Keep yOur eyes skinned for two new bottled beers which wrll be making an appearance in selected bars in the Central Belt soon Sleeman Cream Ale and Sleeman Silver Creek Lager are Canadian beers that have been brewed in Ontario and drunk since the early 1800s.

Sleeman Cream Ale is brewed to combine the refreshing qualities of a German lager with the taste of an English ale lt's light in body, golden in co|0ur and has a smooth taste

The Silver Creek Lager has, as you might expect, a crisper taste and is fire-brewed in copper kettles usmg water drawn from deep wells rn Guelph in Ontario.

Both beers weigh in at a hefty 5% alcohol and come in clear glass bottles embossed with Sleeman’s distinctive maple leaf and beaver insignia


Edinburgh, 6a Nicolson Street, 557 4567.

The char ges are being rung in no uncertain terms at Nicolson’s, the former dance hall turned restaurant opposite Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre. Until recently, Nicolson’s operated as a bistro/cafe wrth people popping in for coffees and snacks as well as full blown meals. The new regime finds Nicolson’s concentrating their efforts on the lunch and dinner trade, closmg during weekday afternoons yet remaining open all day at the weekends

The other big change has been the introduction of a new lunch menu which is centred around large bowls of food. ’I was over in New York and I went to a restaurant called Lola,’ explains Roland Thomson, the general manager at NicolsOn's 'Next door, they have a restaurant called Lola Bowla which offers Customers a qUicker, more affordable and contemporary interpretation of its food. While Lola has divided its food over two sites we've divided over two menus We wanted to offer something which fits the time and money which peOple have to spend at lunchtime'

The lunch menu is broken down into sections headed salad, rice and noodle bowls. Charred green lipped mussels and baby clams wrth sweet chilli sauce and creme fraiche from the salad range we wrth chicken, ginger, spinach and red onions with Jasmine rice, while the noodle bowls are filled With the likes of bok choy and smoked tofu With cellophane noodles and hOisin ginger stock. (Jonathan Trew)

& drinking



Bann's 5 Hunter Square 226 1112

Voted best cheap and cheerful meal in Edinburgh by List readers Egon Ronay recommended. lOam-l lprn every day

Bar Yo Yo 38 Blair Street 225 688' New bar/cafe -— excellent food rn unusual surroundings with cool s0unds. 6pm--late Tue-Sat

The Basement lOa-lZa Broughton Street 557 0097

Restaurant quality food at pub-grub prices, served 'trl 10pm in lively, colourful surroundings.

The Bookstop Cafe 4 Teviot Place 225 5298.

New bookshop/cafe Promises book-browsing, plus, extensive coffee menu, smoothies and deli snacks

Cellar No 1 la Chambers Street 220 4298

For superb atmosphere, ‘-.'.':."eS ant: food, late nights and live .'T‘.t.S.(, the Cellar is No 1'

Common Grounds 2/3 North Bank Street. 226 1416. v American-style coffee 'A \r house on The MOUle A~ fl‘ l J t " Food served ail (.ay Live mUSlC most evenings

Cyberia Internet Cafe, 88 Hanover Street 220 4403

.this is such a cool place to haw; out ' Scotland The Best

Dial restaurant/cafe 44/46 c:eorqe ;‘/ Bridge 225 7179

'Wears its sty.e wzth a capital wrth ‘ooci to match ' Conrad 't't’rlson, Modern Scottish Cuisine


edinburgh espresso bar

10 Grassmarket, Edinburgh 220 2242 You'll stay for more than an instant" Open 8-5pm - 7 days a week

Filmhouse 88 Lothian Road 229 5932. 8'

Re|axedl atmospheric cafe bar, servinr; great value snacks, salads, specials and briliant cappuccinos -- 10am till 'ate

Helios Fountain 7 Grassmarket (With shop) 229 7884 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun “1;

10am-4pm Excellent , "‘ vegetarian coffee house filth” if servrng really tasty foocl 30W lsabels Cafe 83 Clerk Street (below Nature’s Gate) 662 4014

Stone walled, smoke-free basement

oasis servmg homemade veggie/vegan Kaffe Politik 146/1418”

Marchmont Road 446 m Food specials all day 'Worth the trip'

Khublai Khans Mongolian 8870‘ V V 43 Assembly Street

Lunch (Fri & Sun) £5 95, dinner (seven

days) £13.95 All yOU can eat DlY BBQ

food -- fresh, delicious candor-(rare 9873 Espresso bar Juice bar

lOam— 10pm, 7 days m 555 0005.

Unique and fun

Ndebele 57 Home Street 221 ' 741 A cafe and sands-.icl‘. deli llTlDfCSSI'.’C’ range of cuirrtary o'eI from Southern Afrrt a

.li'l (ETT


Negociants cafe, bar, restaurant 45-47 LntnLan Street 225 63 73 Eclectx i‘.‘.ec:';tc‘-rranc‘-an rnenu, superb range of or riks, coffees, cocktais, ‘.'.rines an:r' tree's Open 9-3arn Pancho Villas 240 Carmnqate 557 44l6

t.lex:c'ar‘.-hc;rri c:».‘.'r‘.er r'.'.ayra Nunez says 'lf you're nornr; to eat l.‘.ex:; an, then don't be hiancr ' Lurtc

cl;nner until 1 1pin

1: kill :3“ ll

Passepartout 24 Deanhatrnh Street, Stockhnclqe 332 4476 Licensed bistro and coffee horse lieut, exciting, eclectzc ' Cosrrtcr-polztan cuisine .'.';th nail; set price lunch/crinner menus from [.5 50/02 50

rim/(Airy; atrhsanrei

La Piazza 97-99 Snanci'.'./rc k Place

22‘: ll5C

Styirsh ltaiian restaurartt ‘.'.:th;iut designer prices Open 7 hays flarit-in:cr'ninht Pyramids 16 Hiayrrra'ket Terrace

