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SCOTTISH PRODUCER 808 Last. who in the past has managed The Human League and masterminded the

Drugs, booze, parties,

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typical life in Hollywood?

soundtrack to Backbeat, has partnered with Tim Burton's regular producer Denise DiNovi to produce High Rise for Warner Bros. The adaptation of LG. Ballard's novel will be directed by Scottish director

MATTHEW MODINE' star Jim Gillespie, fresh from the success Of The Blackout, has been of I Know What You Did Last there done that Summer. Last is also working as

executive producer on Terence Davies latest work, a screen version of Edith Wharton’s House Of Mirth.

His company, Holdings Ecosse Ltd has recently announced two additional development projects. Christopher Roth will direct Allied Forces, a thriller set in Berlin and former East Germany; while novelist Alan Warner leaves behind Morvern Callar for a new story working title The Argonaut - set in the Scottish Highlands.

BAFTA NOMINATIONS HAVE flooded in for Scottish films. Mrs Brown and Regeneration are up for the Best British Film award, and the former counts Billy Connolly as Best Actor in its total of eight nominations. In the BAFTAs Best Short Film Category, Little Sisters (made as part of the Prime Cuts scheme) goes head to head with Lynne Ramsay's Tartan Short Gasman, which screened recently at the Sundance Film Festival and will go on to compete in Cannes in May. Ramsay is no stranger to success at the

Words: Alan Morrison

When the film you’re in is directed by Abel Ferrara Bml Lieutenant. King Of New York, Driller Killer you can expect journalists to be a little shocked and confused. ‘One of the most bizarre questions was. “Is all this insanity the revenge of the black man on the white man'.’".‘ says Matthew .Vlodine. shaking his head. ‘Somebody actually asked me that question.‘

In The Blackout. Modine plays Matty. a l-lollywood star whose taste for high living has collided with deep self-doubt and pushed him over the edge into a maelstrom of drug and alcohol abuse. It‘s a devastating. full-on performance in an uneven but remarkable movie. and further extends the range of an actor who has appeared in as diverse projects as Cult/trout Islam]. Slum ('nls and x '- Bll'(l_\‘. Though happily married Addictive personali

ty: Matthew Modine i

. n The B'a‘kout French festival she won Best Short now for many years. the 38-year- two years ago for her graduation old reckons he’s familiar enough with the excessive and excessive behaviour because it‘s a group of fur", smalloeaths. lifestyle of his character. people who call themselves artists. As long as you‘re DOUBLE OSCAR WINNER Michene

'I‘ve done a fair bit of drinking in my past and drunk or stoned and able to perform in the movie Burke-who picked up statues for have woken up next to some girl I didn‘t remember business. people are going to accept it so long as her work on Bram Stoker’s Dracula

ever having in my life.‘ he admits. "l‘here‘s an there’s people profiting from the work that you do.’ and Quest For Fire - will attend the

addictive personality inside all of us. just like there‘s Modine‘s work in The Blackout overshadows Academy Awards Party at

a killer in all of us. and a good person too we make everything else. but the film will also gather some Edinburgh's Fi'mhouse 0" M0" 23

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" ' §'€7*i“i‘i(3§‘ii§¥9¥‘ “we? §'§‘“smg"=§g m m proceeds goung to Cruisaid. Tickets positively encouraged by ~ ~ « ‘~ u <~ a. - 3’ screen. (flsflrom the Filmhouse boxoffice hangers-on. Just glance in the ijfg,’ {flaifitpyy $53.06;}... ‘I think the reason she newspapers. and the names chose this movie was because Lynne Ramsay Jnr in Gasman Christian Slater. Robert Downey .lnr and Charlie she’s been in a relationship with a guy like Matty.’ ' 5 /* Sheen jump out. Not that this is anything new. explains Modine. ‘She’d been in a relationship with a

‘Elvis Presley and Judy Garland were given drugs guy who didn‘t love her back. and that's got to be so by the people who took care of them. because they horrible and so painful. Like reaching out to touch were tired when they were showing up for some fire if you touch it. you‘ll be burned; if you public appearance.‘ argues Modine. ‘lt wasn‘t seen as embrace it. it may kill you. She wisely took a role something bad. it was just something to help them she understood. and this helped her to allow herself get through the day a little amphetimine. a bit of to be vulnerable yet feel confident enough to fall in speed. Then when it came time to go to bed. "Oh love with me for those weeks that we made the .leez. I can‘t go to sleep". They had to take some movie.‘ downers. Then you find yourself in the habit of And that‘s got to be a bonus for any actor. taking things to put you up or put you down.

‘I think this business is more accepting of strange Glasgow Film Theatre from Mon 23 Mar. See review.

, . t 20 Mar-2 Apr 1998 THE “8‘”?