The Spice Girls

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John Kobal Award

lhrs portrart by Adrran erson of supermodel Sophre [)ahl rs on drsplay as part of the annual lohn Kobal Photograth l’or‘trart Award Intended to ‘strrnulate publK rnterest rn (ortterrtpor‘ar'y portrart photography' the Award \‘.as establrshed by Kobal Just before hrs death In 1991 lhrs year, 2/50 entr'res u. ere subrnrtted by l 200 photographers from all over the world lhe exhrbrtron leatur‘es ()5 of the best entr‘res other subrerts rnrlude tomedran Sprlxe l\lrl|r<;an and author Alrr e Walker

lire Jo/rn Koba/ /’/t()t()(}l‘a/)lt/( Portrart Art/a/‘d snow rs at the

St ottrs/r Natrona/ l’or‘trart (ja//e/j,, {wintry/rob, l/tu 9Ap/ Sun 9/ i'vlay See Art /r,st/n_(}s for detar/s

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Dundee str‘eet-srene, last l-rrday OK then, rt's Aluta, tour rnrllron years ago These lllOlllsO, rf rnrsleadrngly named, Australoprtl‘rer‘rnes are humanrty’s earlrest an<estors, and form one of srx anrrnated dror'antas rn the l‘.4rs.srng Lrnks exhrbrtron, uhrr h opens :n Edrnburob trrrs for'tnroht The tamrly-orrented, hands-on exhrbrtron (overs The Entrr'e Hrstory Of The Hurts-an Rare, rnrludrnq lossrls, large-ween \.rdeos and a lt()r‘r‘rlr( rrl tongue-rn-Lheelo yrev. of our square-eyed, (outb- borne future

Mrss‘rng [.l/lkS Is at the Crty Art Centre, Edrnt'turqn, Sat 4 Apr Sat 12 jut See Art /r,strng.s for detar/s

4THELIST 2 fr’jAQ' 1998