modern sOCiety, The Bowl The Unauthorised Biography was shot on location in the Holy Land including the valley of Armageddon and the



: King Lear

BBCZ, Sat 2i lvtar, 9pm.

lan Holrn stars in Richard Eyre's film version of his as'rard-‘i'rinnint; Royal National Theatre product=on of Sittifiii8{;(‘éiff"8 -:-y<‘--r;r:ug:nr_; tragedy The Tirries tailed Ian Hoirn 'possibly the greatest King) Lear of the century', so ;t's 'ir;t to be n'rorth tun'ng in for Rosemary's Baby

38C ?, Sat 2l .’~.‘:a.', 12.05am.

Ciassx horror in Rorna". Polanski's adaptation of Ira Levrn's tale of

(terrain possess'on in modern day

‘v., , Ytl..f’. ..i.'. .. '.-/,>'.‘.. :2."/ icl

'(i «,.., 3.x. (3”, '\I~I«I~II-\I'\‘\‘ ,c, i.i /' “y I. fleas ,H , . A, .,\o,‘ . ,‘n'..l.

dominated by the-r l't_'1l?.lit.'tlTS, ..«l‘.ose

the," i:=.'es become atte'ttii‘ns be: ::r."e ."ioi‘e sinister when

Rust-Wary bet ;."\es ').'(‘(lll<i"i

Ruby Wax Meets . . . The Jerry Springer Show

BBC ‘2, Sun2 h‘ar, 9.55pm.

The world's most annoying telly personality goes behind the scenes of the '.-.'or'ld's inost downrnarket talk- sl‘::\.'.' and acts as agony aunt to the troubled guests Voted star's, pater'nrty tests, 'tists and the

“(1..8 )'. ugh), 5d”?

<t: \itlx kt: i (1| f,..'.t' .: _/ i .. 2‘ ..’<i‘/

Gurlt Trip

533C], Sun 22 '.'iar, ELM-pare.

t "any 1"»; (:llf‘SSY~TZ~-":\

‘.'.“it '1 t‘as alreaily (Il‘.’(."". us

arr: Sta/it! zlrrt.’ [)(‘U‘JOT

,ite"1:?":::"ie'sdeirut feature :s a

1' J? :2 .1'. c1-‘..'ll‘.,t}(fyl (I

your. , ..'.s'r “mp e “man-Jr Connolly '.'.r:,.". :test at t<tr at the i991) ,»\rnie.".s C ".i lt"sll.tti it," 8 l,t'lit,ll' (illtt‘ ()8


.' ,‘~:‘-“' .z"t:-"i<‘-"'

The Devil: The Unauthorised Biography

353C 7, Sun 22 ~'.'ar, 13.35::m.

i'npcto-n. and

re wt; was t“'-:‘-e i:a't series

t' N, ss .3' " exp'azr‘irtr; e11 Chartzrtc; the (curse of Ol' Nit k's '-"'":e t'or'i h's brith :r‘. the dawn of

I.i;.tf, illflltltfli .' .8 .Jtii‘t rAffi'S

aact t-st t'."((', to h.s (urn-rit auult role in

98 THELIST 2', 2" ‘it‘r‘if‘

Fel bad factor: Andrew Connolly and in

Monastery at the Mount of Temptation, where Satan is supposed to have tempted Christ for 110 days and 40 nights.

Mummies Of The Takla Makan

Channel 4, Mon 23 Mar, 8pm.

Could China have been disc overed by the Scots7 Channel 4's excellent documentary series To The Ends Of The Earth puts that guestion on the agenda by unveiling the discovery o.‘ the mummified remains of a lost civzlisation found in China's Takla Makan desert With their red harr and tartan clothes, they have a tout l: of the Bra‘.'t=liearts about them If only they'd d'stoyered a smoked sausage supper that ringlit have clinched it

The Oscars Live

Mon 23 Mar, 2am.

Big Bax/a Norman brzngs coverage of the 70th Academy Awards live and chat to your living room Th's might be a borefest of glac rer proportions as Titanic scoops the lot, but it's ‘.‘.«'orth prying your eyelids open rust :n case The Full Monty sneaks Best Fr'in Dame Judi Dench might well run off with a statue for Mrs Brown


Channel A, Fri 27 Ma: 2.55am.

