entertaining piece of low-budget filmmaking. lidinburgh: Cameo.

The Tango Lesson (PG) (Sally Potter. UK. I997) Sally l’otter. l’ablo Veron. l02 mins. ()rlum/o director Sally Potter plays herself. a filmmaker distracted from writing a script by her obsession with the magic and passion of the tango. 'l‘ravelling to Latin America to experience the dance first hand. her relationship with sexy Argentinian dancer Pablo Veron spills over into their private lives. Rhythmic and passionate. 'l'lw 72mg.) Lauri/t tenderly expresses the choreography of tnodern love. Stirling: MacRobert. Through The Olive Trees ( PG) (Abbas Kiarostami. Iran/France. I994) 103 mins. Subtitles. Blending fact and fiction. this deceptively simple work follows the attempts of a film director to shoot a drama in the earthquake-hit landscape of Northern lran. As the amateur actors have trouble distancing themselves from their roles. their problems intrude into the action as much as the film crew has intruded into their lives. A joyful masterpiece. stripped down to essentials. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Titanic ( I 2) (James Cameron. US. I997) leonardo DiCaprio. Kate Winslet. Billy Vane. I94 mins. Cameron tackles the story of the doomed ocean liner through a touching love story that isn't overwhelmed by the awesome special effects. Rich girl Rose (Winslet) is unhappily engaged to arrogant Cal (Zane) but falls for third-class passenger Jack (DiCaprio): love blossoms as the ship hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic. In all its on-scrccn glory. Titanic does indeed look like the roost expensive film ever made. conveying both the scale of the disaster and the feeling of claustrophobia as the water rises. (ieneral release. Tomorrow Never Dies ( I 2) (Roger Spottiswoode. UK. I997) Pierce Brosnan. Jonathan Pryce. Michelle Yeoh. I I9 mins. Media mogul lilliot Carver (Pryce) is manipulating events to bring the planet to the brink of World War 'lhree. but James Bond is on hand to break a few skulls and save the planet. Some of the stunts inspire tnore admiration than excitement. bttt. on

the plus side. Brosnan has added a more dangerous edge to the charm and Yeoh. doyenne of Hong Kong action films. is a Bond girl who brings a lithe grace to her fight scenes. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith. TwentyFourSeven (15) (Shane Meadows. UK. I997) Bob Hoskins. Bruce Jones. l’rank Harper. 97 mins. A down and out (Hoskins) sets tip a boxing club to give the locals a sense of purpose. but tragedy is always lurking. Shot in dazzling black and white. this is almost certainly the most notable portrayal of Nottingham since Albert I-‘inney refused to be ground down in Saturday Night. Sunday Morning. Hoskins is marvellous in this harsh and beautiful film. See preview and review. Glasgow: City Centre Odeon. Edinburgh: Cameo. ()deon. Ugetsu Monogatari (I2) (Kenji Mizoguchi. Japan. I953) 96 mins. ()ne of the defining arthouse movies of the 5()s is at last available again in the UK. During a bitter civil war. a greedy potter takes advantage of the situation while his neighbour heads off to become a samurai. As in much of Mizoguchi's work. it's the women who bear the brunt of male irresponsibility. l-‘ormally composed. with a compelling humanism at its core. (ilasgow: (il-‘I‘. Gilmorehill.

Ulee's Gold (l5) (Victor Nunez. US. I997) Peter l‘onda. Patricia Richardson. Tom Wood. lll mins. Fonda proves himself back on form with this film about a bee-keeping widower and Vietnam vet who is yanked out of his solitary existence to search for the missing wife of his imprisoned son. While atmospheric photography reinforces the overall mood. a gripping crime intrigue plot drives the story along. l-‘onda's admirable performance is also both moving and honest. See preview and review. (ilasgow: Odeon Quay. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Up 'N' Under ( I 2) (John (iodber. UK. I997) Gary Olsen. Samantha Janus. Neil Morrissey. 98 mins. Combining comic realism with the age old triumph-over- adversity formula. (iodber's stageplay is an uplifting tale similar in style and structure to Brus'ser/ Off and The Full Monty. A middle-

aged rugby ex-professional (Olsen) makes winners out of the lazy pub team with the help of sexy blonde gym instructor Hazel (Janus). The amusineg self-satirising approach holds an appeal for men and women alike. Largs: Barrfields.

