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’l knew it was going to be really hard work, but it makes an enormous difference if you like what you’re doing; 2 know what it’s like to be in rotten jobs, so l’m really enjoying being in a good one.’

Kir‘SI, Young

really enjoying the radio show and that‘s the only reason why it’s acceptable to get up at live in the morning.‘

But surely even people who love their work don't constantly try to cram more and more into the day until they might as well sell their bed and buy shares in I’m-Plus. What‘s the motivation?

"l‘here must be something at the bottom of it. some deep-rooted reasons. but I hayen‘t

ventured onto the therapist‘s couch yet. Maybe you CAN'T mug YOUR LOVE RIP IT UP

when I get some time off.‘ she laughs. ‘I know WITH BONUS TRACKS: WITH BONUS TRACKS:

what it‘s like to be in rotten 'obs. so I‘m reall '

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She also has the satisfaction of being able to say ‘I told you so‘ to those who reckoned _ V_ I fronting (‘hannel 5 News wasn‘t such a smart ' ' move and maybe wee Kirsty from Scotland wouln’t be able to cut it in the Smoke anyway. Didn‘t she regard the news job as a big risk‘.’

‘No. I didn‘t.‘ she answers with careful emphasis. ‘Probably other people did. but I didn‘t feel that. When I told some people where l was going. they raised an eyebrow or two. but I knew the people I was going to work for and had total confidence in them.

‘What else is this about if not working with _ people who are inspired to go on and do new TEXAS FEVER THE ORANGE Jun:E things? I didn't have any doubts at all. but I WIT“ BONUS TRACKS: W'T” BONUS "Ma‘s: thought that. if (‘hannel 5 News didn‘t work

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the be all and end all.~ Ain‘t that a fact.


Kirsty Young Interviews starts on Channel 5 on Sun 12 Apr, 7.30pm.

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