Tod Browning's <c>"‘pellir‘.g ‘932 rnovre was unseen in Bl'iiciifl unti' the 60s as a result of its supposedly exi:»'<::tatr.'e portrayal of various freakshrww types lt has since been l‘ai'ecl as a 'ruasterpece and rernains an unsettlrnr; wet-arr; experier‘ce as tra‘.'(-?"'v; ("1 us 'l'eaks’ exact a terrible revenge on a t2eautrful tr. pe/e artist after she tries to her midget husband

South Park

Sky One, Sat 28 liar, 13m. First showing 0‘ tl‘e (it“tl/‘l‘fg cartoon series ‘.‘-.l‘!: h .s already rriasslve in the States aed 's going to be huge here F()lif)‘.'.".’tf} the adventures of four kids, South Park takes in alien abductzon, cattle mutilation and spontar‘eous VC'Y‘IIHH] That’s Just the first episode, ‘.‘.’l‘.‘( h :s encouragingly titled 'Cartrnan Gets An Anal Probe' Prepare to fall back in love With your telly See feature,

page 12

y rzide

Rssell in Guilt Trip, BBC2, Sun 22 Mar. 10.20pm

Och Around The Clock BBCl, Fri 27 Mar, 9.30pm.

Jock 'n' roll: Ford Kiernan, Dougie Vipond and Greg Nemphill

How would you like to try and cram the history of Scottish pop music into 50 minutes? Me neither. But the makers of Och Around The Clock have attempted just that as part of the BBC Scotland's 75 years of broadcasting celebrations. Rather than attacking Scotpop history through a strictly chronological study, presenter Dougie Vipond - ex-Deacon Blue drummer boy - offers a geographical account of the nation's tunesmithery. And he’s helped/hindered by two grumpy old men played by Ford Kiernan and Greg


'We've travelled round Scotland to places that have meant something in our rock and pop heritage,’ says Vipond. 'We went to Prestwick Airport where Elvis Presley spent a couple of hours. We were in Elgin where The Beatles played and in Dunfermline where Barbara Dickson, Big Country and

Ricky Jobson are from.’

The archive footage at their disposal would have led to three or four programmes, so a highly selective process has been undertaken to the extent that Vipond is currently conducting a campaign to squeeze his fave Scots pop tune into the show - Danny Wilson’s 'Mary's Prayer’. Though the show is strictly a look over the shoulder, there is a nod to the future with the likes of Arab Strap, Travis and Belle and Sebastian included. Hits, mon.

(Brian Donaldson)



The Essential Mix Live - Pete Tong

Radio l, Sat 2‘; ly‘ar, 2am.

Aiready inrnzwtalsseo as rhyming slang, Radio is resident mixrneister, Pete Tong, broadcasts lzve from the Tunnel

ir‘. ChiStXn’.’ Glasgow's Culture

Shock Radio 5, Sun 22 Mar, 12.05pm.

Former Lord Provost, lulrchael Kelly, presents a personal essay on Glasgow over the ‘ast ten years since the city lied '."‘e Garden Fest'yal and was City Of Culture .‘tr":;".t;st those :riter‘xie-srecl a’e Cry. f.‘;Aveety, J(J'.l.'ll() Jack .'.r‘.cLean and Jul:a'i SiLald pg, Director of Glasgow .'.‘;tist>t;rr*s

The Garden Of Earthly Delights

Radio 3, Sun 22 Mar, 5.45pm. Hl(".’f)ller‘.tiS Bosch's lSth-century triptych is scrutinised by arts writer and broadcaster Louisa Buck and guests. Taking a fresh look at the BOO-year-old masterpiece which corizbnes medieval

.’"( 7 Leader, Frank

imagery with surreal Symbolism may not be tailor-made for radio, but should be very interesting nonetheless,

Pulp From Disco To

Hardcore Radio 1, Sun 22 Mar, 9pm.

Second part of this documentary marking the twentieth anniversary of Pulp. The focus of tonight’s episode is Jarvrs's stage invasion of Michael Jackson's set at the 1996 Brits. El Jarvo reflects on the incident and Vic and Bob recall how they offered legal assistance on the night. The programme concludes wrth exclusive airings of tracks from forthcoming album This /s Hardcore.

Night Waves

Radio 3, Thu 26 Mar, 10.45pm. Patrick Wright talks to Irish playwright and novelist Sebastian Barry about his life and work Barry's first play Boss Grady's Boys is Currently at the Arches Theatre, Glasgow See revrew,

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House Ain't Dead

Radio 1, Sun 29 Mar, 9pm.

Chris Mellor, editor of 0/ magazine, investigates where house music is at today and explains the different genres of the clubland phenomenon, from its Chicago origins to speed garage and nu Brit house Listen and learn