Les Voleurs ( IS) (Andre Techine. France. I997) Daniel Auteuil. Catherine Deneuve. Laurence Cote. I I8 mins. Slickly cast. Andre (Im/m‘hiltc’) 'l‘echine's film alternates between perspectives to create complex and twisted characters andjumps in time to chip away at a smooth famin veneer to reveal an involvement in dangerous criminal activities that crosses generations. Les Vult'urs's intensity fizzles drastically towards the end. however. and. like a piece of croissant that you just can't swallow. the overlong denouement is tiresome and unsatisfying. (ilasgow; (ilrl‘. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Wag The Dog ( l 5) (Barry Levinson. US. I997) Robert De Niro. Dustin Hoffman. Anne l-leche. 97 mins. A spin doctor cooks up a fictitious war to help a US President through a tricky and scandal-filled re- election campaign - all done-and-dusted well before Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal surfaced. But outside its frightenineg impeccable timing. this Mamet-scripted satire comes in heavy handed form. As one ‘problem' after another is encountered and solved. the cool. ironic tone of the opening section is rapidly replaced by one of simple hysteria. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay. (ireenock: Waterfront.

The Wind In The Willows (U) (Terry Jones. UK. I996) Terry Jones. [Eric Idle. Steve Coogan. 88 mins. When Mole‘s home is destroyed by weasel property developers. he enlists the help of Rat. Badger and egotistical Toad to uncover a conspiracy. Jones‘s Python-for-kids adaptation of the classic novel is a tad self-indulgent. with some awful songs and lacklustre pacing. However. the characters and atmosphere will probably charm a younger audience not yet into their more cynical teens. Stirling: MacRobert.

The Wings Of The Dove ( I 5) (lain Softlcy.

index FILM

UK. I997) Helena Bonham Caner. Linus Roache. Alison Elliott. I08 mins. An intelligent. emotionally devastating adaptation of Henry James's novel that confidently side-steps the pitfalls of stuffy costume drama. Prevented from marrying her humble lover. Kate (Bonham Carter) plots to pair him off with a rich. sickly American. Everything about this film emphasises quality. including the costumes. photography. use of Venice as a setting and above all the peerless perfomiances. East Kilbride: UCI.

The Winter Guest ( I 5) (Alan Rickman. UK. I997) l’hyllida Law. Emma Thompson. Gary Hollywood. llO mins. There's something about the way Rickman‘s directorial debut moves from one pair of characters to the next that suggests it's based on a play. but that's not a criticism. The film works out themes of loss and emotional dependency against a snow-covered Scottish landscape. weaving its icy metaphor through the characters' inner lives and the film‘s computer-enhanced images. The cast is excellent. with Law proving herself one of the country's hidden treasures. East Kilbride: Arts Centre. Stirling: MacRobert. Withnail Hi I (15) (Bruce Robinson. UK. I987) Paul McGann. Richard 15. Grant. Richard Griffiths. l()7 mins. 'I'wo out-of- work actors surviving I969 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual owner. entertaining British comedy has a second stab at glory. and it's the bleaker end-of-the-decade elements that have lasted best. Edinburgh: Cameo.

You Only Live Twice (PG) (Lewis Gilbert. UK. I967) Sean Connery. Akiko Wakabayashi. Tetsuro 'I‘amba. I I6 mins. Bond goes to Japan. fakes his death and comes up against Donald Pleasancc as lirnst Blofeld. The action spectacles are good. but some of the plotting in Roald Dahl's screenplay is a bit over-the-top I mean. 007 gets married. for goodness‘ sake. Glasgow: Gl’T.

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