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Club world stars reveal what Slam means to them.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk met Slam at a rave at Euro Disney in 1994 and slipped them a tape of some material they had been working on. Slam recognised their potential and released three singles (including 'Da Funk' in ’95) on their Soma label; they now have a Daft Punk gold album in their office. When asked what they thought of Slam, the Frenchmen said with typical Dafty reticence: 'We like Slam, they are nice people'.

‘59" ' Underworld for Six One night in 1994 Slam

chose to finish with a band

years, you purely need 7 for the first time ever, and - ' . . i: picked Underworld to play to do someth'ng a b“ 3 the night out. Darren

Emerson from the band has also DJed in Glasgow a number of times and has even been on holiday to Antigua with Stuart McMillan. ’The club is always good up there,’ he says. 'lt's the style I'm into. Even when they play hard there's a funky groove going on.’

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Carl Cox

Carl Cox was a frequent guest around the mid 905 and when he was voted Muzik’s DJ of the year in 1995, the magazine chose Slam to host the party

the Glasgow scene. Instead. it will operate on a monthly basis in lesser known: more intimate clubs around the city. which marked Co“ fina' McMillan explains: In a smaller club you. can be more transition from hardiore experimental and have more of a rapport With the crowd. rave D, to supersta, interna- We‘re looking forward to doing something on a more tionai prayer, “9 remembers intimate basis. because I think the whole clubbing thing his times at the club with went a bit mad.’ fond memories, reckoning the vibe there is second to The final night of Slam at the Arches. Glasgow, is on Fri 10 "one: TV"! time "V6 been

Apr. See Clubs listings for details. down the"? it's been a very wonderful occasion. It's

always like a football match.’


Although Slam are closing their Friday slot at The Arches. they will still hold

o executive control of its (yet

I unnamed) successor. They

have chosen current hot property Paul Flynn (DJ Q)

as resident DJ, who will be Slam release their Programme the dance Bring Slam at The iOined by '0C3' talents SteVie surprising debut tent for T in the Park Arches to a close Midd'em": KeVi" MCKaYa album Headstates. with what they and open new Si'iCO" 50‘" and Law'ence Daft Punk play live describe as their chapter in their Hughes- “W” says abou‘ at Slam. 'dream line-up'. history. Slam: ’They built the scene

originally and paved the way for people like me to get taken seriously.’



2—16 Apr 1998 THE “ST 19