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Money may make the world go round, but the Sums they’re releasIng on The National Lottery Big Ticket (BBCt, Saturdaysr would make y0ur head sprn Church leaders have been gettrng therr (assocks rn a twrst, demandrng the show be broadcast after the watershed Thrs was due to the moralrty Issue of scratchcards rather than the return to our screens of Anthea Turner, who was Jorned by lush cornrc Patrrck Krelty

Werghrng Ill at an hour, Big Ticket was the lrkes of PatSy Palmer and Samantha Janus poncmg about In berler surts and spends trme lookrng at the Good Causes whrch have been temporarrly resCued from lrgurdatron. Two hours later we were Informed that an error had OCCurred when the balls were prled Into Gurnevere and another draw was made, causrng mayhem and havoc, as drscarded trckets were retrreved from the natron's wet and drrty brnbags

Whrle the all-new Lottery show had human prnballs, fast cars and brg explosrons, Gaby Roslrn's Whatever You Want (BBCI, Saturdays) was a varratron on pass-the-parriel wrth grgglrng nuns. In an attempt to prove that money rsn't everythrng, thrs show a krnd of Gaby'll Grant It wrthout the scary ogar A— seeks to make non-frscal wrshes more true Poor LOurse Nurdrng was confronted by a trro of spotty- far'ed stalkers who used words such as 'worshrp' and ’love' to express therr appre(;ratron of the lrttle Corkney

whelk She may have been wearrng a broad smrle, but you (ould almost taste her fear as the wrnner Jorned her rn the bark seat of a lrrno Whatever You l”-/ant was devrsed by someone r'alfed DaVId Young for whom eternal agony and damnatron would be Irght punrshrnent

in Modern limes (BBCZ, Wednesdays) the contrast between rrrh and poor was grven (hrarosruro propertzes Charrtres are now reduced




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MAY 26'"! T0 JUNE 81’“

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98 THE lIST? t6 Apr 1998

Lotto balls: Anthea Turner and Patrick Kielty

to kneelrng before New York's sozrety types to get them funds and publrr ty It wasn't Clear what rs more offenszve the rrch shamelessly flauntrng therr wealth or wartreg for a s'ap on the back as fine deb't srde of therr streets


mtg: halan: e bulge (harrtab‘e

donatrons 'Do wealthy people have brgger egos than the rest of us7'

a busrness analyst was asked 'llot brgger, JUSI more valuable ' None of thrs was In any way

revelatory but rt strll rankles when a brg-nob rs on srreen worryrng about berng late for the ballet or tryrng to get phrases surh as ‘gurd pro guo' rnto everyday (onversatron Then rut to a down-and-out drsrussrng the possIbrlrty of spendzng a nrght on the streets wrthout someone tryrng to set frre to l‘rm

Irouble At The top IBBCZ, Wednesdays; (arne to an end .'.rth a look at Jonathan attempts to turn round the fortunes of hrs entertarnment agenry an srx months Hrs searrh for new fashron talent meant wartrng for the srhoor sell to rrng and rnakrng a nursant’e of

and hrs


.hrmself rn publrr plares One grr? he

spotted In a park at the age of t'.'.«el';e was rnvrted to hrs offrr'es two years later and taught to walk Another prospert was rnvrted to return only when an unsrghtly mole savas remaped Strll, you thrnk Pang had problems One model on her ’-.'.=ay ti, a Cog/7;?) photo shoot \‘ras left trar..~mrt.sefi a‘te' her (ar was smashed up was due to her drsrozr-"y that the azrbag t_..v'as pink IBrran Donaldson.

her shtik

Anorak Of Fire BBCZ, 81;": Brier, 105m.

