw you at Miro's with friends looking eye catching in the candle light. While the band played. we exchanged smiles. How about phone numbers? Box No U/327/35.

V I saw you in Nellies —- the hairless fox your cheekbones blush at their new found fame. I think they said ‘David'. You know you are lovelier without your mane. Mwah! Box No U/327/36.

V I saw you Arthur Mumford lookalike. Antonine Wall. Kilsyth 23/2/98. You with mental detector and a big rod?! Will you be my Dwayne Dwibley and we cart swap tank tops? Luv Louise xxx! Box No U/327/37.

V I saw you Mylene on 23 February. You traded tne your CV for my heart. Me short. dark hair. glasses. goatee. You gorgeous. with shining red hair. Can we meet? Box No U/327/38.

V I saw you Ange at Valentine‘s Cafe Graffiti. You star-spangled. Irish. beautiful. I looked ridiculous. I couldn‘t make City Cafe but want to hear more Irish myths. Let‘s meet! Box No U/327/39.


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V I saw you Mac (1’) Blockbuster Video Leith. Me: regular customer. Let's get together and enjoy a movie. your choice. I'll supply the popcorn and . . . T.D. Bear. Box No U/326/I.

V I saw you in Lazer Quest. You were Irish girl who‘s gun didn't work. I was boy with blue hair and big specs. You can pull my trigger anytime young lady. Box No U/326/2.

V I saw you two rows in front. You youngish. red jumper. You pull curtain. I smile. You watch film. Box No U/326/3.

V I saw you DJ at TFI Friday. 30/1/98. You: mad orange hair. Me: mad orange tie. My mates say I‘ve got no chance with a tasty bird like you. Let's dance. Box No U/326/4.

V I saw you Kenneth. Monday 2/2/98 at Tin Pan Alley. You danced with my friend while I held her Elmo bag and drink. Would love to meet up soon! Box No U/326/5.

V I saw you Valeria. in the Beehive. You said you were waiting for your sister. but she stood you up. You know who I am. Call me! Box No U/326/b.

V I saw you stn‘ding to work along Pilrig Street every morning. You. the blonde in short red skirt and black tights. me. striding other way. You really should stop smoking! Box No U/326/7.

V I saw you Club 30. Saturday 7th. You had black T-shirt. rimless glasses. nice body and little hair. Wanted to say ‘hi‘ but felt too queer. Get in touch. Box

No U/326/8.

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