Chill: fun with white powder

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Apart ‘ro'h tl‘ts, pay s sr'to()t"- ahu, after a l;ttle p'at tlse, you'll b = hoo‘ or; them to troh a; ahules lt's '.e"y te'hpt'tt; to wep setthu t to Stotiar‘u atrarhst l-holartu but, be ‘.'.a"‘-eo, seerhu Cras(o;(rhe puttrrtt; fotr' past Lezuhto't rs Just as ubsettrhr; I." the p xel ‘.‘.orlo ll‘e ex<erleht replay feature (roesri't ."ep e'tlte' lrt a'totlie' ":(e tout r‘, pzayers sorhetsmes (lo (a't.'.l‘ees .'."ter‘ t'te, store, but tf‘a'm‘ur k ssrrr; s kept to a

littl‘. 'tlt.."l PR

Castlevania (Kortamr) £44.99 Supt tle(l S/llUUN)”, 0/ [he quht, thrs ts a \.'amprre-stay ht; p.attor'rter set .'t 182h (e'ttur'y l"ar1syQ‘.'art a You pay A utartl "Dra( uaa' ba( knaartls (teutlrt 1",t 'rrevrrbe' of If‘(‘ urtoeao tu'heo (;()()(l, arro' out to (leteat exvl 3e(;r"-hrh<; ‘.‘.'Itt a s<ary [:g/l [)ead— style opehrhq se(r;.e"( e as tr‘e (arhe'a parts one" a 'rrrst—sl‘."ot.oe(l axe, you're soo" o‘t' arour‘u D"a( ula's (tothx p le battlrht; ()ruahtrt \.‘.ol‘.'es, Xor'rhles, ‘.'.(t:kltt(] si-Ce.eto"s aho (r artt s1" (r'eatu'es But \‘.at( l‘. out to: sut " hasty bugge's as Deat" '.'.t‘o \.'\.ri h < x your sword !f you let t"e'r‘ the game rs uhoouhteoly bretty bastt but us (‘ltl("i(l"lr"r(] arro atmospherrt e"ou(;", r‘:(;'tt (l()\.‘.". to the mahrata' ia-auh \‘altt‘t‘. you (ark 't No Res/dent r’r/r/, but (toou tuh tor all

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Die Hard Trilogy (Fox Interactive) H999 Relaah< heo as pa't ol P'ayStatroh's buthet 'Pfatrrrum' ra'rtre, [)re Harri lr'r/oq‘,’ was first releaseu :": Noyember 1996\n'hert rt re(eI‘-.'e(l ()ttjtlSlYtIC reyretxs looluhr; at t auar'r, the (traphms may l‘ave lost therr edge, but the (rameplay has not (tttrt'rtstie t at all lhrs rs s.rr:piy ar‘ astohrs'mr; playrrw; expertehte

You must (rasoe jolt". l‘.l<tar\e Ilt.’()tl(]tt the three rrrox'res toxer .10 ;eye:s rh all' Beurhhr'ru tyrtlt the 30 a(troh atlyer‘ture of '[)re l-lartl', you sear< h ahtl destroy your way tl‘.rou<;h a mtetl-to-explooe l:r(;h-r:se ‘Dre l-laroer" rs ah rrrrpressrwly at trorr- patted lrrst persoh POV shoot em up, WltK h (All be played \‘ntl‘. a .ruht-uuh Frrraily, rh ‘Dre l-laro Wzth A Verrueame' you must (lrrye tltt()u(_}tt a (ro\.‘.'(leo (rty, eqoed oh by the \’()l((‘ of Samuel l. JchlsSCNl, rh search of bombs

All three levels are ex<ellertt, but rt rs

'Dre Har'o’ takes the prr/e Tat t.<a. ahu blootly It :s e'rotmously

auor true art: l‘as trerrtertoous 1()tl()(“‘,’ A steal at t‘.'.er‘.ty (tutl 'PR


(PSygrtOSrs) £44.99

l.'st th : br'e'r‘ ‘lfu‘l l me Querlottl'

C 'rrohos has ha'bbeo you' or: t'etra, the

tarr‘. >us t:r"~e traxel er C aspe' C l()( «Vase

am) has beer‘ rrressrhu .'.'rth hrstory to

boot Spe< ti'htlly, 'te's hrtltler‘. srx

.rrtporta"t b ts of tr'he th'ouuhout tl‘e

ur‘r‘l.'er'se It's you' rob as 'tr‘ty r‘:pr)er

to traxe t'trouo'r trr‘e,

esse'ttra 'epatrs, a'to 'es( L.(‘ ye' (tau lhe (;arr‘.e ‘.'.(>.':«s oxer srx (:rt‘erer‘t

