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I 4th Dimension at Brel. 8.3041an Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian.

Mr Big comes to town

He's a big man with a big appetite for life, music and food. Watch out folks,

DJ SNEAK's comin' at ya! Words: Jim Byers

He’s been a long time coming. but finally DJ Sneak is to guest in Scotland. The larger than life American producer. famous for his trademark filtered disco cut- up sound. is to make two exclusive appearances in Edinburgh and Glasgow. For the promoters concerned. it’s a major coup so much so that Paul Fegan. who left Glasgow last November for the sunnier climes of Barcelona. has returned from his exile to put on the DJ he has been chasing for two years.

The Sneak sound. a dominant force on the US house scene in 96. is best illustrated by his biggest track to date. ‘You Can’t Hide From Your Bud’. which reworked Teddy Pendergrass’s 76 bit ‘You Can‘t Hide From Yourself’. Closer to home. his style has also clearly been an influence on Glasgow’s D] Q. a similar cut-up specialist. whom Roger Sanchez once described as the ‘British DJ Sneak’. Sneak himself says. ‘He’s come up and done his shit. and I respect his music.‘

Sneak. better known to friends and family as 26- year-old Carlos Sosa, has made over I30 records since he began producing in 1992. Furthermore. he has also remixed acts as diverse as Tori Amos. Basement Jaxx. Sneaker Pimps and Daft Punk. His work has lbtmd its way onto most of the top US labels. including Cajual. Relief. Narcotic. Henry Street and Strictly Rhythm.

‘l’ve got some new stuff for 98.’ he explains. traces of his Puerto Rican childhood still evident in his US drawl. ‘l’m comin’ full force this year. kinda

68 THELIST 2—16 Apr 1998

’l love Dling as much as l love producing and as much as l love eating. I'm bringing the party, man: as soon as I open my box, the party's comin' out.’ DJ Sneak

DJ Sneak: loves his music as much as his food

reinvented. l‘m breaking away from just doin‘ house. I‘m gonna be doin’ a bit of everything. different tempos. a couple of vocal projects. some harder techno stuff. I’m keepin‘ my mind really open. I wanna give people an album that isn‘t just house; this is gonna be a "music" album.‘

Sneak is also putting the final touches to his live show. which he has already aired in the States. but which British audiences will hear at summer festivals Universe and Creamfields. As for his Dling. there have been conflicting reports as to his skills. though Sneak is in no doubt as to his talents. boldly promising Scotland two nights to remember.

‘lt‘s gonna be madness. man.‘ he exclaims. ‘I love DJing as much as I love producing and as much as I love eating. It’s gonna be wild. There's gonna be a bit of everything. Everybody talks about taking DJing to the next level. but I‘ve reached that next level already and I know I can get any crowd into what I‘m playing. I‘m bringing the party. man: as soon as I open my box. the party’s comin' out.’

Clearly. Sneak is on a mission to make 1998 his year. ‘l‘ve just got a whole new attitude. a whole new way of seeing life and a whole new way of seeing the music industry. I‘m comin‘ with an open mind and I'm comin’ really strong. I feel reborn. Everything is planned I‘m not just bumping into scenarios. I’m creating scenarios. l’m opening doors and walking in and taking over. That‘s the attitude l’m comin‘ with. That’s how you‘ve gotta be if you wanna make it to the top. I’m even considering taking out the “DJ” from DJ Sneak. cos it’s gonna be just Sneak now. Sneak the artist. performer. producer. DJ . . . movie star!‘

For Scotland‘s US house freaks. it's going to be a weekend to remember. Let's hope the big man can live up to his big reputation.

DJ Sneak joins Junior Sanchez at Tribal Funktion, The Shooting Gallery, Edinburgh on Fri 10 Apr; and Derrick May, Andrew Weatherall and Dimitri from Amstersdam at Three Way Action, The Arches, Glasgow, Sun 12 Apr.

soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. I Amway at Bar Miro. 7.30pm—midnight. Free. 9 Apr only. Listening Lounge present DJ

Synchromesh (Melbourne) Paul Harris (Edinburgh) and DJ Stripcentre (WNUR

Radio. Chicago).

I Area 51 at McChuils Way ()ut West.

Rpm-midnight. Free. Future fusion of funky noise from Shaft and Derick. I Audio Psy-phi at The Sub (‘ltib

llpin—3am. £3. PharUut's Paul (‘awley embarking on a Voyage of hip hop, drtnn

‘n' bass and generally music with the funk. I B.E.S.T. at Babaza. llpni 3am. £3

(£2). Jim da Best with his trademark llllX

ofcheese to please. Drinks promos.

I Big Karn's Party Night at Bennets.

ll.3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). Karn Dunbar with 80s. 90s and loads of camp nonsense. Drinks promos.

I Bomb at The Velvet Rooms. l().30pm—3ani. £3 (£2). Night of soul. rap. R & B and swingbeat featuring Martin llesketh and Mike Campbell.

I Cheeze at Stratliclyde Student Union.

‘)pin--3am. Free (students plus three

guests). Now become the city's largest

cheesy beano with three floors of lack

and pound pints of lager and 50p a shot. I Cheesy Pop at The Queen Margaret

Union. QMU closed until 2() Apr.

I Chief at Trash llpm-Ram. £4 (£2) Studenty mix of indie. pop, disco and classics. Drinks promos.

I Club Barbarella at Strawberry Fields.

()plll—3illll. £ l .50 (£3). Three local unsigned bands from ‘)~ I l .lSpm then

student. indie and cheesy retro until 3am.

Bands wishing to play should call Barbara on 22l 787l.

I Cop at Archaos. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3). Busy student house night from DJ CJ and Vance. Tam Coyle ‘The Fun.‘ does his

indie/pop/kitsch stuff in Room Two. Drinks promos.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at Variety. 8pin—elose. Free. Hatch and Jilkes of

Knucklehead with a dubby mix of new

dance and techno. Pre-club.

I Donkey at The Catliouse. llpm- 3am.

£2 (£1.50; free before I 1.30pm).

lndie/grunge/industrial/chemical beats rock on a darker tip than The Cathouse's

other nights. Drinks promos. I Don't Front at The CCA Cafe Bar. 9pm-midnight. Jazzual. soulful beat

music with Dls Ragged Robin and Paul

Cawley. Pre-club.

I Down In The Mouth at The l3th Note Club (basement). llpm—3am. £ l. 9 Apr

and monthly. Mark Percival's clubby outing for an alternative crossover of

guitars and beats. Entry includes Pusher

13 in the bar too.

I Fluffy at Reds llpiii--3;iiii. £3 (£2 ). A night ofelassic disco. peppered with the

best contemporary house and garage. Drinks promos.