I Dennistoun l't‘llittle to rent room in large gay-friendly llat. (3(‘ll. phone. washing iriaclirrre. dishwasher. shower. £200 pcm (no bills) £ l00 deposit. ('all ('arol ()lsll 248 92.18 or (ll-ll 554 l88l.

I Room available for [not person in large. n/s. West lirid llat. Share with two others. £220 per four weeks irrc ('fl‘ax htit excludes other bills. (‘all (ll-ll 33-1 ()57l for further details.

I Female preferred for superb. large room in Soutlrside flat. (‘all for details. £250 pcm all inc. ()IJI 423 (i972.

I Room to let City centre. would strit tiori-sriioking professional. £250 pcm including hills and (‘.'l‘as. excluding telephone. Available irririrediately. Tel ()lJl 35.3 2-189 after (rpm.

I Pollokshields Big room available in large Soutliside flat. Only one other relaxed occupant. (ias (‘ll. washing machine etc. £200 per month. ()l~ll 423 4928.

I Spacious serviced room to let in stylish West lind flat. All mod cons. Suit lull time working professional. No cleaning. No bills. No extras. £2 l0 pcm. Tel 0|~ll 946 93l5. I Room to rent in beautiful Southside llat. sharing with one other. (‘lose to all amenities and transport. Rent £220 including bills and Council Tax. Phone bill extra. Stiit professiorial/ mature student. 0l~ll (>32 ()858. I Large double room available in West liiid (llrooriilrill) llat sharing with one other from l8/-l/98 I8/8/98 initially. £225 pcm including (‘fl’ax Would strit prof. iron- sriioker‘. ('oritact 0|.ll HI 0908.

I Southside Noti-stiiolc'ei' sought to share a coirifortable. spacious flat with a gay couple. plus one other. Stiit professional pei'sori/rrratur'e student. £2-l7 pcm including hills. 01 I0 527099 or 0l-ll 0305894.

I Property in Glasgow Rooiii to let. l)ouble bedr'oorri III a spacious flat to share w rtlr one other. Tel 0|3l 339 I503.

I Busy, young professional ri/s_ to share sunny. Southside flat (Muir'eiidl. two irirris from station. £220 pcm + bills. deposit and refs required. (‘all evenings 0 I‘ll 033 0401.

I Prof person for room lll West lirid flat. Slrar'e kitchen. bathroom. living roorii. £l70 pcm. Tel: (ll-ll 334 ~l-l03.



)2 f )w

EASY-GOING FLATMATHS) wanted for coriifortahle. New Town llat. All mod cons. sharing with three others plus two cats. Rent £250 pctrt plus hills and deposit. Call 0131 558 3523 after 6pm.

I Large room in Mar‘clirrrorrt (‘r‘esceirt llat. Suit ri/s. 20s. professional. £2 l0 pcm plus (‘ouricil Ta\ and bills. Available rriiriiediately. ('all 0| 3| .roo 04‘“.

I Sunny, single room with view. near ('orrirriorrwealtli

l’ool. N/s prof/post grad to share

friendly flat with two others.

£ I80 pcm plus share of bills. Tel: 0| 3| (io7 39l5.

I Wanted young professional

gay/gav—frreiidly guys for single and double room ill modern llat.

close to city centre. Private parking. ('ll. £200 pcrii all me. 'l‘el 0l523 ll7-l5-l (pager) and leave name and contact tel no (will call back rriiriiediatelyi or phone 0| 3| 220 3-l8 I.

8am noon.

The List Flatshare 14 High Street Edinburgh


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At the CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 62 31D

I Room available lll comfortable north l‘.tlllll‘tllg‘ll llat. Rent is £05 per month plus bills, .\'o ('ouricrl Ta\ and parking available. .-\\arlable for immediate entry for a non- siiiols'iirg person. l'el: 0l3l 538 l038.

I Stockbridge Single room in lfllat tw itli access to shared garden) for easy-going. music- lovirrg professional female. to share with one other. £300 pcrii tiric ('.'l';i\ 8; billsi F dep. Tel: (ll 3| 5.57 I302 eyes.

I Large and gorgeous 'l‘ollcross flat with double room for youirg professional/piistgrad Must be responsible and relatively quiet. £235 pcm me (',’la\. £2.35 deposit. I.ea\ e ;t riiessage for Martin: 03 3| 228 (i309. Viewing on weekends only.