Ras< a: uo the

'e(;:o".s, eat exrstrhr; .r‘ t'te past present are future A t)tt (()rr‘p ltdiC’Cl rt's true, but Just sit l)(i(ls (i’td ('tet \ out the (trabl‘rt s on ths baby \‘r'lir e its true that <;arr‘ep a3v =s tar "tore rr‘bovtaht than t'te look of the tt‘r'rtt thzr‘fk Crlarrd f/rex‘t Auto for eytoe'ue th:s ts (let'r‘rtel‘, or‘e o" t'te best- 'oola't(; (tar'res a'.va lab e for PlayStatroh l-l.-'es 30 textures a'ro

'ea rstzt ahrr‘ratror‘ to r:\.ai Jersey {)ew/ rs lust beq‘rt". hr; to te.! the story "lhe (tar‘teplay eaves S()."l(‘ll‘.llt(l to be oesr'eo', but tl‘rs rs at‘ r‘tellrueht (tame, beautltrfy p'esehteo and < ryrho out ‘or your (iflt‘l‘ilot‘. PR-


(ErdOS) £34.99

Hot or‘ the super~<ool hee s of SC ll 's Corr/Boarders2(orr1es C‘Irr/l, the latest Sft()‘.'.'t)()a!(i..'t(] sm to t'y ahu' tempt you ohto rts rtual slopes Chr// otters a (hore o" tour boaroers Croat, Bohe, 'v.'.rth uzt‘ere'tt slulls, outtrts ahtl b()a'(ls arm has a (ool h p l‘op sourtutra( k So far, so pretty starroaru, but there C/rrl/ (lrt't'ers from otl‘er shot'.boarurh(; ()arrtes .s that .t

lr x ahu Yo Yo

allows you to maxe your o\'.r: may tl‘rouur‘ t'te marrous (oarses, \.‘.:t'tout str< km; to arty pr'erlet’rheo route lh.s opehs up pay a lot, al o\.'-.-rh(; you to (1 st over short( uts aho' ‘.'.ays of ldC leer; up poets from a rahqe of (lr‘t'er‘erit optzorts

lhe azrr‘ ,s to progress through the (lrft’eveht (ourses by a< hreybr; fastest trme ar‘tl htqhest mt s(ores er: route to be<orrr.h(; the best boarder rr‘ the galley lh:s vhea'ts that you o'oh't get the (tart k thrrll ol bur'hrhq up a (ourse aoarhst Computer-(;eherate(l opponents as you (lo :vr Coo/ Boa/tiers 2, but there rs more stope to experrrrreht aho explore A worthy and orr(;:r al atltlrtroh to a sub-(rehre whrth rs r'aproly (rettrhu stale ‘PRl

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE larh Graht, Johh Herro‘ersort, Peter Ross


Totally Wired

This issue: cartoons Spumco's Wonderful World Of Cartoons

ltttp: .‘.".'.".'.’.SlemCOCOttl _

.»\".:"‘at;o." Jo"-" L's'xfatus set up th's ste a'te' ‘ee' t‘u ( 'eat“.e '. str‘leo by the bro (artoo'w t'ra'rrrets l’Ms 't‘rC’til‘S that It ,rot.‘ l'tC)t.(;t‘i "ts Rerr Alto" Strrrrp', ~.‘.as menu, you uotta see the shut or‘ tieve [00k ;.p the Crou'o'arrrrr CJeorqe [row/or shot: or treat you'sert to a J"tttlt‘,’ l'telurotBo'.oo.1 Nte ‘rrtaires from Krrt‘alus: s woeo 'or BJCD'k s 'l kiss You' too

The John Kricfalusi Tribute lrttp: \.y\.y\.y.geocltlescom HOllytt'OOCl Hrlls l684 Johrtkhtttt

Put touther by A'rrmatror‘ A'ro Ca'tooh lr'ea'.eh C ouir: be :at'u-r b." t,

but rs a< tuafly t'rhe e'rtettarrrr'ru stutl Chet rt out the 'ar‘t;e (rt utrwtt-s ‘r, :.‘.'

