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DANCE TURNS: Information and dates

The season runs Mon 30 Mar-Sat 13 Jun. All events take place at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Nicolson Street, 0131 529 6000.

Phoenix Dance Company Mon 30 & Tue 31 Mar 0 Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo Wed 22 & Thu 23 Apr. - DCA - Philippe Decouflé Hill so Apr Sat 2 May. Siobhan Davies Dance Company Fri 15 & Sat 16 May 0 Rambert Dance Company Wed 27—Sat 30 May 0 Nederlands Dans Theater ll Thu l 1 Sat l a’ Jun

For full details of performances this fortnight see page 66; more details will be published over the coming weeks.


Siobhan Davies Dance Company

One old, one new work from the First Lady of contemporary British dance.

Origins Davies (real name Sue) was a seminal figure at London Contemporary Dance Theatre; co-founded the influential Second Stride; formed eponymous ensemble, 1998.

Energy source Spine. Floor. Music. Design. Trademark moves Long, curving phrases and intriguing suggestions of emotional intimacy.

Past glories A load of Digital, Prudential and Olivier awards, plus she is an MBE.

Achilles heel So abstract or understated that heart is lost to art.

Sex appeal? A tad cool. Perhaps you should make that sensual appeal.

Keep your ears open for . . . Conlan Nancarrow’s piano studies, played live in Davies’s new dance using the late composer's original piano rolls.

Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo

American drag-ballet divas much loved for their scrupulous skewering of the classics.

Origins Founded in 1974 by Manhattan ballet lovers. Earliest gigs held late-late in off-off-Broadway lofts.

Energy source La danse, darling, la danse! Trademark moves The Dying Swan as a dyspeptic, moulting fowl; all of the company's signature~piece Swan Lake, Act II.

Past glories Tele-spectaculars with Shirley MacLaine and Miss Piggy; Japanese audience so ga-ga they collect Trocks’ toe-shoes.

Achilles heel Too much of a good thing it wears thin. Sex appeal Absolutely. Especially for anyone who can't separate the men from the ballerinas.

Keep your eyes open for . . . Olga Supphozova's whirlwind pirouettes; Margeaux Mundeyn’s love-lorn Esmerelda; all of Paquita sheer bliss.

Rambert Dance Company

Britain ’5 best up-market, gap-bridging siiowrase for modern and classrca/ dam e

Origins Founded in 1926, as a tiny hothoiise of experimental ballet in London

Energy source Dancer‘turnedt hor’eographer Christopher Bruce, Rarnbert’s most feted offspring and its current artistic director.

Trademark moves A repertory that plays up the dancers’ juicy power and fine-edged (ill(

Past glories A history of nurturing rnore top—drawer choreographers than yoo (an shake a ballet barre at. Achilles heel The choreographi< all-sorts approach can dim the ensemble’s shine

Sex appeal? The creed of the body beautiful rules. Keep your eyes open for . . . A reVival of Bruce and Lindsay Kemp's landmark, Lona-inspired full-length ballet Cruel Garden (7977) and post-modern master Merce Cunningham’s August Pace.

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