Top of the hops

Having road-tested their new material across the States, MORCHEEBA are about to give Glasgow the live vibe.

Words: Rory Weller

Even though Moreheeba’s first albtnn Who Can You Trust has just gone silver in the UK. lead singer Skye Edwards is probably better known forjust three words: ‘We go home‘. Sandwiched between David Bowie and Bono on the BBC’s ‘Perfect Day’ single she can honestly say she’s had a Number One single. albeit with another 30 or so superstars.

While Moreheeba are not exactly desperate to produce a poptastic chart topper. ‘Perfect Day’ may not be the last time that Edwards visits the upper end of the charts. The band who met at a party in Greenwich and whose first demo became ‘Trigger l-lippy‘ -

play pot pop. a morphoid mix of

genres which is more kip hop than trip hop. Edwards’ beautiful. languid vocals hush—front the music of brotherly duo Paul and Ross Godfrey. creating a sound that swallows you into a purple smoking London vibe. The cover of their new album Big Calm depicts the three of them asleep in a framed photo; while before them a phone hangs off the hook. The

essential Moreheeba ethos is chill. snuggle up and


Although Big Calm follows the first album by more than a year. the majority of the tracks were written about the same time as Who Can You Trust and result from a bottom-of-the-bottIe drinking


‘Ross and Patti got together and got drunk one

evening.’ says Edwards. ‘The

l I,


Morcheeba: kip hop pioneers

across America. through the desert. past huge cacti.’

Edwards is the first to confess to being a shy

person. a fact which is reflected directly in her music. On the first album she could almost be sighing into the microphone; lyrics as lullabye breath. With Big Calm she seems to have found a new confidence in

herself and her capabilities.

next day they just handed me all these songs. “Part Of The Process". "Fear And Love". “Over and Over" and pretty much most of Big Calm. Paul gave me all the lyrics he’d

written and I had to come tip with the melodies.‘

Even as far back as their debut New York gig last January they were trying out the new tracks. and they quite literally road-tested them across America. ‘We took them out on the US tour and played them on the tour bus.’ she says. ‘We’d listen to them and say. “Oh. I can hear a string quartet on this one and a steel on that one“. We got the ideas flowing as we travelled

40 m usr 20 Mat—2 Apr 1998

’We cali our stuff coupley shagging music. But i tend not to shag to my own music'. Skye Edwards

‘Before. I was almost whispering when l was

singing. so there wasn’t much the others could do.’ she says in characteristically soft tones. ‘They couldn’t really put much over it or my voice would just get lost. This time. the singing

is a lot stronger. which allows for

more instrumentation. and the writing is better.‘

One thing that fans of Moreheeba will be pleased to hear is that the new album continues to demonstrate a certain. ahem. intimacy. ‘We call our stuff coupley shagging music.’ she says laughing. ‘But I tend not to shag to my own music’.

Morcheeba play at The Arches, Glasgow, Sun 22 Mar.


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