V I saw you I was open to bribery. corruption and flattery but fell over before I got to conversation. I‘d absolutely love the chance! Box No U/328/I.

V I saw you at Bar Kohl. back section. Friday evening. You. tallest among good-looking mates and gorgeous blonds. Me. slim blond (female) with glasses. You caught me staring. Ooops!! Coffee??? Box No U/328/2.

V I saw you Lesley Copeland. Sub Club. Friday 27/2/98. It was a beautiful night; I should have given you my number. I'd love to hear from you again. Pete. Box No U/328/3.

V I saw you I awoke remembering nothing but tasting strawberry sweet kisses. 26/1/96. A cigarette. Queen Margaret? I could not speak. You were so young. I‘m so sorry. Could we meet up now? Box No U/328/4.

V I saw you Sun 15 Feb. 59 bus (Mosspark). Pal and I almost got kicked off the bus by ‘grumpy‘. You: blondish long hair. Me: lassie with pierced lip. Free? Box No U/328/5.

V I saw you Barrie. Odeon boy on your birthday. drinking far too much and falling over everywhere on everyone. I hope your behaviour is as bad at the tarts and vicars booze-fest. Box No U/328/6.

V I saw you 31 October 1997 at Dean‘s flatwarming. Another happening is taking place for his birthday on I3 March. No Batman or Robin costume this time McCrorie. Just tarts or vicars be there! Box No U/328/7.

V I saw you City barbers moving to some bum shaking music. Liked what I saw. Remember me? Hope so! Let's meet soon. Box No U/328/8.

V I saw you Alan. devilishly handsome son of Satan. London Road/Royal Terrace area. Friday l3 February. You dark. facial hair. red top. dark checked trousers. Me very drunk after night out. You came to mine but not much happened and you left shortly afterwards. Want to try again? Box No U/328/9.

V I saw you Madhouse manager. ()n the beach. at the candlelit dinner. I listened btit you weren't talking. Let's be creative. I'll be witty and smart. Some opera? Take a chance for I998. Box No U/328/l0.

V I saw you at bus stop waiting for No 27 c.2200. 3 March. You: 2nd year medic student. Me: Japanese student. Too shy to keep on having a chat. Could you give me another chance? Box No U/328/l l.

V I saw you Tesco Metro. Tall. funky female. grey hat. Diesel bag. Me: outside. fleece grey hood. Custard Shop and Vans. Let’s forget labels and drink beer. Box No U/328/l3.

. V I saw you helping forget the toothache. at the Dental

Institute. I look into your waters

. and green reflects the hope of

release unscathed onto new pastures. Box No U/328/l3. V I saw you Joanna in the Tourist Office on 6/3/98. You sold me a ticket. I loved your tartan jacket did you like my Turkish accent? Box No U/328/l4.

V I saw you Latina lady. Cameo bar. Fri 6/3/98. You gorgeous with the tnost beautiful eyes. Me tall in black T-shirt. Don‘t be long please. coke? Box No U/328/l5.

The List

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The List

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350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 31D

V I saw you Liv Tyler lookalike on No l8 bus. 5/3/98. You sat behind me. I was in suit sitting with my pal. I wiin l‘d said hello. Call me! Box No U/328/l6.

V I saw you Jennifer (accountant to be) meets Dave. with tnilk! Intelligent conversation. walking and talking about careers. talent.

legs and art. Good luck in your

exams. Get in touch! Box No U/328/l7.

V I saw you C.C. Blooms. Thu. Mr Gay UK heat. downstairs. You dark hair. short sleeved shirt with two friends. Me 6ft. n/blue top. 'Duke‘ wanted to speak. Get in touch. Box No U/328/18.

V I saw you Erie. 13/2/98. Girl in red dress. fluffy collar. seeks Iiric. last seen Cafe Graffiti. Edinburgh. Box No U/328/l9.

V I saw you 25/2/98. Irish boy

in the Bailie. Stockbridge. You were stood at the bar in a brown leatherjacket. I sat the other side of the bar watching you watching me (girl. tall. dark short hair). Box No U/328/2(). V I saw you Roseanne. the flared up 9—5 nurse. I should have shared your taxi to Catnbuslang. How about your phone number. Box No U/328/2 l.

V I saw you Steven in Babaza on the 20/2/98. Have I missed my chance because I could not meet you on Sunday? Call me. please! Box No U/328/22.

