Street being sent to prrsonl Sometimes I despair. if the same time, space and energy were spent promoting genurne cases ~ and Amnesty International could tell you about plenty then maybe the world would be a better place.

David Andrews

East Kilbride

Leo lionised

Leonardo DiCaprio rs the most brrllrant actor in Hollywood. Forget all the Oscars that Titan/"c won Leonardo’s the best thing in the film. And in The Man In The Iron Mask, you can forget about all hrs old, bald and bloated co- stars, he's the only one worth watching. Please, please run an rntervrew With him soon, With some good pictures

Carol Smith


Gallery gripe

Okay, so the arty snobs in Edinburgh are fGJOIClTlg that they've nicked the Scottish National Gallery of Art and Design from Glasgow, but what are they gomg to fill rt wrth? Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Steven Campbell, Peter Howson, Ken Currre, Stephen Conroy, Adrian Wrsznrewskr, not to mention Douglas Gordon and the recent crop of Glasgow School of Art graduates. For you lot on the east coast, Scottish art is something that's stuck on the walls of a big building. Over here, rt's in our blood.

Helen McGuire


Colour code

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that using col0ur on the features pages of the magazine has really given The List a punch. A full page pic of Cerys from Catatonia -~ hey, I could almost rip rt out and use rt as a pin-up

Leonardo DiCaprio: titanic rise to fame

Letters Page

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