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KIDS: Illi MRI (otiliiiiied

The Singing Kettle The World Tour Until Sun 5 Apr. llain (k 3pm tno llam performance on Sun). £8 (£7 I; family ticket £33. Adam Smith 'l‘heatre. Beiiiiochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 01593 4l3‘)3‘). Also Tile l4 Apr—Thu l6 Apr. Tue—Wed 3pm (Q 6pm; Thu l lam & 3pm at Palace Theatre. 9 (ireen Street. Kilmai‘nock. 0l563 533590. Join Artie. Cilla. Jane and (jury on a globe-trotting musical tour. (‘ome dressed as world tourists and take part in a Chinese street festival. climb the liiffel Tower. see the skyscrapers of New York or witness the magic of Down Under.

Magic Bob's Cabaret For Kids See photo caption.

The Happy Gang's Fantastic Funhouse Mon 6 Apr. Ilam (Q 3pm. £3. \"illage Theatre. Maxwell l)rive. liast Kilbride. 0l3553 48669. Sat ll Apr. 3pm. £ 3; Eastwood Theatre. liastwood Park. Rotiketi (ilen Road. (iiffnock. 0|4l 577 4970. Wed l5 Apr. 3.30pm. £3.50; Albert Halls. Dutiibarton Road. Stirling. 0|7t<6 473544. Thu l6 Apr. 3pm. £3.50 l 3 for 4); Barrfields Theatre. (ireenock Road. l.args. 0|475 689777. l-antabulous ftiii as we join Beth. Mr P and Spat/ on their musical adventure to weird and wonderful places.

The Happy Gang’s Hoopee Singalong Fri l0 Apr. llam ck 3pm. £3.50 (£3.50i. Rothes Hall. Rothes Square. (ilenrotlies. ()l593 6| 1 l0l. Ages 4+. A .singaiong extravaganza with The Happy (iang.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Little Theatre. Broughton Road. ()l899 33063 I. £4.40 adults; £3.30 children (reductions for parties of ov ei l0). Shows on offer in er the coming fortnight are as follow s:

Pips And Panda In Magicland 'I‘Iiu 2. Sun 5. Tue 7. Thu 9. Sun l3. Tue l4 ck Thu l6 Apr. 3pm tTue l0.30aiii|. l-un and adventure with Pips and Panda as they are whisked off to magic land where evervthing is not quite as it seems. Aladdin Sat 4. Mon 6. Wed S. I‘TI l0. Sat ll. Mon l3 ck Wed l5 Apr. 3pm. (ienies. lamps and lots of adventures with


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Leaves Among Thorns l "iiiil sun 14 JUN. .‘slacRobei't Arts Centre. l’niv ersin ()f Stirling. 0l7h'6 46l0.S l. Tue Sim noon 5pm. A unique installation created by l()l' Theatre inspired by the tales of the Brothers (ii‘iiiim.


Maisie Comes To Glenrothes 'I‘ue 7 Apr. 3pm. £3 (£3). Rothes llall. Rothes Square. Glenrothes. 0|593 6| l llll. Ages 4+. The creator and illustrator of the illuixie books chats about the moggie‘s latest adventures.


A Play In A Day Thu 3 Apt'.

l()aiit 3.30pm. £6. Rothes Halls. Rothes Square. Kingdom (‘eiiti‘e. (H.593 6| l l0l. Ages 9 ll. An introduction to improvisation. story dev isiiig. sound. lighting and set design with Heather Mitchell. liducatioii Officer at The Byie 'l‘heati'e.

Science In Magic Workshop tn 3 Apt. ll).3()alti tiiitiii. £3. Rothes Hall. Rothes Square. (ileniothes. 0|593 6| 1 Nil. Ages 5 I I. Magic HUI) (IisL‘Itisc‘s the secrets behind magic.

Creative Dance Workshop Sal J Apr. 3 5pm. £3. Rothes Hall. Rothes Square. (ileni'tithes. ()15‘)3(illll|l. Ages lllr Scottish l)ance ’l'heatie lead a contemporary dance workshop. offering children the chance to leain some of the material from the company 's current tour. Kite Making Workshop Sai I I Apt. l0.30am s 3pm. £3.50. Rothes llall. Rothes Squaie. (ileiii‘othes. 0|.593

6| | NH. Ages S 13. learn how to make your own kite. under the espcit tuition of Miles I‘tiitl III, \thtltlitligs.


l'ntil Wed 33 Apr. Keeping the kids amused during the liaster break this year is the fifteenth Puppet Animation l‘estival. l‘eatui‘ing ox er I40 perfoi'niaiices by companies from throughout the l'K. the festival also includes numerous workshops pltis a series of animation screenings at the

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MAGIC BOB'S CABARET FOR KIDS Fri 3 Apr, 2pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Rothes Hall, Rothes Square, Glenrothes, 01592 611101. Also Fri 10 Apr, 11am. Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Road, Govan. For further details contact Giant Productions on 445 6000. It's show time again with the amazing, dazzling, comedy magician, Magic Bob. With a range of new tricks, circus skills, lots of laughs and audience participation, he not only captivates the kids, but

the grown-ups too.

84 THE LIST 2-I6 Apt I998

lidinburgh I'IIIIIIIUUSC and the (iilmorehill (‘inema in Glasgow. Venues 8: Locations

(ilasgow and lidinburgh performances are listed below. btit the majority of show .s w ill tour throughout Central Scotland and the Borders call the follow mg numbers foi information or .see the official brochure: liast l.othian t0l3l 665 3340i; Midloihian i0l3| 33l 5695i; West I othian i0l506 433634); l‘ife i0l593 6| l [0| I; North l.anarkshire i0|698 3675l5 I: South l.anarkshire t0l355 361000); l)umfries & (ialloway t0l46l 3379l9i; Borders t0l750 308843): Stirling (01786 4736544).