V I saw you genius. I see you once a month. You neverr see tne. Buses neverr see rue eitherr. Herre's to anotherr wonderrful yearr of seeing you once a month. Bcezo xopoinezo (best wishes). A Rrussian Fairry Prrincess. x. Box No U/328/23. V I saw you at the Basement -- regularly. You: anorak. trainers.

loaded. unshaven. Me: posh tart. Thanks. But get some sleep.

Box No U/328/24.

V I saw you Lesley. at Disco Inferno. We danced downstairs for three dances. You must have left soon after. I‘d love to see your smile again. your lovely smile. James. Box No U/328/25. V I saw you man in green hat. sunny afternoon. I I March. walking down Gibson Street. I went twice round the

roundabout for you. Will you do the same for me? Box No U/328/26.

V I saw you Mate In Three - Wednesday night. IfJanice Forsyth has any heart. she‘ll get you (blond elf with dalmatian fur shoulder bag) to contact me the guy behind with the telepathic eyes. Box No


V I saw you pretty young vegan called Joyce. You longed to be given a choice. a ptiddiiig

1 or sweet. would've made life 5 complete. Scotland the Green'll I give you a voice! Bananatnan.

Box No U/328/28.

V I saw you in Montpelier. France. I993. You showed me about town. Come to Edinburgh and let me repay the favour. Box No U/328/29.

V I saw you Ann-Marie from Fast Kilbride. George Square. midnight. Friday l3. We talked. btit your friend dragged you away. Make it lucky l3. Cinderella. and I‘ll be Prince Charming. Box No U/327/l.


V I saw you 15 Feb. stormy Sunday night. waiting for the bus on Lothian Road. You: beautiful face. sun-like smile and big trainers. Me: specs and goatee. Could we share more than a No l()? Box No U/327/l. V I saw you II from Glasgow. in ()ctober. I'm sorry I behaved like an idiot. I was ready to fall in love with you and it scared me. Box No U/327/3.

V I saw you babe in Fran and Anna T-shirt/SNI’ mu/ak show. You planning tour/phone boxes highlands. (‘an I hold your clarinet? 'I'he ‘Rollers' next! Box No L3/327/4.

V I saw you at Subway. You gorgeous Germant?) man. Why did you shave? Saw you several times. Marzelt?) btit was too shy to snog you! Take me. I am yours! Box No [7/327/5.

V I saw you doing your commuting [hang on Lothian Road. You: long-lost friend; me: perpetually scowling blonde girl. So come up and see me. make me smile . . Box No [3/327/6.

V I saw you the shiny pebble and queen of the podium. where? Next to me. keeping my toes warm. I love you. Your big daddy. K. Box No li/327/7.

V I saw you opposite my desk in a poo shop. Now you've moved. Let's make it a fresh shop. fun. fun. fun. no need for sun cannie lad. Mark. Box No U/327/8.

V You saw me choosing tea. drank so much it made me wee. Camomile and sage. peppermint too. Char. told me that UJP. If your black bean sauce is anything like your hummus. I‘d rather have a shag. pj (20th C). Box No U/327/9.

I 53w you

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V I saw you Sit on the bus to Hampi. My temples are all in ruins. Btit what a way to Goa. I am entranced. enraptured. Love you to bits and pieces. xxxx Dee. Box No U/327/l().

V I saw you new location. out at Royal Infirmary. Still as green. your liquid relaxes. Box No U/327/l l.

V I saw you Darren in Bennets several times. Briefly we spoke. You work in advertising and have beautiful eyes. Do they sparkle under darkness? What's on in Glasgow? Stuart. Box No U/327/l2.

V I saw you Iilaine? You had the tnost enchanting smile. I still hear your laughter. Could I make you smile? M. Box No U/327/l 3.

V I saw you Craig from the Seattle Coffee Company. I still think you are the most attractive sight in Iidinburgh. Looking forward to my next coffee . . . ? Box No U/327/l-l.

V I saw you Bruce. I997 in the liastern General Ilospital! No cries: eyes deja wide open . . . sweet baby boy. Happy First Birthday. darling-cheri!!! Maman & daddy. Box No U/327/l5.

V I saw you Marchinont 7/2/98. Your daredevil antics made me swoon. Won't you let tne climb up your drainpipe? Box No U/327/l().

V I saw you you left the Assembly Rooms ceilidh early (20 Feb). Your hair fair. jeans coral. shirt black. Mine less. kilt green. shirt white. Name your next ceilidh for a Pride of Erin. Box No U/327/l7.

V I saw you Katerina at the Assembly Rooms. We danced. we talked. you smiled beautifully. I'm smitten. I think I should have asked you out. Let me know if you agree. Steve. Box No U/327/l8.

~ Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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