Jockey Slut

The UK’s leading clubzine is five years old: To celebrate outgrowmg toddler status, it’s organised a touring exhibition of some of the finest images from its pages, including this hot shot of DJ Andrew Weatherall. Catch the show in Glasgow this month.

Slut Shots lS at Bar Ten, Glasgow, Thu 2—Wed 29 Apr.

Royal Headz DLX

Nice shoes, man werrjageddum? Goldie models the hottest new item in footwear, which the drum ’n’ bass star himself has developed with leading trainers manufacturer Royal. Available in two ’colour ways' (the alternative is blue, white and black), these limited-edition, slip-on dancefloor—pounders feature the MetalHeadz logo on front, heel and sole, plus freshpack mesh and terry-towling inner lining for full cooling effect. It’s a limited edition, folks, so grab ’em while you can.

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Diaries out for the hottest happenings in town.

Film: Jackie Brown QUCHII". Tarantino tones down t'ne gore of Pulp Fiction and Reserve/r Dogs to c0ncentrate instead on story and Surprise, surprise dialogue Elmore Leonard's novel Rum Punch is given the blaxplOitatiOn treatment See review, page 28 General release from Fri 70 Apr Events: Edinburgh Science Festival The tenth Edinburgh International SCience Festival is investigating new technology, Outer space and aging among other hot topics \nrhic'ii ml! affect yOur future So stoo scoffin‘ at boffins and get a cab to the iab It's offiCial science rocks PS Did we mentIOn the lecture on 'why sex is fun’7. See feature, page 8 Edinburgh; Various venues, Sat 4—Sun 79 Apr Books: Hidden Agendas Investigative JOurnalist John Pilger continues his one- man TTTISSIOH against injustice, corruption and media manipulation as he exposes scams and shams around the world See review, page 94 and book events, page 95 Published by Vintage, [8 99

Music: James Relive that halcyOn period at the beginning of the 90s when everyone, or every student at least, wore those T-shirts that said i- a-m-e-s, With the letters spread right around the body. Glory days. I’ve taken a dizzy turn Think l’o better ’Sit Down ' Boom Boom See prewew, page 43 Mon 73 Apr Theatre: Passing Places A welcome rev:val for Stephen Greenhorn's 'roau movie for the stage’ aboat two urban Scots lads who do a runner which takes them from t/lotl‘ier‘.'.reli to Caithness, discovering their c0untry as they go Original cast members Colin McCredie and Pauf Hickey are back behind the wheel, and Nick Siaven returns uvit'ri h:s garring live Surf guitar The show tOurS Scotland, and is also bezng adapted to.r BBC radio proouction See preVIeW, page 59 Edinburgh. Traverse Theatre, Tue 74 Sat 25 Apr /pT€Vl€V./S Fri IO/Sat 7 l Apri

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