Looking For Richard

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RICHARD COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB.

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/ \ . o // ’"V‘ \tsg The LIst, 14 High Street, /§§~_¢ ->._ t 4.. Edinburgh, EH1 115. \- 253 v :1, u _ , fI'm/fl ’1' I}; )‘J/ x / \\:/, 3‘ ,7” 3“ TRPTonrrE mam/.513? Olr“:\ ,/ \ , 51‘30‘ / ,‘ncv \- / l‘cun“

h:ppest hxts ot '98 So ()et sxx'utomo yoov inps to the III-\es of ('atatovm, Corrie'shop, Holey thye, All Salnts aed Nataiw

Imbr‘oolla If you wanna 'lee! So Good' \‘.|lll Mase (ll‘(l haxe some ‘lmh Times With Jamu'oqom then New Mrs '98 mil 'Spme Up Your life" Boom, boom, boom

lo mo one of ll‘.’(‘ copies answel this

Who remixed Comershop's 'Bomfu! Of Asha' to on. e the ooxs a Number One hlt7

Answers on a postmrd by Thu 16) Apr Mark them NEW HITS '98 COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Finley Ouaye

R U Only one entry per person per competition. If you are entering more than one competition, you need

use only one envelope, but please make sure that your name, address and voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s) results you require.




104 THE “ST 2 ~16 in): ‘998 P: “:‘t'. s" Cow’s. Q'ess, S"»;>'.'.o:::: .";:..s'.' .2 r


Take along this magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.


We list hue 'MHW") to plai‘o

tl‘ls e(l:t:o:‘ 01' [Ire 1' 's3 to the

()il(l(‘(l Balioo" Ma 1‘. iheat'e, \‘. fume

House, 20/ ( ()‘.‘.(;(i'.(‘, lo ohmol: tor t"e pel‘oloumze oh the

mol“. ot \.".'e(l 1‘) »\pl

at 8:)".‘ mil (:gmlufj, for

two to pm e t ( Lets fo' the pme ot one


'lheC txei‘s' lheat'e, (IUHMlS, (ultisoox'. 's ()'l(‘l W: t‘.‘.() 1;. ope to see C um toms [)1, W; Cm." The 7 Hm 9 Apt ldkl‘ tlnseoltlo'1o‘ [he lfo alooo on the ozoht




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itien l)l(“.‘|()t.‘$ s H; e Red Bzvo’


S<ottrsh Opem ave ottermo fxe parts of (op pi meetae,‘ t1< kets to see Amid/W (mt Amos at tximmqns1mm: lheatle, Nuolso" Street, or‘ lth 1.1Ap! at 7 lbpm lhe lust ll‘.(‘ people to (ome to the Box Offue \.‘.Ith thls (opy of The [_/st alter lOaw on tho 2 Apt oet the timets