I Non-smoking animal- toleratirig llatmate wanted for ltl\lll‘ltll|.\. coiiifor'table house in conservation village on east side of lidiirburgli (city centre l5 iiiiiisl. large garden. private parking. ('all 0| 3| («)5 2003. I Two double bedrooms in shared house. Washing riiachine. (i('ll. power shower. garage. gaideii. .lust riisrde city bypass. (iiliiierton. £250 pcm plus bills. .'\\;lll;tl‘lc' immediately. Tel 0|3I (i()~l 7-l93 eyes.

I Female, 26+, n/s professional. w itli sense of humour to share large. New Town house in l.eitli area. l)ouble roorrr. all riiod cons. private parking. £250 pcm plris bills. (ll 3| 55.1 808l or” (NH Ill-I997.

I Large single room lll hi-igiii. spacious. (‘ausewaysrde llai. Double bed. all mod cons. Available immediately. £2 30 pcm. ()l3l (i(i8 ll93.

I Double room w itli err-suite shower in comfortable \learloyybillilc‘ llal. Mod cons. including dishwasher. off-street parking for riori-srrrokirrg. pleasant professional. £250 pcm plus phone bill. li-mail iiiooiieycm rbs.co.uk or call

0| 3| (>52 2292 evenings.

I Double room available in large flat trear Stockbridge. l’iofessiorial let only. Secure entry. lovely area. £233 pcm. ('all 0I3l 3-l3 I-l7l after 7pm. I Room to let lll spacious. Marchrrrorit llat. .-\ll mod cons. Available from 3 .-\prrl. £200 pcm +- share of bills. Tel: 0|3| 22l 0002.

I Female wanted to share two bedroom. central llat illioughtori Street I. (iood si/ed room. l-lat has separate lsllL'llt'll and living room. fas. fridge. £220 pcm, .-\\arl.ible from I May ('all .\lary 0|3I 557 85-l9.

I Good sized single room available Ill central il;it rharidy for West lirid. Stocldirrdge. \Vester'rr etc 1. Sharing llat w itli young gay professional male btit personality is more irripoiiarit than \L'\l|;llll_\. Nori— \llltllsc‘l'8 only please. £ I80 pcm 'r deposit F bills. 0| 3| 332 7088

I Large double room lll l)tiirdas Street flat. .-\l| mod cons. Sli;'r'e with two others. £2 l5 pcm hills. Available beginning .-\pr'i|. 'l'el ()l3l 550 8755.

I Room available lli heariririit lertlr tlat liyrrig roorii ~wrtli colour TV 'worlcirig s|o\ci ( it‘ll. washing rrraclirrie. great \rews Slrariiig w rtli three others (two male. oire femaleI l‘t‘llldlt‘ wanted £ lhti pciri plrrs bills Phone 0| 3| 555 0|le

I Large room to let lll l’olwarilr llai. currently single. could be twrrr or double (i(‘ll. electric show er. waslrrrrg rriaclirrie £220pcm . bills 'IeI ill :1 _‘jirst‘titii ritjl "ti" ll§"]

I Double room in sunny I ertlr flat. \ttractrye. lreslrly parrrted. (‘ll. all mod cons £|.\0 pcm rriclirdrrig (‘orrircil la\ b bills To share w itli lirerrdly female llat owner. 'lel 0| 3| 555 23l9 I Spacious single room it] \llllL'l ('Ieiriristori flat on bus route tocrty ceritie (iay irieridly. £l 30 pcm s bills deposit. \Vould strrt ri/s. professional or mature studerit 0| 3] Hi) toot reyeirrrigsr

I Short term let r riia\ rorii moritlisr l)orible room in may attiactrye. central flat riear l'rir\er‘srty arid liiirimary. sliarrrrg w rtlr proiessroiial rirale .-\|I mod cons £200 pcm t bills 3 (' 'l'a\. 'I'el. 0| 3| 220 to!”

I Morningside I aim dotrble roorri. e\cellerrt slraied lacilrties Stirt couple 'l'el' HI 3| I52

I Small room available ill sociable l,er|lr \Valk flat large Iiyrrrg. room. garden. washing machine. dryer. £ H0 pcm Tel 0l3l 55.l 02l9

I Single room Ill cosy Newirigtori flat. sharing with one other. £I80 pcm plus bills t\' (..'l..l\ ('all Ill 3] 007 ll: 30 or e marl iyriesiiirtlrU aol com

I One double and one single room ayarlable in huge. riewly decorated. srrririy. top llooi Ill leitli w rtli loads ol clraiactei Still .i [‘trilt'\\liili.il til rriature/gradrrate sirrderit rgay frreridlyi Sliaiing with two others. all mod cons. two batliiooriis. great \ rews arid \ery coiiilortable. £220/£ I80 per month iric (’oirricrl 'l'as. .~\\ailable rriiriiediately Tel 01 l0 751503.

