different. In September. audiences will see him as dapper British secret agent John Steed opposite l'ma 'l‘hurman’s leather-clad limma l’eel in a hig-screen version ol‘ 'I'lu' xlvwigt'rs.

‘l’laying John Steed was a real challenge.‘ admits liiennes. "l'he director said. “This will he the lirst time you walk into a room and like who you are." Steed is untrouhled. He‘s never conflicted. I actually found it quite hard to play a character without a prohlem.‘

So which ol~ l"iennes‘s screen personae is closest to the actor hirnsell"? It‘s hard to tell. liiennes is famously guarded about his private life all too umlerstamlahle given the lren/ied tahloid interest after he left his wile. Moll


new single: "T “” ’_\

Scottish JHMC Liue dates:

I’lumlwzv and 15R actress Alex Kingston. and took up with shock! older woman l’rancesca Annis. In person. he is charming and unl'ailingly polite the perfect upper— middle class linglish gent. like Steed hut there is nevertheless a coolness and reserve about him which he is loath to drop.

‘lle has such a dark side.‘ Kingston has said ol‘ him. ‘I think he feels he is only hall a person. That he is only real when he is acting.‘

"l‘he poet and the beast seem to live hand and hand in him.‘ says Anthony Minghella. who directed him in The ling/is]: l’ulivnl. ‘lle‘s immensely intelligent and has great emotional complexity. He can play a chord


Trouble in mind: Ralph Fiennes in

(I to r) Wuthering Heights, Quiz Show, Schindler's List,1’he g...“ English Patient and

, (opposite) with .- W Cate Blanchett in ' --~- Oscar And Lucinda

‘i. i

which. however sweet. contains the threat ol discord.‘

liienncs himsell speaks of experiencing a ‘weird l‘rec l‘aII‘. a loss ol' control. when he is at his most inspired as an actor. 'lt‘s good when you surprise yourselll' he says. ‘lt‘s always accidental. It has to he spontaneous. But you have to create the right environment for accidents to happen. Sometimes I wish I could he tnore accident~prone.‘

Oscar And Lucinda opens at the Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Filmhouse on Friday 3 April. See review, page 30.


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