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It's A Wonderful Life Il’(ii (Frank Capra. l‘S‘. I‘t-Ioi James Stewart. Donna Reed. Henry J ravers |39 rniris Small-town boy Stewart runs into financial difficulties and is on the brink ol suicide when an elderly angel tlk'\k ends to earth to show him all the good his life ltas done for those around him. .'\tv'lIL‘l_\ pal Capra sentimentality with a superbly detailed fantasy framework and one or Stewart's most lovable [)Cflm’tllilthCS. ()ne to warm even the most glacial heart. (ilasgovv ()rleon Quay.

LA. Confidential I IS'I I('urtis Hanson. US. I99'r'i Kevin Spacey. (iiiy Pearce. Russell (‘r'owe. Kim Basrnger‘. IRS mins. Adapted from James lillroy's rieo-iioir novel. the best .'\lllt'llv.lil filrii ot l997 evokes a glitly' post- \‘voi ld \Vai ll l.os .'\lt‘L'L‘lt‘\ underpinned by an .ill- per vasrve. festering corruption. An

lfllllv ate. tllt‘l)‘tlc‘:ltl brilliant plot links bent cops. good cops. Hollywood star lookalike prostitutes and the mob The dialogue crackles and the actors burn up the screen: one of the few films one would dare mention iii the same breath as the definitive

(/ritirrtrrii 1.x (ilasgow. ()ileotl Quay. UCl ('lydebank. lidiiibutgli Dominion. UCI. liast Klll‘l'ltlt‘. l‘(‘l.

Labyrinth Il’(ir I'leriy Jones. l'S. I986) ll.t\ tvl liovv tc. Jeltlltlt't' (itttttlt‘lly. llll llllfls‘. lcenage girl has her baby bruv kidnapped by demon l)av e. the King ()f'l'he (iobhns'. and so has to enter the tieirdish labyrinth to get

llllll back .‘s'ot had family feature. with plenty

of ltiirj. creatures to keep the kids ltappy. Stirling ('ailton.

The Land Before Time «to (Don Bluth. US. I‘lS‘li So ruins. .\iuniated feature from lhsiie} 3-‘i'aduate Bliitli follows the fortunes ot orphaned llioritosaui'us littlcfoot. who loses his mum to the claw s of a nasty lyrairiiosairius Rev before teaming up with a gang of similarly pareiitless wee dittos to undertake the Ira/.iidons iourney across .ouritiy to the sater of the (heat Valley. ('lassically drawn arid chockftil of edifying iiioi'al lessons. this is solid entertainment

per fer tly tailored to the demands of its target .ttlvllt‘llts' oI very young children. (ilasgow: (il l

Larger Than Life (H i) tllovvard l‘r'anklin. liS. I990) Bill Murray. .laiieane (irafalo. 'l‘ai the elephant. 93 mins. Popular therapist Jack ('orcoran (Murray) inherits his father's circus elephant Vera. and aims to sell her to a heartless Hollywood animal trainer. But on their iouriiey across America. Jack becomes a better person. 'l'liis loosely plotted odyssey is drowned in mindless elephant worship there are only so many times you ant to see a rs‘rt'orrniug pachyderin stand on three legs and the results are truly desperate.

l~drnburgh ()deon.

Leaving Las Vegas I IS) (Mike I-‘iggis. US. I995I Nicolas ( 'age. l'.ll\;ll)c‘ll) Shire. Julian Sands. flit niins Sacked from hisjob. Ben (Cach drives to Vegas vv ith the sole intention of drinking himself to death. but diii mg hrs descent comes across hooker Sera IShiie). another lost soul l-‘rggrs's neon- dr'eiiched rnov re captures the irresponsible euphoria and mental pain of alcoholism from a subrective viewpoint. vvhrle the astonishing peitoi irraiices by the leads help it transcend the surface taw driness and delve deep into underlying emotions. Stirling. MacRobet‘t. A Life Less Ordinary I ISi (Danny Boyle. l'ls’. I99": lzwaii Mc(iregot‘. Cameron Dial. lari Holin. lIIl nuns. 'l he follow-up to Int/inputting ts sotttclltltlg else entirely all original script that boldly plays with the conventions ot the romantic comedy.

