ortishead to top bill at T in the Park

EXCLUSIVE: Trip-hop pioneers confirmed for 5th Festival.

Werds Jonathan Trew THE LIST can excluswely reveal that Bristol's Portishead Will he co-headliriing the NME tent when T in the Park's fifth birthday sees the festival return to Balado near Kinross

Portrshead Will he iomt headliners with former Stone Roses’ singer Ian Brown. The band, whose eponymous second album has JUSl gone platinum, \‘Jlll close the stage on Sunday night, rounding off a weekend of entertainment that Will see over 100 acts play on six live music stages on 11 and 12 July.

But fans of both Portishead and Pulp Will have to deride exactly where their loyalties lie since Pulp are scheduled to close the main stage, also on Sunday.

This Is Hardcore, Pulp's follow-up album to 1995's smash hit Different C/ass', is released at the end of March, and should it be successful their T in the Park slot is likely to he a huge draw, (See album review, page (14)

Sunday's main stage also boasts an all star line-up Willi much anticipated UK appearances from the Beastre Boys and Garbage. Both have new albums waiting due for iinrninent release. Old favourites James Will also he performing on Sunday's main stage \‘Jlll( h is sure to lead to an emotional rendition of 'Sit Down' Catatonia and Chumbawamba are playing the main stage on Saturday.

In another List exclusive we can reveal that Edllllltlltllt hand Annie Christian, who signed to

Coup: Annie Christian

Glory box: Portishead secure headline slot

Richard Brarison’s V2 lahel last year, have stored something of a coup and are hooked lll to open the NME stage on the Saturday

Audioweb Will he ploughing their indie-(Janu- furrow on the NME stage on Saturday along saith future rockers Warm Jets and up and turning lrrah party animals, The Young Offenders Sunday on the NME stage sees the urban cowboy blues of Scott 3. ioming Glaswegians The Smiles (see Musrr section, page 41) and Regular Fries, who are causing palpitations among music industry talent-spotters

Followrng the success of last year's Slam tent, Oide Meikle and Stuart Macmillan of Slam are programming the bill again and are currently in Miami at the American dance industry (oriferenre searching out new talent to JOIll the line-up

The Ceilidh tent Will be back this year after fans crowded in to whoop it up to the likes of The Humpff Family and Martyn Bennett in 1997

A new addition this year IS the Cafe Club, where festival goers can go to take a break from the pounding mu5rc. Organisers promise 'a mixed hag of comedy, cabaret, music, chat gossip, lounge lizards and cafe society groovrness


:otliall farts will l‘.(.‘ll<i"'~i that the festival Takes plate en tlm s iine meekt‘nd as the W-ti‘id (rip final, but have 'ilitllri

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he g;.irit screens

\‘nll set up to watch the games, riiake it that far

lirkets tost £53": for the weekend and £29 50 for a single day They can he purchased hy (T(‘dll card only from Way Ahead, 01.41 339 8383. From Saturday 28 March, they Will he availahle over the (Ounter from Virgin, Union Street, T::ket Centre, Candlerrggs and the SECC Box Office Ill Glasgow, in Edinburgh, they can he purchased from Virgin in Princes Street.

The campsite, which is open from noon on Friday l0 until noon on Monday 13 July, has been increased in t'aparity and ramping costs £7 50 per person for the xixeekend Further information is available from the l in the Park hotlirie on 07000 l l3l 14

even if heaven forhid Stotland don't

And finally. . . Bog standard homesare a load of ballcocks

installation of a kitchen in his bachelor pad amidst rumours that his days as a single bloke are

ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end. Like the world for example. 26 October 2028, was the date pencilled in by scientists fearful that the citizens of the Earth haven't got enough to worry about already. Depending on who you believe. asteroid XF11 is set to either slam into us full-on or scrape a mere 240,000 miles off to one side. While the scaremongering ended just as all-out terror was about to break out, we should not be too complacent - if a direct hit is comparable to 100,000 H-Bombs going off, even a near miss should cause the odd breeze or two.

WHILE THE ECONOMISTS were getting themselves into a right old lather over the ins and outs of Gordon Brown’s first full budget as Chancellor, most of the media's attention has been focused on the

limited. The lucky, lucky lady is one Sarah Macaulay, a PR director and frequent visitor to his pad overlooking the Firth of Forth. Naturally, we wish them a happy life together though their mutual love of Raith Rovers FC may make that unlikely.

IF ANYBODY HAD the idea that Tony Blair was still flavour of the month among the cultural elite - well, the editorial team at the NME recent pronouncements suggest Cool Britannia has lost its gleam. Pop stars were queuing up to express their sense of betrayal at such uncool policies as Welfare to Work, tuition fees, three year olds down the mines, that kind of malarkey. Primal Scream's frontman Bobby Gillespie even went as far as to say that pop stars should only ever make their way to Number 10 with

’1lb of Semtex or a nail bomb'. Bit unreasonable maybe but the surprise is that Blair's credentials lasted this long. Three words -

D:Flipping Ream.

IT APPEARS THAT the days of the public smoker are also numbered. Scottish pubs, clubs and bars may

Explosive: Gillespie

soon be introducing no-smoking

zones, a move which puffing prevention group Glasgow 2000 are

welcoming with the bamboozling

f theory that business will pick up

when the fug is removed from our

hostelries. Presumably, this will mean the ripping out of those tab machines which haven't been bringing any financial reward to the breweries whatsoever.

PUBLIC LOOS ON the other hand are refusing to go quietly. On the back of a garage being converted into a two-bed flat and hitting the market at a measly £130,000, Edinburgh City Council have closed eleven khazis with the idea of turning them into someone’s dream home. As George Clark, chairman of Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre put it: ’it just shows what can be done with a little bit of imagination.’ Yes, and some nose- pegs, an open window and some air freshner. (Brian Donaldson)

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