Last seen seducing Stephen Fry in Wilde, JUDE LAW certainly knows how to score. That means more than being genetically perfect, as he discovered while filming his latest movie Gattaca.

Words: Alan Morrison

Jude Law: looking good in genes

IF CASTING DIRECTORS were genetic scientists. just think of the perfect specimens that would stride across our cinema screens. We’re not yet at the stage where Dolly the Sheep can get a walk-on part in Babe 2. but the concept of genetic engineering already

whips up an ethical storm. Futuristic thriller

Guttaea is set in a world where ‘designer‘ people are the elite and the naturally-born form an underclass. Discrimination is no longer racial or social. but depends on biological cells.

“It’s like looking at the futuristic view of what Hitler must have seen.‘ says British actor

22 TIIE HST 20 Mar—2 Apr 1998

Future perfect

Jude Law. who plays the genetically perfect Eugene in the film. 'The idea of a pure race. a stronger race. away from the beast in the man. But life is chaotic and messy and dirty. and people can‘t be clean. You can't hide the fact that we are animals. in a way. although we live in this incredible environment.‘

Law. seen most recently seducing Stephen Fry in Wilde. seems made for the part. with his striking cheekbones and good looks. The 25—year-old actor’s career is at its most exciting point since he was tipped as the ‘next big thing’ for his debut in .S'lmpping. The ram— raiding film didn't have the expected

commercial impact. although Law gained something from it for his private life he married co-star. Sadie Frost and the couple have a baby son. Rafferty.

Law is also part of the Brit-pack sub-group including Ewan McGregor. Jonny Lee Miller and Sean Pertwee. who have united to form production company Natural Nylon. In spring of 199‘). the team of actors will finally get together for period thriller Hell/ire Club. which Law co-wrote. Before then he‘ll star in David (.‘roncnberg's ('Xistenl. a Natural Nylon co-production.

A glance at his schedule confirms the Londoner is in demand. He is due to star with

Matt Damon and

Gwyneth Paltrow in I - -

'l'llt' lit/enter] Mr Ripley Llfe |_S

and will appear with chaotic and Ralph Fiennes and Liv messy and

Tyler in ling on e ()negin. to be directed by Fiennes's sister Martha. Already in the can and awaiting an April release is Mir/nigh! In The (Ian/('11 0/ Good And livil. in which Law plays a young hustler killed in ‘self defence’ by antiques dealer Kevin Spacey. This delicately paced courtroom drama was directed by Clint Eastwood.

‘lt was a kind of out-of-body experience.’ says Law of working with the erstwhile Dirty Harry. ‘lt was never overwhelming and it was never frightening. It was . . .just surreal. But Clint has such charisma and presence. you can‘t help but think that if he’s asked me to be in this. then I must be able to deliver something.‘

Law is clearly mixing in the right circles these days. and no more so than on the set of Gallant. where his fellow actors included (lore Vidal and Ernest Borgnine. ‘I didn’t get to work with them.‘ he admits. ‘but I hung around and met them all. and was lucky enough to be on set when Borgnine was around. It‘s tacky. but you just want to sit there and say “Tell me stories".'

He got to know the film's stars. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. and. although the couple are now an item and expecting a child in May. Law was oblivious as Cupid shot his arrows.

‘I wasn‘t really aware of it. to be honest.‘ he says. ‘The three of us hung out a lot. Ethan and l in particular because we hit it off so well. Uma really enjoyed it because. on the whole. she’d worked with older actors and suddenly she was working with blokes of her own age.’

He pauses and remembers: ‘There was one particular night when I felt a bit of a gooseberry and thought. “Something‘s going on here . . . I think I‘ll go home". But I had no idea. Which maybe means I should open my eyes a little more.’

dirty, and people can't be clean. You can't hide the fact that we are animals.‘

Jude Law

Gattaca goes on release on Fri 20 Mar. See review, page 29