.\lc( iiegoi' is a young Scot who kidnaps his boss's daughter when he gets the sack. only to find his hostage turns the tables and ttses events to get back at her tlttvl. Not everything works. biit it's brilliantly designed. funny. r'oiiiantrc and more inventive than most of Holly woorl's output combined. lidinburgh: (inflict).

live Flesh I IS) (Pedro .-\lmodovar. Spain. I997) 99 mins. It's not unuprecidented for lztit'opean directors to turn to linglish language crime w men for inspiration. Both Wim \\'enders I'I'lie .'lIttr.‘I'f(‘tr’Il Friend) and Rene (.‘leiuerit il’leni Sofie/l turned to Patricia llighsmrth for inspiration. and now Pedro .-\modov.u' gives a steamy twist to Ruth Reirdell's Lire l-‘Ievlr. Sex and revenge figure heavily in one of the director‘s most fully achieved riielodramas. Previewed as part of the Cruisard benefit Academy Awards Party. lidiriburgh: l’rlmhouse.

32 THE llST 20 Mar 2Apr I998

Lost Highway ( l 8) (David Lynch. t’s. I996) Bill Pullman. Patricia Arquette. Robert Loggia. I35 mins. further out than even the celluloid version of Twin Put/u: I'irt‘e llit/kv With Me. Lynch's latest radicalrsatiori ot the

film Irm'r traditions concerns iaz/ savrrian

Pullman. his wife (Arquette). a my stery iiian (Robert Blake). :1 garage mechanic

(Balthazar Getty) and a crrrrie kingpin

(Loggia) - but in typically lynchiari non-

linear plotlines that evrst within the logic of dreams. Haunting. provocative. and a genuinely personal undertaking lidiriburgh Cameo.

The Loudest Whisper r IS) iw‘ittiain wy In. US. I96! ) Audrey Hepburn. Shirley Macl.aine. James (iarrrer. |().S' fllltls. .'\lstt known as The Children 'v Ilnrrr. this gritty version of Lillian Hellmaii's play 'I'lieve

Three is forthright. but rather dull. .-\

schoolgirl spreads a rumour that two of her teachers are lesbians. bringing all sorts of problems for the women involved. (ilasgow (il-‘l‘.

Love, Etc (15) (Marion Verrioiil. l‘r‘ance. I997) Charlotte Gainsbourg. Yvaii .-\ttal. Charles Berlrrig. l()5 mins. After years of friendship. the bond between flirtatious Pierre (Berlirig) and steadfast Benoit (.'\ll;tl) is suddenly threatened by Benoit's introduction of Marie ((iairishoiiig r. Directed with a light touch. this classic love triangle scenario - based on a book by linglish novelist Julian Barnes -- is stylish and subtle in tone. Memorable for its strong performances. particularly from (iaiiisbourg. See review. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

Magnificent Obsession (l’( i) itiouglas Sirk. US. I954) Rock Hudson. Jane \Vy man. Barbara Rush. IDS ruins. Driven by guilt. lhrdsori gives up his playboy litest le to study medicine and operate on the widow he indirectly blinded. Love also lilossoriis. although he must assume another identity. Classic melodrama from the master of the genre. lidinburgh: l-'r|mhouse.

The Man In The Iron Mask I III (Randall Wallace. US. I997) Leonardo DiCaprio. Jeremy Irons. (ierard l)epardieii. l3: mins. When lirance's dissolute young king puts the country on the verge of turmoil. the Musketeers reform to rescue a mysterious prisoner languishing in the Bastille. the writer of Brave/rear! makes his debut as director with an adaptation of Alexandre Dirmas's rollicking period adventure. but he can't direct a fight scene to save his life. The performances vary so wildly in tone. that the cast at times appear to be acting in different films. See review. General release. Manhattan (l5) (Woody Allen. L'S. I979) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. Mariel Hemingway. 96 mins. Woody wanders through the female jungle of New York in search of a perfect soulmate after the demise of his marriage. Sublime comic delight vv iilr a soulful (iershwin score. Shown in a new print as part of the M(iM ('lassrcs series lidinburgh: Cameo. Stirling: MacRobet‘t. Mrs Brown (P(i) (John Madden. l'ls'. I997: Judi Derich. Billy Connolly. Antony Sher. “)3 mins. Queen Victoria's obsessive mourning for Prince Albert is casting gloom over the entire country. so Highland gliillie John Brown is called down front Balmoi'al to shake up the stuffy linglish court. Madden's film can't match the comic brro and visual panache of The Mar/nevi ()I'Kme (inner. but his understated direction undeniably suits the story. The [X‘r'for'mances are uriit'orirrly splendid. with Bench and ('oiriiolly ibotli perfectly cast) giving the frliii a surprising emotional depth. (ilasgovv. l'('l Clydebarik. lidinburgh: UCI.

