GLASSI‘EII i saw you


V I saw you Franck at Luvely in January. Please get in touch. Laisse moi le plaisir de te rendre tes chewing gum. Box No U/330/ l.

V I saw you twice. We spoke for a while. you have awesome eyes. Me: head butted. in need of physio. Meeting with you speeds up recovery. Confidential coffee soon? Box No U/330/2.

V I saw you in full greenery at The Edinburgh lntemational Conference Centre. Calm for the meeting. the case is watertight. Box No U/330/3. V I saw you I want to see you Greek man and cook you mezedakia. . . a melanouri who is waiting for your letter. Box No U/330/4.

V I saw you on the underground Friday afternoon. 27/3. from Buchanan Street to Kelvinbridge. Short, dark hair. black sweater, jeans. Very attractive and on my mind since. Box No U/330/5.

V I saw you 0635 flight. Edinburgh Luton 26/3/98 (Easy Jet). You: female. black trousers. silver heeled shoes. Me: green raincoat (female). Eye contact in toilet. Etc: drink??!! Box No U/330/6.

V I saw you Strathclyde Union. St Patrick's Day. You were blonde, l was red - intoxicated by your radiant and majestic aura. We danced. Foolishly, I kissed your hand. Dare we tempt fate? Box No U/330/7. V I saw you rollerblader swimmer - Wed 18 March - and regretfully avoided a collision by politely squeezing by. You reappeared from amongst the trees of Holyrood Park. l'll grab that opportunity next time. Box No U/330/8. V I saw you Caffe Latte lunchtime Friday 20 March. You woman with short dark hair. brown eyes. brown shirt with male friend. Me short hair. specs. reading newspaper by window. woman in green shirt. Fancy a chat over more pasta? Box No U/330/9.

V I saw you twice at Waterstone's. Sauchiehall Street. You work there. Me yellow fleece, bought Hens Teeth. Can't afford to keep buying books just to see you. You're stunning. come for a drink? Box No U/330/l0.

V I saw you in the Hotel Russell (26 March). You from Glasgow but based in Edinburgh. Scotsman (in more than one sense of the word). We talked for hours me not very soberly. Did we not swap phone numbers on purpose? Box No U1330/ll.

V I saw you David. in Cafe Kudos on Friday 27 March. You were with your friend Jason. You spoke to two guys. I'm the dark one. Fancy a date? Box No U/330/ [2.

V I saw you too Dee. Rainbow Angel on the Hampi bus. shining light into my darkness and filling my heart with your calm presence. I love and adore you. So. xx Box No U/330/l3.

V I saw you little blonde girl. Dalkeith Library 30/3/98 in reference section. Me; girl with short dark hair. blue eyes - I passed you again outside. you're cute. Fancy a drink? Box No U/330/ 14.

V I saw you and paid you into Optimo for beer and orange juice. But it’s my friend who likes your friend. and he’s lovely. Box No U/330/ l5.

V I saw you at the Science Festival xenoplasty lecture. You probable scientist with glasses and purple Doc Martens. Me non-scientist with fear of technical terms. sharing the same profession as your brother. Want to prove you're not an anorak? Box No U/330/ l6.

V I saw you dark and hunky. Safeway Portobello Road. 30/3 evening. Me suit/fair we smiled at the fruit/veg. said hi at wines/spirits. Why not get together over coffee? Box No U/330/l7.

V I saw you dark/good- looking. you serve the best Costa coffee at Waverley. Me fair/suit/tie. We've smiled but never Spoken. Can you change that? Box No U/330/18.

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so new 16—30Apr 1998

V I saw you in the Station bar on Sat 4/4/98. Sharon the violinist. your lovely smile stayed with me the whole weekend. We noticed each other across the bar and then discovered we’d done Macbeth together two years ago. I was dumb enough to let you leave without finding out ifyou’re single or asking for your phone number. Please get in touch. Box No U/330/l9.

V I saw you dark-haired girl. short skirt. black jacket. walking along York Place. 31/3/98.

