CLASSIFIED i saw you m

U I saw you I‘riday 5/V98. Polo Lounge. poptastic. Yoti number son 'Sti/ie'. Me - 359. I want yoti to enter the transfer market. (‘all me please. we would make a great 'team' on. Box No [V329/7.

V I saw you lidinburgh Tourist Information Centre. You - angel behind the counter. Me - blown away but too shy to speak. Can you give me directions‘.’ Box No [7329/8.

V I saw you Bryan from M'Bro. in ('.(‘. Blooms on Sat lJ/3/9R. Let‘s meet tip and talk equal opportunities'.’ Again? Box No [7/329/9.

V I saw you Golf Tavern. : Sunday l5/3/98. You at bar. cropped hair. wearing long sleeved blue top. Me. guy sitting at table. dark hair. wanting to be your caddy. Box No U/.I29/l.

V I saw you Ms Bainbridge in India. btit we live only ~10 riiiles apart. I-‘ancy getting a wee bit closer'.’ You're so gorgeous. I bet you get used to being seen in these columns all the time. I'm going to brave a trip across the M8 to see you very soon. Ilow d’you fancy Portugal thotigh'.’ Or even to the end of the world'.’ Love you till the apocalypse and beyond. Box No U/329/2.

V I saw you (ilasgow Uni Library renewals on 14/3/98 at 2. l5pm. You tall. dark haired girl. Me two in front in long coat. (‘otildn't stop looking at you. Please get in touch. Box No U/329/3.

O I saw you Peter at Polo Lounge. l4 March. You thought you could cook me tip with .some onions. carrots and gravy. It was fun. I'll see you next time! Box No [l/329/4.

V I saw you at my friend's flat. Your diet seems restricted. What you need is a diet of tenderness and love. Unfortunately. I am more shy than Starch. Btit the fruit I would give you would be far more sweet than an apple of the earth. Box No [l/329/5.

V I saw you Peter (musician. engineer) from Aberdeen in Glen (‘lova. l5/2/98. Are you ‘attached'. want to meet again'.’ Let me know. Surely someone tip there who knows you reads this! R. Box No U/329/(i.

V I saw you and smiled at you all tiight in 'l he Subway. Wed l8 March. You were with your girlfriend's best mate. btit maybe we could meet tip alone'.’ Box No ['/329/l().

V I saw you foxy chick selling co-ordinated taps and kitchens in B&(). Know you Iiave a thing for small ads ititist arrange that double date sometime. Box No [f/329/l l.

V I saw you Barney. Liuard Lounge lst Birthday. We danced back to back. talked coyly face to face until I was shown the door. I should have asked your number Box No [l/329/l 2.

O I saw you Debbie from Lochgelly. with your pal Karen. I am still looking fora pillion if you're interested. Box No [7/329/l 3.

V I saw you my sweet Nicky. Thanks for being so good and making me smile. Love. your very own freak. Box No [l/329/l4.

V I saw you Monday 23 March. I was waiting. 5.40pm. at corner of Hanover Street/ Rose Street. You with large shoulder bag passed me and kept looking back. Ilow about we meet tip.’ Box No ['l329/l5.

O I saw you Reuben Paris. desperately pretending not to see me in (‘in CZIIL‘. 22/3/98. Make it soon darling. as I'm longing to see you and your wallet. No Monday excuses please. Rtitli. Box No L'/329/l().

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92 THE LIST 2—16 Apr 1998

V I saw you You wanted to contact me btit you didn't have an e-mail address . . . The Mediterranean girl who is doing a Phl) at the [Tniversity of Iidinburgh. Box No U/329/l7. V I saw you ('hris. many times in (‘.(’. Blooms and once in Pi/la Iixpress. Always wanted to talk to you but never quite made it. liancy a drink sometime'.’ Your secret admirer. Box No [7329/]8.

V We saw you charming. intriguing. disappearing . . . Paul and Daniel at the I‘ilmhouse. fancy another Japanese movie‘.’ Box No [9329/19.

V I saw you you look a bit rough. you smell awful and your make tip is normally all over your face. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. The Rottiancer. Box No [7329/20.

V I saw you ‘(iai'age’. Yoti wanted to kiss a girl. You: with boyfriend. short brown hair. white trainers. dressed in black. Me: denim jacket with puffy waistcoat. Still want to kiss a girl'.’ .".’ Box No [i/329/2 I.

V I saw you on Satichiehall Street. You were eyeing tip a mart in a kill and black marker moustache. Do you want to walk my way'.’ Box No [l/329/22.