I Flatshare required .\lale. I8. lliti\ mg to lidrribrirglr. looking for room in young. friendly flat with more than one person .\lust be gay friendly ('all (illillltN lll72l 722850

I Large room available lll warm. cerrtral flat. Would srrrt ir/s. proi/riiatirre student to share with one leiiiale (i('lI/riiod corrs. £290 pcm rricludirig

(‘ 'las. ('all 0| 3| 558 9M,"

I Friendly, easy-going protessroiral person wanted tor room in attiactrye flat oli Royal \lrle |.r\ rrig room and sep lsllc'li'c'll. very well liiriirslred Reiit appro\ £200 9 (‘ 'Ias - bills. liirrriedrate entry. Must be c.1llii\t't III 3I .525 7 3 3‘)

I N/s, young professional/ post graduate tor gorgeous. new Iy ierio\ated (ieorgrari llat oil Sotrtlr liridge v\II mod cons. £250 pcrri lllc ('otrrrcrl la\ -\\.irlable iiow ’Iiorie 0| 3| 55’» 0958

I Country cottage lll sciapliic locatiori overlooking r‘i\ei. .-\cre garden. liens. llatliltitlc‘ls. double room 'l‘eri miris driye lidirrburgli £275 bills. 0] 3|




I Required a double room for professional feiirale. 30. iii quiet 3bedioorrr. fairly central and iron sriiolcmg llat l'ltilll I .\lay, l'ttiatl olr\ rahi friidhoriiorg. or phone or rot) wrist, 2 I Double room available iii lireridly liaster' Road llat to share w itli one other. Security errtrarice. all mod cons and garden. Suit non smoking. post- grad or professional. Rent £220 pcm . bills and ('.Ta\. \yailable l/5/98. ('all 0| 3| (1.52 0129 after (rpm or email patiliisH cogscredactrlc I Wanted professional. gay iiieiidly woman to share beautiful llrtrrrtsfreld llat wrtli otre otllet'. :\ll mod cons. £240 pcm tiric (' Tasi pltrs bills 0| 3| 32‘) tom. I Morningside Double room iii spacioiIs. comfortable llat close to shops and transport. sliai iiig w rth one other. Suit iiori sriiolcrrig pr‘olessiorial. -\\ailable beginning May. £295 pcm rirc ('orriicrl Ta\ and bills. (all l)ay id 0l3l -l-l7 4479 I Two double rooms r£250/£275 + bills) in superb \\'est l-.iid/I)eari llat. .-\|| mod cons rrricltidrrrg dishwasher), Non smoking professionals only. ’l‘elepliorie 0| 3| 332 2789. I Marchmont Single room in spacious flat for riori-siiiokrrig. 254 professional. sharing with two others £I 35 pcm pliis (".Ta\ and bills. :\\dll;ll\lt‘ rriiriiediately. l’liorre/fa\ (hits or liiiiziia ori 0| 3| -l~l7 3852 after (rpm. I Sunny, single room ayarlable irr onely' .‘ylorriiiigsrde ilat, £ I90 pctli. 'ch 0l3| -l-l7 (1703. Available late April. I Room to let r'oi' iioii sllltilslllf.‘ woman in small mixed liotlsttig co op. 'liollci'oss Rent related to rricoirie. l’lrorie 0l3l 229 7-187 before 8pm for lllltrlllliilltlll and application lotiti (‘Iostiig date 7/5/98 I Room available Ill central area llat. .-\l| mod cons. £200 pcm + bills + ('otiricrl Tax. Sorry no l)SS or students. (‘all .\'er| on 0| 3| 557 85 35. I Room to let in sunny. (‘ariorirriills llat. liscellent local airreiirlres £l50 pcm plus £l50 deposit and (‘ouircrl Tax + hills. Iriiiriedrate entry. .\'o I)SS_


I Rural Argyll house share ’I'wo rooms in spacious. large house. £ 35pw 25 miles ()bari. \eggie/lrrllwallcer' friendly 018:8 300138


I Gay-friendly room to rent £15 per w eel. iric bills. Tel

Ill 2 3() 0050.50 tit' (ll 2 30 75(i3‘l9. llltilitlc llJll -l(i77(i5.


I Mature, friendly person to share large. corrifortable flat with gay man Ill his 30s and dog. £45 pw plus bills. Must be a riori-siriiiker'. Tel (0098

33 743,

2 I6 Apr I998 THE “ST 89