Snap happy

YOUR ’ATROClTY EXHIBITION' feature last issue (Issue 32 7) was a breath of fresh air. It's good to see a magazine like The List break away from Just doing interviews with movre stars and using your knowledge to make a decent critical comment on a disturbing trend in the art world. All made even better With the use of colour. As for Anna Friel on the cover . As OaSIs might say, it’s getting better, man.

Steven Johnstone


Snap unhappy

THE HYPOCRISY OF your feature titled ’The AtrOCIty Exhibition' was hard to stomach. In an attempt to demonstrate the extremity of much modern art, you draw a comparison with someone building a model of Dunblane Primary School gym This analogy suggests that you disapprove of the shock tactics of the art scene, but you obvrously had no qualms in reproducing such horrific works as Marcus Harvey’s ’Myra’.

Why don’t you Just admit that your supposed attempt to take a long hard look at the dark side of contemporary art was JUSI a thinly veiled exuse to publish powerful pictures and make your magazine look more interesting? We see quite enough of Hindley, West

et al in the tablouls Without needing to see them in the magazines that we thought were above all that Get it sorted.

Douglas Gray Glasgow

Gazza break, man

HOW WORRYING IT is for us all that Glasgow may soon lose its premier midfielder. Despite being dropped from the England squad, despite marital bust-ups, despite amusing no one With his 'hrlarious' flute-player impersonations, young Master


Gastoigne is still held in Izre it our fair r ity

If he does pop off to the Palat e rthe Crystal one that is, not the tine where HRH tluhs hiin Sir Paul“

perhaps some other lllrl‘tf): trim the

North of Erirtlanrl might he lil'«.‘tl;}lll in to fill that gapsite ll‘ the shrine of national itons liaiii C: illarrhei, the Lancasliiie lotit, llll’llll he as good as any his filthy niruth, ziilerit irtstirit ts

and ahsurrllv rnisplar. erl (ilfi‘tlrlll‘. e suit 4;

hirn pei‘fettly for" the yuh of Exariigtle To Scotland's Youth Granted, he doesn't play football riiuth, hut then nor does (iaZ/a these (lays

Euan McDonnachan


Baa humbug: is Damien Hirst’s Away From The Flock atrocious art

vegan: in

Ironic tonic

THE HOLIER THAN thou attitude of so many other books pages is still lacking it your ‘.‘.’llllll(_) and choice of books I'(‘\"lC‘\"./(;‘d People are reading .r’rjuterature, and that is what you cover - and so well I need only look to list issue tlssue 327i and there's another spread on a new release oroinsnir; ’clrug atldled uihan lantl‘ét‘ape' where ‘satlariiasochistic sex’ I'. the order of the day Better still, you Illlt‘l‘.’l(“.‘.’(“(l the Writer It‘slfifllSIlilt‘, who mentioned his lllt‘llif‘il 'l reflect .II a tlruqs ha/e' ls :t good and proper that you relegate ‘.‘.’lllt‘l\ of non~sensational texts on suhiet ts lil e erlut ation and the

Liol )t lust, for thump,“ m “w \Itlelrr‘ies.‘ John Grave Edinburgh

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