SAC invites applications for the following funds

Combined Arts

Minority Ethnic Arts Projects

Grants to encourage the development and promotion of the arts ofthe minority ethnic communities in Scotland. Support is given for projects involving more than one artform.

Closing date: 22 July 1998


Awards for Individual Development Assistance to makers to develop their artistic, technical and business skills and to others who present crafts, to develop their knowledge of contemporary crafts.

Closing date: 1 June, 1 August 1998

Start-up Grants

Assistance to new craftvvorkers who exhibit a high level of

creativitv and skill and who have a viable development plan, to establish themselves as makers in Scotland.

Closing date: 1 June 1998

Indigenous Crafts Development Fund Support to crafts groups and organisations which present crafts. for projects which promote the awareness and understanding of the indigenous crafts ol'Scotland.

Closing dates: 1 June, 1 September 1998


Writers' Bursaries Bursaries to enable professional writers and translators to devote more time to writing.

Closing date: 10 June 1997

Literature for Children and Young People Support for a wide range ofprojects and events which support and develop the writing. publishing and reading ofchildren's books in Scotland.

Closing date: 31 July 1998

Performing Arts


Promoters' ‘Go and See' Fund

Assistance to enable performing arts promoters to see a wide range of work, with a view to developing their \I'llUCS ProgrdliilnCS.

Applications considered throughout the year


Choreographic Development Award Assistance for initial choreographic development ofan individuals or companv‘s work without the pressure of public performances

Closing date: 1 June, 31 August 1998

Dance Bursaries

Assistance to professionals working in dance in Scotland to undertake short-term or part-time training, or a period oi'studv.

Closing date: 1 June, 31 August 1998

Scottish Traditions of Dance

Support for residencies. collaborative initiatives between artists, and other projects. aimed at promoting and passing on skills within traditional dance.

Closing date: 1 June 1998

Venues/Artists Scheme

Grants to assist in developing choreographic opportunities for artists working closely with a venue. leading to public performance.

Closing date: 1 June 1998

Drama and Mime

Training and Travel Bursary

Bursaries to enable theatre practitioners to extend their expertise in specific areas through short-term or part- tirne courses. a period ofstudy or a special project.

Closing dates: last working day of each month

Mu s 1 C

Performing Material Subsidy

Assistance to composers with the cost of materials necessarv for the performance of‘ their work, such as copving, reproduction and studio costs.

Closing dates: last working day of each month

Music Commission Subsidy Support to groups or individuals for the cost of commission fees for original compositions.

Closing date: 13 July 1998

Visual Arts



Support to assist a range of‘organisations in Scotland with the costs of hosting a visual arts fellowship.

Closing date: 1 September 1998

Exhibitions and Projects

To encourage the initiation of innovative exhibitions and other temporarv visual projects which identify a new topic or give a new perspective, including publications of critical writing.

Closing date: 1 September 1998

Hiring Touring Exhibitions

Grants to encourage the wider circulation of touring exhibitions in Scotland and to assist galleries in presenting more ambitious programmes oftemporarv exhibitions. Applications for amounts under £2,000 considered throughout the year.

Closing dates: 1 September 1998 Seeded Posts

Grants to develop the infrastructure for the exhibition of visual arts in Scotland through support for new visual

arts posts.

Travel and Training Grants

Grants to assist professionals working in visual arts organisations to travel within Scotland and abroad for work related purposes.

Applications considered throughout the year Public Art Initiatives

Support for organisations concerned with initiating, promoting and interpreting art in public places throughout Scotland.

Closing date: 1 September 1998

SAC Fundino



Amsterdam Studio Residency

An award to enable an artist to develop his her ct‘cativ it} while living and working in Amsterdam for 12 months using SAC‘S studio there.

Closing date: 29 May 1998

British School at Rome Scholarship

An award to enable an artist to develop his/her creativitv while living and working in the British School at Rome for 9 months

Closing date: 30 April 1998

Australia Residency An award to enable an artist to develop his her creativitv while living and working in Australia for 12 months.

Closing date: 8 May 1998 Visual Artists’ Awards

Awards which recognise an artist's existing bodv of work and help to develop future work.

Closing date: 1 September 1998 Public Art Initiative

Grants of'up to £1,000 to assist artists with the costs ol researching and presenting innovative and challenging proposals for art in public places.

Closing dates: 3 August, 2 November 1998

Small Assistance Grants Grants ofup to £730 to assist artists with the irntnediate costs involved in creating and presenting their work.

Closing dates: 3 August, 2 November 1998

Central Funds

Conferences and Seminars

Grants to organise and enable attendance at conierences and seminars which address contemporarv issues in and for the arts.

Applications considered throughout the year


Grants to arts organisations to develop ctr-operative approaches to marketing initiatives, research, strategic marketing plans or training.

Applications considered throughout the year

Training in Arts Management

Grants available to organisations and individuals working in the arts for attendance at short courses in arts management and for in-house training in equal opportunities and customer care.

Applications considered throughout the year

Forfimher details, mite to the address below or telephone the SAC Help Desk on 0/ 3 1 2-10 2443/2444 between 10- [2 and 2-4, .‘l’OUdCIJ' to Fridav. An outline of all

funds and schemes current/v available from Snit' is listed in

the publication 'Curde to Funds and Schemes ',

obtainable from the Communications Department

The Scottish Arts Council 12 Manor Place Edinburgh


Website: http://mmcsac. org. uk

The Scottish Arts Council aims to create a climate in which arts of quality flourish and are enjoyed by a wide range of peOple throughout Scotland.

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