V I saw you in the 'I'rongate Auto Shop. Sun 22/3/98. You long straight. dark hair. Me tall. dark. You picked tip my brass fitting. Sol will brass my case for such a beauty as you. Please contact me. Box No [1/329/23. V I saw you Jim. Sat l4/3/98 in Archaos. You blond hair and green eyes. wearing brown top and black Versace trousers. You have pierced eyebrow. Me cream skirt. white top. (Tall me. Kirsteen. xx. Box No U/329/2‘l. O I saw you the v. lover Laura. Safeways. Partick. 25/3/98. I struggled to find something witty to say about my oranges and now I have Ill Want to hear'.’ Box No [9329/25.

V I saw you a hunky young fella called Bob'.’ To a veganite down in the Pub. said 'It'll be art ordeal to treat mil to a meal.’ Scotland the (ireen would‘ve saved his wee gob Bananaman. Box No [7329/20 V I saw you (‘aroline at the Atrium centre. I‘ve got the black bottles and a new jacti/n. How about it‘.’ Box No [7329/27.

V I saw you I was open to bribery. corruption and flattery btit fell over before I got to conversation. I'd absolutely love the chance! Box No U/328/I.

V I saw you at Bar Kohl. back section. Iiriday evening. You. tallest among good-looking mates and gorgeous blonds. Me. slirn blond (female) with glasses. You caught me staring. ()oopsll ('offee'.".’ .’ Box No U/328/2.


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V I saw you Lesley (‘UIX‘IRIIIIL Sub (‘ltib. l'iiday 27/2/98. It was a beautiful night; I should have given you my number. I'd love to hear from you again. I’t‘le. Box No [l/323/3.

V I saw you I awoke remembering nothing but tasting strawberry sweet kisses. 2(i/l/9o. A cigarette. Queen Margaret'.’ I could not speak. You were so young. I‘m so sorry. (‘otild we meet up now'.’ Box No [l/32X/4.

V I saw you Stm l5 I’eb. 59 bus (Mosspark). Pal arid I almost got kicked off the bus by ‘grumpy'. You: blondish long hair. Me: lassie with pierced lip. I‘ree'.’ Box No [J/328/5.

V I saw you Barrie. ()deon boy on your birthday. drinking far too much and falling over everywhere on everyone. I hope your behaviour is as bad at the tarts and vicars booze-fest. Box No [i/328/(i.

V I saw you 31 October I997 at Dean‘s flatwarming. Another happening is taking place for his birthday on LI March. No Batman or Robiri costume this time Mc(‘rorie. Just tarts or vicars be tllcr'el Box No [1/328/7.

V I saw you (‘ity barber's moving to some btrrn shaking music. Liked what I saw. Remember me'.’ Hope so! Let's meet soon. Box No [J/IZS/X.

V I saw you Alan. devilishly handsome son of Satan. London Road/Royal 'l‘err‘ace area. Iir'iday l3 I‘ebi'uary. You dark. facial hair. red top. dark checked trousers. Me very drunk after night otit. You came to mine btit not much happened and you left shortly afterwards. Want to try again'.’ Box No [9328/9

V I saw you Madhouse manager. ()n the beach. at the candlelit dinner. I listened btit you weren't talking. Let's be creative. I'll be witty and smart. Some opera'.’ Take a chance for I993. Box No [1/328/Hl.

V I saw you at btis stop waiting for No 27 c.22.()(l_ 3 Match. You: 2nd year medic student. Me: Japanese student. loo shy to keep on having a chat. (‘oultl you give me another chance'.’ Box No ['/§2i\'/l l.

V I saw YOU 'I‘LNL‘U Metro. 'I‘all.

funky female. grey hat. l)resel bag. Me: titrlsttlt‘. fleece gt't‘y‘ hood. (’tistartl Shop and \"aris. Let's forget labels and drink beer. Box No [THIS/l 2.

V I saw you helping forget the toothache. at the Dental Institute. I look Into your waters and green reflects the hope of release unscathed onto new pastures. Box No 11/128/1’».

V I saw you Joanna m the Tourist Office on 0/3/98. Yott sold me a ticket, I loved your tartan jacket did you like my 'I'tiikish accent'.’ Box No [l/l2H/l-1.

V I saw you Latina lady. (‘ameo bar. l-rr (VI/93. You gorgeous \\IIII the most beautiful eyes, Me tall Ill black I-sltlt'l. Dont be long please. coke.’ Box No [7323“ 5.

V I saw you I.l\' 'tylei lookalike on .\'o lh' bus. 5/ V98. You sat behind irie. l was Ill stiit sitting with my pal. I wish I'd said hello. ('all me? Box No [l/I2X/lo.

V I saw you Jennifer (accountant to be) meets Date with iiiilkl Intelligent conversation. walking and talking about careers. talent. legs and art. (iood luck Ill your exams. (let in touch' Box No l'/\2S/l7.

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