small flat move specialists 6 years oi stress Free moving


Hands on help with Lifting Sympathetic & Friendly

Tel 0131 229 8361



Uniquq handucrafted furnituiiéiyin‘ir'i‘etelifi wood (chgiégguébita‘a,. mirrors,

beds etc]. ear, Shop‘s Niteclub “desig'nl's’fitting. Coriiiiiissions , taken. Showroom open at West End Market, Gibson Street 012.

I" - w’sliop 0421 304 125.....iu.



ll SPACE! i




Think you 're attracted to the same sex?

Call Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard

Trained volunteers offer confidential help and advice plus sexual health Information.

0131 556 4049

7.30-10.00 pm. every night


Moms & Singers Adverts from and for bands looking for members are charged at the reduced rate of: £1 lineage/£2 semi-display. Other bands/music related adverts will be charged at standard rates. Fill in the Classified form on p90.

I Have your songs produced/ recorded at The Music Production House Digital Recording Studio. Hard disc recording and CD mastering now available. Solo singers and duos most welcome. Develop your own individual sound. Seriously ambitious? Call John on 0141 337 2358.

LADY SINGS THE BLUES! Jazz! And soul. Looking for inspired and talented musicians. to form orjoin a quartet. If there is void in your music life.

call Fiona 0141 649 3603.

I Guitarist wanted by band. Creative and original guitar pop. Influenced by XTC. Blur. Pixies. Contact Keith 0141 632 0848.

VERY TALENTED SINGER/SONGWRITER looking for musicians! collaborators. Reference points: Radiohead. Scott Walker, David Sylvian. Blue Nile. Talk Talk. Call Alan 0141 339 8841.

SlNGER/SONGWRITER seeking Edinburgh-based band who are producing original material. Influences:

Neil Young. Teenage Fanclub. The Police. Pink Floyd. Original material and commitment guaranteed.

Contact Alan on 01968 672631.

I Musicians wanted for band forming in Edinburgh. Age 20 to 30. Influences all 60s. Please phone Steve on 0131 337 4886 after 6pm.

ADVENTUROUS MUSICIANS WANTED Female singer and bassman seek

band members sax. guitar.

keyboards. Stuff is vaguely theatrical in a Waits-Brel-

Spaghetti Eastern kind of way. Actors welcome. 0141 564 9359.


I lyengar Yoga Don‘t delay phone now for details of lyengar Yoga classes in Glasgow and surrounding area. All levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Tel 0141 945 3931.


INDEPENDENT LABEL seeks new signings. Must be inventive. ambitious. fully committed. If your band has ‘It‘ send demo & biog. P.0. Box 23012 Edinburgh, EH1 1WD

I Singer/guitarist sought by mold-instrumentalist to play Celtic music for Irish/Scottish theme pubs. Must have good set together already and own transport. James 0141 332 7702.


Sat 28th & Sun 29th March, ASSEMBLY Rooms, GEORGE Sr. Eomeurrcrr.

120 Stands, 33 talks o Aura Photography 0 Healing 0 Jan De Vries o Feng Shui 0 Tai Chi 0 Herbs 0 Thai Massage 0 Reiki o Iridology - Crystals £4 8: £2.50 FREE PROGRAMME from

0141 334 5846

American Psychotherapist

MARY MORTIMER BA, MS Trained in Boston and London University. Very low fees. Help with self-esteem, anxiety and depression in 10 sessions.

Tel:0|4l 333 I859


Glasgow West End Practice Registered l’ractionert LEONIE BUCHAN 8t SUNDARA FORSYTH 72) make an appointment or to post you more details of our Therapeutic Approach

Tel: 0141 946 9764

I Eating disorders Help and support by qualified and experienced therapist. Get to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your body. Details phone Louise Hay Training 0131 315 3532.

I Need help don't know where to turn? Just lift the phone! Counselling and telephone counselling available to help you deal with life. For further information phone experienced Louise Hay counsellor on 0131 315 3532. I Relationship, personal emotional difficulties? Counselling can help you make sense of your feelings and explore options for the future. For details, ring Michael Rigg on 0141 959 2345.

HOMOEOPATHY HELPS Scared of exams? Poor concentration?

Bad memory? Acne. IBS. asthma. PMT. eating disorders. Student discounts available. Contact Heinke Woodbridge 0131 221 1415.

STRESS. ACHES, FATIGUE Use therapeutic massage to soothe and refresh mind and body.

Janet Bremner DIM MSHP. 0131 661 6692.

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Bereavement. relationships. stress. creative therapies. personal development etc. Fee negotiable. Initial session free.

Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448.

