Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, the woman they couldn't kill, is making a killing for her creators. With two Video games and 3.5 million sales under her unfeawbly narrow belt, the millionairess adventurer has battled her way through COuntles‘s eXpIOits, including a world tour With U2 and an appearance on The Face’s front cover. Core Design and Eidos Interactive, the companies behind Tomb Raider, know when they’re onto a good thing. Two new PC game products are unleashed on a Lara-hungry world this fortnight. Tomb Raider Unfinished Business is issued on the Eidos Premier Collection A all sixteen levels of the original game, plus four whole new levels, at a budget price. Meanwhile, the Number One bestseller Tomb Raider // is re—released in a de luxe version, Lethal Loaded And Irresistib/e: Everything You Ever Wanted From Lara Croft, which includes mousemat, T—shirt, playing cards and excluSive images. None of which Will encourage addicts to follow Lara’s example and get out more

Tomb Raider -— Unfinished Business is priced f 74. 99; Letha/ Loaded and Irresistib/e is priced [49. 99. Both are released on Sat 20 Mar. Win a copy of Letha/ Loaded and /rresistib/e -— see Reader Offers, page 704

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