Mrs Dalloway (PG) (Marleen (iori'is. l'S/ UK/Netherlarids. I997) Vanessa Redgrave. Natascha Mcl-Zlhone. Michael Kitchen. 97 mins. ()scar-winner (iorrrs (rill/(HIM! '\ I.IIf('l adapts Virginia \‘l’oolf's novel into a mov mg i and romantic drama about an intelligent and vibrant woman. Set in I923. vv itli numerous flashbacks. it presents the thoughts. memories and actions of a middle-aged society lady as she prepares for an evening party on one single summer day. Beautifully filmed in a period London and held together by a strong British cast. lidirrburgh; l-‘ilrrihouse.

My Best Friend's Wedding I I3) (It). Hogan. US. I997) Julia Roberts. Dermot Mulroney. Cameron Diaz. l()5 ruins. The director ofAustraliaii hit .llrrrr'e/‘v ll’erlr/rne takes Julia Roberts out of her usual. wide- eyed role of irritating innocence and re-casts her as a two-faced career girl who tries to

scrippcr the w edding of a former boy friend whom she suddenly realises she is still very much in love with A wonderfully scripted film with a fun performances all round. it ultimately affirms the enduring nature of friendship livrne Magiiiiiri

The Myth Of Fingerprints r I5) (Bart l-reuridlich. l'S. |99oI Julianne Moore. Roy S. lietrler. Noah \\'y le. 9() iniris l'he now grown up children of a farrttly comeback to the large middle-class home in which they were raised for thanksgiving. It's not a pressure \ ooker atiirosphere csactly. because //.'r' .l/iti' ()I Irisc'r I’lorrrtlv avoids easy cliriiases and resolutions. preferring to evamiire its characters microscopically.

l alkiik lovvit Hall. lsrrkc‘;iltly: Adam Smith. Natural Born Killers I Hi itllrver Stone. l'S. 1994) Woody Harrelson. Juliette l.evv is. Robert l)owiiey .lr. l|9 tllltts, Stone's visual and atrial assault makes for one of the most remarkable cinematic evperieiices in years; his attempts to marry sty le w ith content. and prov ide a damning espose of the media adulation of serial killers is less successful. let down by his trademark ov erstatenrent. \‘iolciit. irresnierising. hallucinatory and bold in its use of various frltu formats. .VIM' is a landmark in MI V-iiifluenced frlmmakrrrg. lidrnbur'gh. Cameo.

Nil By Mouth I IS) ((iary ()ldmari. l’ls'. I99") Ray \Viristone. Kathy Burke. ('harlie ('rced-Mrles H9 rniiis. ()ldman's directorial debut is an account of alcoholism and marital abuse whrclr stalks smoky l{.ist lind pubs. siirog-iidderi council estates and cheap-rate lives vv itli an itchy amphetamine energy. In a flawless ensemble cast. Burke (whose [X'rforniance won her the Best Actress award at Cannes) is heroic as the put-upon w ife. while ‘v\'iristone dominates the screen. 'l his is simply one of the best British movies of the 9(Is shocking. funny. heartfelt and honest. lidiiibtn'gh. ('arneo.

One Night Stand I lSI IMrke l-iggis. l'S. I997) \Vesley Snipes. Nastassra Kriiskr. l'syle .\l;ic|.aclil.'iii ll)? nuns. .\ single noctural liaison between two happily married people is the trigger in director Mike liggrs's follow tip to / r'rri‘rrre ltl\ l'r'grrv. l'ilecked with unesrwcted tvv ists and turns. the plot makes its sympathise with two-timer Mas (Snipes). Whether this is a i'oiiraritrc story of fated coincidence or a moral about the consequences of infidelity. (hie .VI'J/tl .Strrrir/ is art emotional rollercoaster ride. brought to life by its distinctive directorial style. Stirling. MacRobert.