COUNSELLING Professionally trained counsellors at The Pastoral Foundation can help you explore difficult or painful life situations. Ring 0131 447 0876 for information.

PILATES BODY CONTROL Exercise classes based on the pilates method. which advocates posture control by strengthening and lengthening. Edinburgh and Glasgow. Call 0131 337 8895.


I Mary Mortimer's famous soul-mining workshop for artists/musicians/writers/actors to give you breakthrought to attack new work or get depth in present activity. £20 (£12 cone 1. Sunday 29 March. J—7prn. 72 Barclay Street. Room 5. Glasgow. Reservations 0 I ~11 333 I859. Selfishness-r'aising finger painting compliments creating without hierarchy.

I Famous cafe-theatre 111 Paris looking for a new one hour. two-lrander for shallow stage submissions. £3. Mary MortimerOl-H 333 185‘).


Large new house near Sandy Beach. Great tor walks, wrldllle. lishing, photography. Surt small/large lamilies or groups. Sleeps 15.

Call 01876 510342

rruver .

I Laid-back accommodation for individuals or groups of boozers. gourmets. walkers. cyclists. riders. and/or lazy sods. in a really lovely part of north Tuscany. near Lucca and Barea. Tel: Rerno 0039 583 68661.


Edinburgh Ski Club The for all seasons".

Join now for the best in skiing, sports and social events - all year round. Non skiers welcome! We meet every Tuesday from 9.30pm at the Royal Circus Hotel, Edinburgh. For more information write orphone. 2 Howe Street, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 220 3121


IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? .-\ero't‘.i.‘s. I’Irll-ualking. \Ieals (lat. Badminton.

Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. 'I'lieatre. Parties. Hmthall, Exhibitions. (‘erlrdlis Weekend Tr rps and lots of other .retry tries :oo ritrriaer'orrs -'.o :1:eritrori'

It could be with IVC .1\L'll-1':l".._‘l'rl-lot'}‘o.illc'dtl I‘L‘Uf‘lt‘ \lt“l‘rl‘t'l\lrl[‘- l\ ic'\\

than £20 .1 ye Ir. Tori can give us .i tij. tor .1 11h ml: or so \\1[l1 no otilig.-.Hrni ’n will but we're sure you'll wrrrt to‘ Details liorn 013133213422or l.i'...7"trt'eli. 07020 955482 for tllasgoxx or 01382 456403 to: Dundee

ti ltlprn.



I Furnished Hiilhead flat r'oi rent. Beautiful. clean. Harm. spacious Stilt t‘orrple/ III'UI‘CNNII‘IIJI. I)tittl‘lt' I‘L'tlltitilll. large kitchen/dining. lounge. IILIIIIIt1(1111/'\lit‘\\t'l (Jitter \Ilt't‘l. close to all .tlliL‘lllllt‘\. Norr- smokers only please .-\\".nl.ihle I April. L<IHII1CIIL (.111 Susan (H.155: Till 35 til III.” ‘1 iii I381 (eyel. I‘Irnarl.

SWaIdr'on' I surreglr'. .rouk

I West End flat two bedrooms. large In trig room. dining kitchen. fab \ieyy ~. Available inntiediately until end Sept. Rent £30m pun. Ringy ()IJI 9-16 I MS or AngSerUI‘aol com

I Bright, furnished one bedroom llat in city centre. (ins (‘11. ol’l'str'eel parking. Lilli) pcm excl bills + deposit, ('all 01415766424.

EDINBURGH "McritL-‘E'ois iterates seeks quiet. rrtiri»sr1ir>kirig room. two/three nights a week. term

times. All I need is a bed!

01467 623021.

I Cafe Sunday brunch? Friendly. interesting. professional/academic. Edinburgh-based people in thirties invited tojoin similar to widen social circle. ()nly room for twenty! Phone Julie ()13 I 228 I432 (answerphone limit). I Step Travel Club presents Hilary Bradt Tales Of A Tour Leader - Monday 6 April in Stakis Grosvenor Hotel. Edinburgh at 8pm. Admission £3 (free for members). Call ()131 551 5954 for details.





We are once again seeking quality central flats to accommodate

professional Festival participants for I, 2. 3, 4 week lets during August.

Iinqurr'res to and information from: (‘ar‘ole Smith/Anne (Boring Tel: (11621) 810620.

3 linkylea Cottages. (irtford. Iiast I.otItran. IiII-Il JI’Ii.


Looklng for that perfect flatmate or tenant for your property? Searching for that perfect flat or flat share??

We have a large selection of both tenants and properties available on our database, and are constantly looking for more to satisfy demand.

For more information and details of how to register, why not contact us on

0131 550 3808 -

email: cloudsattGaolcom or check out our website at

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