337 9979

For (i(()ll1;)i(‘l€‘.f.'(llflt’ft‘lll taste th:s Christmas Egyptian and Sudanese cu;sine Blrftt} your ()‘.'..". .'.;rre

Smoke Stack 53-55 Broughton Street 556 6032 h more than i: :rqers ar‘cl steaks at th s styrzsh hut frrer‘czly new. criarrzrifl restatirarit

Tabula Rasa 9b «174 3446

it's Lat.n r'ri'yrrizrr-t; sTar‘c; for a clean plate Yours will or" Try .t'

Haymarket Terrace


Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthven Lane 334 "/16"

World uncle :L;.s.r‘:e, uremic-err breakfasts, Happy Hour, lunch rrrenti, egenrnt;

spec iais and Glasgow's l>est t>trrc;ers'

Balbir's 51 West Regent Street


Not Do, r‘<:t (re-sorter, r‘ot sexy, lust brifliar‘t '~;.:;h rrrraitty fetrian cursine at affordable prices

Brel bar : restaurant Ashton sane 342 4966

Belorar‘. heers draft

Leffe ano Hoegaaroer‘ ~,

fine wanes, rustrc‘ foot),

l',t‘\.o\l 7:.‘dx(,,\: atrrrrrsplr‘ere

Cafe Del Mar 94 Ctr-ire" 7.7a'12are2 Drive 403 ‘NM

A refaxecl and french; at'rirtsrtriere Nev. ‘.‘.e~:i:ter't‘:r‘ear‘. t::stro ant: coffee " the ‘-.\est Eric:

Srtl<1('!,:8cl..uc,c S - .‘(WC ‘\/.,.YI()

Take-away at:.e ya"; Gallery of Modern Art Cafe Queen Street 22‘. 73.84

Arts Restaura'fi ::


f the rear

‘rioa. and sa.t.rc:a.s .rurn

6 30pm Last artrers

No srnokinr;

Grassroots 2'3 \‘v'oncifa'ttis R::a::

353 3278

Scare-free food, orc;an.c groceries, excellent hreacl, fine cheeses, nerhs and

spices, wholesome foods yurn, yum


Kama Sutra 33‘! Satrchiertall Street 332 0055 Buffet on (ten-tn

‘c‘r‘ r ‘er'.;> : k 1' < I c (1 \L\k (l “\K t


‘3 .1) I‘\‘ A)" K .1»

., -t.‘ 5‘: it 3c1.7‘,

Le Petit Pain 239 Run 337 1778 ,p-i'irsr‘egf'crx Coffees, nuaUt; sanzruzit'ws ancr t‘ to


Mr!) \Jle \,

' EE :15“

Mama Miska 132‘: ,»'«'::'.’.e Street

334 0594 Lasl'mqs of paprika, :tasta anct rtir/z'a 'Ar‘ grotto of crelr rezornrnenrieci




.A.:>.ne <;nt, hzoniv


Miro's 3'5 Kt‘l‘.’l.’l(;t()‘.(" Street

353 0475

The new look Slim offers a fresh '‘.'.' to European dashes Open from nonn tiil late, 7 clays a week

33i 2257


i287 Arcryle

H, ll I “\

Mojo 358a Bath Street lvtuc h ac c larrnecl

styirsh har a lilliiltlt‘ hlenci of modern 't:r‘asser:e cookie/.1 ;r:

t:.. lt..l.(:rt St toll:

Murphy's Pakora Bar Street 334 l550

Crer‘ 3C ways to act stuffed at the r;reat .'.'iuiphy's htr‘fet Carly 3-7prn orin

r \ - i". .. 1.3 95

Ocho r50 Lest carnelitar Street

.332 4,32

A ‘.'i'nrant oar, ;)lt3‘.’lil..".’ /_;:n., urk. r'rusc great .it,es antl oars, drinks r:ro'rtr>t.:>ns

a: lrzrtc rrc-son

Rab Ha’s Restaurant

Street ‘3‘.)3 r545

iltitl.’..i).".(il S: uttrs'i ;t."s:"ie <,t‘-;'rc~:

meek: Ristorante La Fiorentina 2 Road \“J’est 1120 1585

Savotrr the flaxour of Tuscan (()()'Klr‘.(: ‘.\lill()t1.’ extensi‘.re ntentr t‘.(lL.'(}!l‘.f;

many '.("(l("i<i.'l<ii'l ozsnes

Restaurant Splash at the (Bias/rm Rina; C::r‘.:ert iiaif 2 Saucrirehai. Street, Gas-30‘s., C32 3. “7”

Te: 332 3163

Stravaigin 28 :7; St'ee'. 33.12665

Fresh Scott si': :r‘.r;rt~:it-nts, ant: fj-.'.T‘ .1 "v


The 13th Note (:rir; Street 553 7538

:3ar/caf’c=/~;eeue with a ti ta»; '.("T;<i.", "tern. 11f r.‘.r‘.p.esr:'r:c‘-

Th :12 ' vvvvv n .m :72 2:27

ron ea re a.“ .14 »s .'.,"it, t‘ i,.'Y.('(','.g:".’I'E'(1tt c‘th'

- \I .1 s,. (:8 c\,u. Li: L)

The Ubiquitous Chip '2 Asrtgrx 517"“ 33‘; 53:7 j g . (Silclpi;':i'.‘.-<i‘.'1535° '53§°{':\":’:r"\c

servinr; rricirrern Sc , an:

For details of how to include your restaurant/bistro/café/bar in this directory, call our advertising department on 0131 558 1191

‘: may . (t ,1; r 1",“,‘R