Herr And Strmpy hrrt‘selt', sut r1 as Mrs ere": 'So 'rttle by ttze, settt t," ' r;

the Pope, betause l th rm the Pope .s t‘iC‘dl‘t tor (a'too'rs \l1)\.t]tl't'.t:'.r.t"t't' Pope Ir‘ (artoohs'

Johnny Bravo ltttp: merrtberstrlpodcom

A (CK) Slit‘ l)l()'.l(2r'l(} a 7 "t‘ ."l'(l(itr( '9»! '..‘ 't'r u

Irl‘flSlC‘rll rottrxrt,

'elatrx'ely ’toort .'.":< '- s 'ap u , tra '. "-r (lasst stattrs leatares arr eprseue t;t. :ze -: 're\.‘.sietter ahu tohs o‘ b rt ",;(l.7.<t r ' -_- 'at'ter hr‘ty rhatre of Jotmrw,

K)!!!" (i .t"'

a”??? ltlystery‘:r‘e \.'..t'r [)titt""'t'a"11 .e "

Hanna Barbera Studios

ltttp: wwwvegagallerlescom lrbopc5.lrtrrrl.sltrrr

l‘hs SliC‘ rs your (har‘te to buy prout troh (els urrett ’rorr‘ I'te ".orrtt- :t' ; a: Alte'hataxely, use the srte as a may of remwrtlrrre yourself t.‘.l‘.at great lost ta'totrrt, sat h as //t( It Hrqh Plryate (ye, The ,’\.7e.‘./ _8( Motor) aho [he l/rree fn‘obott at taaily lookeo' ,zlxe

South Park Links And Downloads

http: th'xtzgeocrtiescom lelevisionClty Set 3806 anld lrrrklrttrr

lt you ltd‘.(‘." t (tot Sky l\." and (art ‘.'.art for South Pam to were to C e -L, sate your (uhousrty xxrtl‘ th's ‘ahtastt srte ‘\.'.h!( ": a.‘(>\.'.s you to (ro.'.r 3:,a : e -.-.-_-:. ep sooes ll‘ClthiittQ the serhrrta. "lhe Sbrr t O‘ Xmas' a'iu the i'atlb- ,' <:~.- / ., n P (} lylaxes lose lo Ah. l Zebl‘aht'

Captain Caveman: What

Can't He Pull Out Of His Fur? ,_. ltttp: \\'\.".’\.t.'.hypeCOm nostalgia

tv capcav'capcavirrlrtrtr

A s.te \.‘.'hrch ‘trht trorrs ir'rCe those rate mtrht 'l)oes arryohe rer'rerrtber /'ou< Ire lu/t/e (()Yl‘.'(‘t's(til()t‘rs) Vou s tttt)l‘y e'ha.i '.‘.:tl* v.‘-.hate=.'e' you (art l'C‘l‘lC‘tt‘lX’l about ‘C (l"(l t'tt'y put rt ()'t?llt(’ as Coo: Reply C)? llte \'.«"eek Here's an example “Vt/her he (rot \“sSC‘U by (rtth he (tot at: exr rteo, lCe some sort ot prel‘rsto'rt \'.too(ly luuess that atoulu l‘a‘.e beeh a "stohey "

Wacky Races ltttp: warty.borto-estentederrtort.couk sectionZ wacky rhdexhtrti

Sate ."ours ot ; ub-tabe l).'(li.".-‘.'.’l(l( 'mht; ‘.‘.rt.'t tl:.s srte ‘,‘.l‘rt 't r‘ot o" , tea“... w

[M tures of exery ohe of the '.e"r< res 'rt 73am, Haws but also l)'(}.r(lt‘) we (a'tooh holy (rra C; yoe, Dum Durh, erpy, Po< lets, Shoo/y, Sbttly ar‘u Va.» Yart

Simpsons Secondary Characters

htth twwwangellrrecom (a olpj characterslrtml

'lre'rreho‘ousry r'tt<)rmat:\.'e srte (;;\."."(; oetarls ot lrttte-krrozw (harat te's t' if" Sr/rrpso/rs Read at about Drs<o Stu, Harts Moiemah, lhe lallest l.lar* l' Sprrhuttelo or, probably the best, Cletus lhe Sla< lx-Ja\.'.err' Yo- e, «.‘."t() 'a .2 z. ,; hameo Geeth who rs a smellhouhd ahu' that (rot (o/ereo r‘ renter”,

The Hair Bear Bunch

http: wth'.borro-estentetlerrrort(ortrr sectronZ halrbearurrrdexlrtnr

A brrllrahtly obsessrue srte .‘..t? (treat . -- ra Burn h ‘.*.hr(h arlov.s you to (low (a: t'

{re harhes ot a e r t"..:- r. ). "o' the 'e< out t' e. an- tr llh th 'l<')r ,

theme, ahd ptrMs the srh ; alortq Altogether rtoz'. (orr e the bears'

..-(l'(l‘, ‘n; ,y} Cd.

Heir,” rte l‘.t"t'

“:98 THE LIST 101

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