..‘.ost teenage males frnd the course of true lave barred by farrly standard stumhlrrtv'; lilotks lack of Car, job and flat plus a (hronrr. Case of stuffed-trust For Gus Gasmr'we, the kagoule- (lad adr‘leswnt antr-hero of BBC frlrn Anorak Of Fare, the only thrng startdrng between hrrn and hrs oats Is a ruddy great engrne

Gus Is a trarnspotter There's nothrng he lrkes better than pullrng on the parka, headrng for the statron and lotto"; do‘.'.n ntrn‘rbers He's road, he's vary, the lfey's plarn lozo But other Irr‘r;:-;r's-f>s are naggrng at Gus \‘v’ril he "- trains for a ;:l< (e at unr‘.'er‘srty In London7 \‘r’I‘! saufy Naldlm send hrrn off the rarls7 Young Barnsley lad Kenny Doughty rs the artor gamer slrpprng on the anorak for the part of Gus For hrs frrst T‘/ role, 're's been dorng hrs researrh to the extent of hangrng out wrth trarnspotters at Clapham Junrtzon

'They knosx people take the prss, but they are very passronate,’ he says 'There was thrs one guy who had rnernorrsed the enttre South-East tynetable It's madness really, but that's what he does and that's ‘.'.:.hat excrtes


','«.'“,"-.'.*ay, anoraks and trarnspottrng are beronang more fa<-,I'Ironab!e,' he adds 'You get the Goretex and laptop trarnspotter now, whrrh rs gurte lrr/arre'

Anorak Of Frre a surreally (ornrtr rrtes-of-passage tale rs Stephen {)rnsdale's adaptatron of the surressful West End play “.'.’ll|( h was the hrt of the Edrnburgh l‘estryal In 1993 lt rs herng


Deirdre goes down and there’s a carve-up down under.

Hell Barlow: Deirdre feels the heat

The Coronation Street Jury wrll proaabfy have to go :nto hrdrng How (ould they heireve that poor old rJreary .as the hrarns l;ehrnd the tre'lrt (a'r: fraud ‘rd'ile‘ Those brg, outraged eyes glowed azrth :r‘nrtenre

but they


l)€‘~ltrr1d the farnous srzeis SUI!“ n.-.Vrl() (>l,"r‘l'_l\' ’> ffi'fed J'rn

.t «:ll’l tr r'ge

(l‘r’L‘s~" unstead to pelre‘.e


To dress arr‘

.‘ernnre fatale

'3‘, rl'l <1'.'I"'I!' :V'

Boys in the hoods: William Ash, Kenny Doughty and Stuart Callaghan in Anorak Of Fire

broadcast as the last In the serres of the 'Obsessrons’ season of frlms whrch Included Stand And Deliver, set In Glasgow and starrrng Phrl Danrels

Srnre frlmrng Anorak Of Fr’re, Doughty has been busrer than a (ommuter trarn at rush hour Among other prorerts, he's landed a part In Shakur Kapur's frlrn E/r/ahet/I / alongsrde hrs hero ErrC Cantona

‘I freaked out, man" he exclarms 'l'm not normally star-strur'k, but I watrhed thrs guy play football for frve years ' rPeter Ross)

,‘trtually, a lrttle doubt over her (emp’ete rnnor‘enr'e would have sprred up the drama, but her rrghteOus sufferrng was good wewrng too Derrdre was (‘ondernned to erghteen months, sharrng a (ell wrth l.largr Clarke At the end of that she'll erther slrt her wrrsts or emerge as an expert on flavoured (ondoms Erther way, she's In trouble

As are the rather more glamorous resrdents of Sunset Beach, who, rn a desperate attempt to boost flaggrng ratrngs, now seem to be starrrng rn a slasher prr The gang headed off to an unrnlmhrted Island for a weekend r:-a."ty, but found the fun rutned by a n‘rysterr'nrs rr‘rasked frgure stalkrng



thern ‘.'.rth an are Frrst,

soup gave them lt: hallurmatrons, (onsmleratrdy a'fr,‘.'.':'rg ea: h (hara: ter to take tu'ns screarrxzng In herrer, ‘There are snakes r'rawl ng all over you"

They ‘.'.'ere rgrrked of.‘ one by one, after breakrng the r'lassrr horror rule of never sayrng, 'Let's splrt up and see If we ran frnd the others ' Eventually those left alrve, sadly rnrludrng most of the regulars, made rt bark to the boat

only to drscover a bomb on board The whale post-Stream srj-lf-referentral srl.trrk (haratters drsrusszng therr favourrte movre psyzhos and sayrng ‘I feel lzke l'rn rn an epzsofle of [Jays Of Our Lr'xes' rr‘rg‘r’ytrfmer‘rtly nutty But who was the masked rnanrar7 l.‘.y

numey s en a (rztr: IAndrea l.fu.!aneyI