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.lrllllt'.\ Arno/t 'I'lit'utre. (ii/iiio/‘e/iill ('t'ntn'

tor 'I‘lii'utn'. I’ll/it tim/ 'Ii'let'i'si'n/i. 9

l'Iii'i'ersitvAvenue. (i/(isemi; ()l-l/ 3x7 55//.

The Elves And The Shoemaker Tue 7 Apr. l lam & 3pm. Shona Reppe's lively and humorous version of this Brothers (irimm tale about a down-on-his-luck cobbler.

Tiggers Don't Climb Trees Thu 9 Apr.

1 lam (k 3pm. Meet Winnie The Pooh and friends in Richard Medrington‘s new show adapted from the original stories by A.A. .\li|ne.

Pinocchio Hi It) Apr. 1 lam & 3pm. The tale of the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy in Indefinite Article's first visit to the festival.

Tom Thumb Mon l3 Apr. Ilam. Ages 3+. The story of the thumb-sized man and his escapades in his magnified world. from Banyan Theatre Company.

I’tiix/t'v Arts ('t'lttrt'. New Street. 0/4/ as? /(I/(). [J it‘n‘i.

Cinderella Sat 4 Apr. l lam ck Ipm. A story of rags to riches. in Edinburgh Puppet ('ompany 's adaptation of the classic (irimm Brothers tale.

The Three Little Pigs Mon 6 Apr. I lam (y Ipm. ls'enspeckle Puppets' new show uses music. song and audience participation. in this well-known story about the three little pigs who try to outwit the nasty wolf.

Tiggers Don't Climb Trees Sat I t Apr. l lam A: lpiii. See James Arnott.

Tom Thumb Tue 14 Apr. | lam (k lpm. See James Arnott.

George's Marvellous Medicine WetI IS Apr. llaiii & lpiii. See photo caption.

.\'t't/ier/mn; 45 High Street. Iz‘i/iIi/Inr‘e/i. 556 95 79/364 7. £3.50 ( [3. 75).

The Elves And The Shoemaker Mun () Apr. l lam tk' 3pm. Ages 3+. See James Arnott.

The Tale Of Jemima Puddleduck Tue 7 Apr. llam t‘e 3pm. Ages 4+. lan Turbitt Puppet ("ompaiiy's adaptation of Beatrix Potter's well-lov ed tale.

The Three Little Pigs Wed 8 Apr. I Iain ck 3pm. Ages 3+. See Paisley Arts (‘entie

The Raven And The Sun Thu 0 Apt.

l lam. Ages 5+. A traditional tale from North America. from l‘olding Theatre Puppet (‘ompany. about a time when the world was dark and cold because a greedy Indian ehief kept the stiii captive. The Dragons 0f Ben Vair Thu 9 Apr. 3pm. Ages 4+. holding Theatre (‘ompany retell this traditional Scottish story about a time w hen dragons roamed the lands until a young fisherman finds a solution to the problem.

Peter And The Wolf Hi It) Apr. I turn ck 3pm. Ages 5+. (‘Iydebuilt Puppets‘ visual adaptation of the famous Russian story of an adventurous boy call Peter.

Pinocchio Sat ll Apr. l lam A; 3pm. Ages 5+. See James Arnott. Twigglebig's Toy Box Mon I3 Apr.

I lam. Ages 3+. A toy box from outer space lands in the garden of an old man and his cat l-‘lossie. with all the toys needing some attention. A lively tale from Over The Top.

GEORGE’S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE Various venues (see Puppet Festival listings). Norwich Puppet Theatre capture the energy and excitement of one of Roald Dahl’s best loved stories. Meet young George and his grandmother, who far from being a sweet old lady, is downright disagreeable. In an effort to rid her of this nasty ailment, George concocts a special potion which produces the most extraordinary and hilarious results. Willie The Wicked Wolf Mom I 3 A pi. 3pm. Ages 6+. Over The Top present the tale of a wolf with an appetite for food. motorbikes. rock 'n’ roll and ofcoui'se. Red Riding Hood and her (iraiiny. Tiggers Don’t Climb Trees Tue I4 Apr.

l lam (& 3pm. Ages 5+. See James Arnott.

The Last Of The Trolls Wed IS Apr. | lam ck 3pm. Ages 5+. |.empen Puppets tell the story of the Trolls and Millers

who. after years of conllict. try to find a

peaceful solution.

Thurtinkle's Travelling Tales 'I‘liu l6 Apr. 1 lam & 3pm. Ages 4+. linehaiiting stories from far off lands with 'l'hurtinkle the tiiagical stoiyteller from l)ynaiiiic .\'ew Animation.

.SI Brit/e \' ('Htll't'. ll) ()I'H ('H 'li'I‘I‘rti‘t’. ()/.I'/ 346 /-J(I.5. £3..5()(£/..‘-U).

' Cinderella Mon 6 Apr. l.30pm. Ages 5+.

See Paisley Arts Centre.

Professor Pluggit's Time-Shuttle Sat ll Apr. l30pm. Ages 6+. Hunter Puppets' fast—paced show tells the story of Professor Plugitt‘s time-machine. A thief has stolen it and unless he‘s caught. the history of puppetry could be lost forev er.

George's Marvellous Medicine 'I‘Iiu

l6 Apr. l.30pm. Ages 5+. See photo caption.

Window 0f Imagination Wed IS Apr. l.30pm. Ages 8+. Nomad Puppets take you on a journey to a run-down tower block. to witness the birth of a clown.