The Stand

I Jane Mackay has good reason to look excited. The Stand comedy club, which she runs in Edinburgh with her partner Tommy Sheppard, is at last to have its own home. After 31 months of comedy

nights at four different venues - complete with bitter disputes and sudden evictions The Stand embarks on a bright new future this fortnight at purpose-adapted premises in York Place. Months’ worth of comedy nights are already programmed, kicking off with an appearance by Fred MacAulay. The venue will also operate as a bistro/bar (Sheppard is a former chef), serving meals noon—8pm and snacks throughout the day and evening. Comedy will take place in two spaces, seating 60 and 120; and besides the Thursday and Friday night events previously held at

other venues, there'll be a

Wednesday quiz night, and

Whose Lunch Is It Anyway?,

which will spice up your

Sunday repast with a

sprinkling of improv comedy.

The Stand comedy club

opens at 5 York Place,

Edinburgh, on Fri 20 Mar.

See Comedy listings, page

68 for details.

The Man In The Iron Mask

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