Only Angels Have Wings I I’( i) r llow at'd Haw ks. l'S. I939) Cary Grant. Jean .-\ithur. Richard Barthelmess. Ill mins. ’l‘oiigh businessman (ii'ant wins the heart of .-\rthiir as he sends pilots on dangerous _|()ttt'llL‘_\ s carry ing air freight across the Andes. l)espite the fact that the action plays out almost entirely indoors. the film has a terrific \ense of adventure brit succeeds best as a complev character study (ilasgovv: (El-'l‘

Paradise Road r Iii I In rice tier-est'ortt. l'S/.-\usti'aha. I997) (ilenn Close. l r‘ances Mel)or'riiattd. Pauline (‘ollrns ll-l nuns. 'l his pr'isoner-of-vvar drama is like a two hour pilot L'Ptsorlt' Uli It'ltkrt cttissc‘vl \\ tllt .SIIIIc'v ()f l’mrve. with characters that are a minefield of cliches Imprisoned on Sumatra during WW3. a group of women create a vocal orchestra to help thetn through ‘l‘er'rible. especially considering the harrowing time the real women behind this 'true story' must have espei‘reiice lialkrik l'own llall

Born Romantic: Yvan Attal in Love, Etc

Paws Il’(iI I Karl '/.wicky. Australia/UK.

I99 it Nathan (livalert. linulre l'ldllv‘UlS. voice of Billy Connolly Si rniris. Clever doggic PC is on a mission to deliver a coiiiputei' disc. but is being tracked down by the unpleasant baddte who killed his master. Befriending coiirputer whi/I kid lac. the mutt links up to .i voice simulator and starts talking vvrth the broad twang of Billy (‘onnolly Sonie genuinely funny moments allow for a whole range of teenage crises to be dealt with in an uricimgr-worthy fashion. (ietiet'irl release

Prince Valient Il’( ii (Anthony llickov. llls'. I997) Stephen Moyer. .loanna|ey. Katherine lleigl. 93 units A hokey attempt at the sword and sorcery genre which plays havoc with .\rtliuirarr legend. Sir(iawain's \vlltllL' does battle with the evil Morgan l.e l-ey Il uniley I for the stolen sword livcalibur and iniperilled l.ady Ilene Illeiglt. loo much awful vlldlvrgrlc‘ and ripe acting bring laughs but no respect. (ilasgow \"iigiri. l.args: littt't'lteltls.

Regeneration I IS) I( iilhes Mackinrioii. “ls/Canada. I997) Jonathan l’ry'cc. Jarires \Vilby. .loriiiy lee Miller ll3 minutes faithful to Pat Barker's source novel. Mackiniron‘s frltn touches on trench life during WW I. but is mostly confined wrtlun the walls of lidinbiirgli‘s (‘raigloekhart Hospital. where psychiatrist l)r' River‘s (Pryce) nurses the shell-shocked back to mental fitness It's a sober. niourirfiil work. and most of the fireworks comes from the actors. all of whom evcel. l-‘alkiik; 'lowii llall. Stirling :MacRobert

Resurrection Man I no (Marc livaris. l‘ls'. I997) Stuart 'l'ovvnseiid. James Nesbitt. John Hannah. IN mills Dealing with a series of Inonpolrticalt killings in Belfast.

Rt'HH‘I‘t’r tron .l/rrn challenges attitudes towards a society saturated with media coverage of violence. Victor I lovvrisetidt. at the centre of a random and ruthless killing spree. becoriies glamorised by a local iouirialist and begins to believe in his own inyth. .\ difficult and uncoiriloitable film to watch which has the power to blow the fllllltl. (ilasgtwv (ititsvettiir'

The River I IS'I r l‘sai Ming hang. laiwaii. I99?) lee Rang sherig. Miao lien. l.ii llsrao-lriig llR iniiis lhrs long and steadily paced film sees a 'laipei family rent asunder by their total inability to communicate. When .\'iao-karig Ialls ill after working on a film set. their lives teeter on the brink before caving in iii more ways than one :\I no time Is The Rite! a patttcttltuly comfortable esper'ieiice. but it is one which more than warrants patience and perseverance with its lush ciiierriatirgraphy and heavy sense of dread See review. lidinbui'gh; liilmhouse The Rocky Horror Picture Show I IS) iJrrii Sharman. l’ls'. I975) lirii Curry. Susan Sarandon. Barry Bostvvick. Meat Loaf. l()() units. The cult film to end .ill others. this rock spoof on old horror inov ies has created a breed of Rocky Horror cranes. and packs them in at late shows every where. l'he film has its moments. arid ( 'iri‘ry is splendidly canrp as the bisexual l rank N l-‘iirter' l;dirrburgh (‘amco

Sansho The Bailiff I ll) i Kenrr Mi/ogucht. Japan. l‘lS-lr l-.rtaro Shirrdo. Yoshiaki llanayagi. ls'iiiuyo'lariaka. IJS ruins. Master filrrrmaker Mi/oguchi turns a story of oppression in feudal Japan into a moving statement on initistice When a provincial 3~‘.Itver'nor is forced into estle. his son and