I Ceroc Pure Dance Addiction The original and best form of modern jive. Beginners welcome every week at any night. 45 minutes beginners class followed by dancing to 10.30pm. Learn to dance to any music; Club. Latin. Rock ‘ii' Roll. etc. A bar is available at most nights. Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). Doors open at 7.15pm. Beginners' class at 7.30pm.

Aberdeen: Thursdays at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge Place (off Bridge Street). Attention: Aberdeen only. doors open b.45pm. beginners class 7pm. freestyle til l()pm.

Dundee: Wednesdays at The Mirage Club. St Andrews Lane. Falkirk: Mondays at St Modari's Church Hall (off the High Street).

Glasgow: Now Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Underground Nightclub (formerly the Venue) 474 Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Mondays and Wednesdays at Moray House. 37 Holyrood Road. Thursdays at St Stephen’s Church Hall. St Stephen's Street (bottom of Howe Street). Stockbridge. Note: Classes are open throughout the year including

I Salsa classes at The Lime (Scott Street. off Sauchiehall Street). Thursdays 7.30pm and


HOT-BLOODED! Salsa. Lambada. Merengue etc! No need to bring a partner. just come along. Licensed bar doors open 7.15pm. Pre-club runs till 10.30pm. More details? Karen Pasi 0141 339 4193.

I Glasgow Wednesdays 7.30pm. 35 Avenue Park Street (Maryhill Community Education Centre). Contemporary dance classes for adults. Live percussion with Jon Keliehor. Phone Fiona Alderman 0141 334 3591 for more details.

I Salsa workshop for beginners. Saturday 21 March. 2.30—4.30pm at Northcote Scout Hall. 4 Victoria Circus. Hyndland. Places limited please book in advance. More details“? Karen Pasi 0141 339 4193.


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Advertising space at The List magazine

A yawning gap in the Sales & Marketing Dept, to be precise.

You’ll be a hard act to follow, Ms Goodlad.

Good luck in your new job, from all at The List.

can... engage“ M Internet Training Centre

.1 Beginners Internet. .I PC Basics.

.1 UJord Processing.

.J Creating LUeb Pages.

for Kathleen, 28 =

Keeping it on The Record week List‘s Kathleen

next The former editor. Morgan.


will be

We wish her all the

best in her new job.


.5; Help with anxiety, 3, depression or stress? "-3,; . - . . . . . ..‘:.~t.:.....'.v..... :3: x

I. I, n. . \l «a: 3. r stranger! a were ir

'2. =.CI+ii1N"I§Mi§ g e S~-Y\C'H~O'LO__,G

E Chartered Clinical Psychologists

0131 553 7896 " :Egig

CD’s Made For You!!

Your favourite songs Your band's demo Your live recordings Transfer Vinyl to CD Almost any source

Very protessioral Very cheap

From £17 0141-401-0322



Training For Tomorrow

TEL 8131 229 8883

13 Bneno STREET.


i m I Flamenco dance classes: I Educational and

Glasgow. Mondays (i 8; 7pm. translation services. Private Saturdays. lpiii beginners. home tutors provided for all 2pm intermediates. Belly subjects. all areas (new tutors dance: Mondays 8—9pm. welcome). Self-study courses. Saturdays 3-4pm. Community mathematics and hook-keeping. Halls. Maryhill Road. 'I‘raiislating - letters.

Edinburgh new classes documents. most languages.

batik holidays. Further details from 0132-1613 209. li-niail: inl'om‘cei'

See our Web Page: I Dance With Attitude ! Jauei'cise and Jazz/Street dance classes for adults and teens.

Getting Married? Need a cake?

5‘.”““l.“>*‘ SI Mn‘lhww. Hal" 4 Tuesdays and Wednesdays. .laymar liducalioii ()1324 v contemporaryv Victoria Circus. I-lyndland and thw (HM no ‘67} - 7l-7l H O . . . \V'ednesdays at I’artick Burgh ' . ' ' ' «a Creatlve IndIVljual 1 ‘ss ‘I‘ 11'!“ Hi- ‘nergv "i/I- . Ma'garet Morns ~ .-

“1“ .' , L , 1‘ " Movement and aunt-t- classes wmoow PAINTING _ Designs

based dance and exercise I . . _ . , . I. :2. :

‘11“ N Mugic hi ) h” ) u) chm at. South l.eith Parish ( hurcli murals. tans marble etc. - .5

L h 3L” . i l . l i : Ha“. Henderson Street. 011 Fee negotiable on large T Homemade & 8.6gl-lilijisgiVClwnigf will?” I GWEN JUIICIIU" Sll'ccl. Saturday commissions. lidinburgli area. D .

'Lqum ‘mm ‘1)5' "lm‘ ' mornings |()—l 1.30am. 7. 14. Contact; Susan Alexander e ICIOUS

Jazz/Street dance. 11.45am. Jauercise; Wednesdays: 7 8; 8pm. More details‘.’ Karen Pasi 0141 339-1193.

: 21. 28 March and 4 April. For

I further information contact

3 Jonathan Burnett, on 0131 225 2897.

BA. (Hons). 0131 622 2148.

Sue Simpson (0131}228’ 5772

ANN SUMMERS " Why not hold a party'.’ Call Io for more information.

0131 228 2056.

COME Et TRY all welcome

FIREHURSE Communications

I Magical murals Drab walls GLASGOW 8. promotioncJ .0.. © . brightened with dolphins. SCULPTURE L G rockets. superhertws. teddy bears. dragons and Telctubbies. . 6 m 740 (SD anything considered. Contact StUdlo$ arad wfilirShOps D | I 0 N ' ' pm Ewen on ()I3l 557 (i285. m ary I

Funk Aerobics (Beginners Workshop)

want a BUSY event? Have your Hyers/passes

0 Established ten years

0 Facilities for work in most media

0 Available for short and long term use

0 Annual membership £15 flat-rate

Please ring or fax Graeme or Marlon:

0141 945 1988

Reasonable rates.

7.50 - 9.00pm Funk Aerobics [Intermediate/Adamo]

given out by those who've got the chat & look the part. Uni's. shops. pubs & clubs. From £6.50 per hour.

0797 0392188

Tuesdeig 6.30 - 7.40pm Funk Aerobics [BCglnan'S Workshop] 7.50 - 9.00pm Party Time!! (Intermediate/Adamo)


MEN in Gs



6.30 - 7.45pm

L . Ab a 8 tt “Sigma " .‘ with E RENTALS & REPAIRS B C L E A N I N G C O M pA N Y

F752 -A9.00tp_m Andu ' BIKE TOURS design (Mfgfiwmfigf’mgfijm Roberts news. exams BIKES FOR SALE excenem rates GOOD CLEAN FUN for your home pa 8 loro price, the Men in 65 will strip off Thursdg Scottish Opera (3;: .. wuuic g .

6.30 - Hamil Danee Stud“, l HERE .3 it] to I homing on web. to (lean your house while you put your Hip Hop 39 Elmbank Crescent E u... I V deSign - ask for deioils) feet Up a woKh them 9, on wnh "i (General/Intermediate) Glasgow I I i B'aCkfrim Street 0 «l 4 1 7 g . Fluff: £9332; Kiiiéiuiii‘eiiirce) C (OH RON Mile near Ho'iday In") ; olienotion@btinternet com Phone 0' 3' I 7 """""‘°""’Ad"“"‘°’ a 0‘“ 549 8405 “Ti r l ' http://www.btinternet. as seen in l/Ic’ Daffy Record

l com/~olienotion

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