8. lOam. We caught each other‘s eyes. Me girl with short dark hair. blue eyes. in skirt. brown suede jacket. sitting at bus stop. Can I interest you in a meal/ drink? Box No U/330/20.

V I saw you lan. 30th birthday party. Trinity 2 l/3/98. You support Motherwell. who played near my home that day. You left but your taxi was full. Still

-fancy a drink? Box No


V I saw you Monday 6 Apnl at 4.30pm. walking next to Forestry Commission at Corstorphine. You saw me and you looked back when I looked back. Please let's meet. Thanks. Box No U/330/22.

V I saw you at the Blue Moon Cafe on Monday evening. 6 April. You're Irish. broad shouldered and greying in a very attractive way. I'm zero- cropped. green T-shirt and smitten. You were walking with crutches. I needed them to support my heavy heart when you left . . . Box No U/330/23.

V I saw you Talking Bollocks at Ramshom on 2/4/98. You on stage. tall. black hair. nose n'ng. funny but beautiful. Me in audience. impressed. How about unzipping more? Box No U/330/24.

V I saw you a great sleepy girl. lying in my bed for days on end. Fantastic memories. Hope to see you under my duvet again soon. Until then. I will be missing you. Box No U/330/25.

V I saw you Waterstone's. Tuesday 8/4/98. You: first floor. red top. stunning. Me: starry- eyed. gobsmacked! Friend asked about Marshall Smith. Too shy/tongue-tied to speak. Help me untie it? From here. 'only forward'?! Box No U/330/26.

V I saw you this time last year. sleepy in Seattle. shaking on the Golden Gate Bridge and partying in Portland. Let's do Oz in a camper van! Love always. S. Box No U/330/27.

V I saw you short. bearded man dressed in black. often in The l3th Note. Are you a joumalist? Me: tall. cheesy bloke with haircut. Box No U/330/28.

V I saw you in red jacket. St James Centre. You sat having coffee while I watched from my Easter egg stand. We exchanged more than just the odd glance. How about we exchange numbers too cutey? Box No U/330/29.

V I saw you girl. dancing flamenco at Southsiders'. 28/3/98. Your natural charm went straight to my heart and your fiery rhythm set me on fire. What about Southsiders'. l7/4. 8.30? Box No U/330/30.

V I saw you l6 Byres Road' cafe. You: blue-eyed brunette. sitting beside ‘gaggia' machine pretending to read book. Me; ed-faced scth boy. Wish I'd said hello. Want to meet for coffee? Box No U/330/32.

V I saw you 8am train to Edinburgh. You blew your nose with your glasses cloth. I'm no drip but you blew me away too. Call me. Box No U/330/33.

V I saw you Stevie. building. gym and my black marker moustache curled. The reflective discs on your trainers sparkled. Wanna go running in the dark? Box No U/330/34.

V I saw you Friday. 3/4/98 on train from Birmingham. You slim blonde wearing blueish sweater in (unfortunately) busy last coach. I stopped Glasgow you stayed to Edinburgh? Good reason for another train journey. Box No U/330/35.

V I saw you Paul. the boy in blue. almost every day. What I want to know is. are you straight or are you . . . ? Box No U/330/36.

V I saw you I want to see you Egyptian man . . . a girl who is taking a postgraduate course at the University of Edinburgh. Box No U/330/37.

V I see you in the St James. Sat afternoons. one fag. one Guinness. Small dark amazing eyes. Fall off your seat and kiss me. again and again and again! Box No U/33/38.

V I saw you sleeping through The Full Monty! The bed won‘t fly quite the same without you. Bn'ng us back a koala Petica. Box No U/330/39.

V I saw you for the first time in ages. Dunfennlinc. 28/3. Was good to see you. Maybe our paths will ‘cross' again soon? Box No U/330/40.

V I saw you Golf Tavem. Sunday l5/3/98. You at bar. cropped hair. wean'ng long sleeved blue top. Me. guy sitting at table. dark hair. wanting to be your caddy. Box No U/329/ l. V I saw you Ms Bainbridge in India. but we live only 40 miles apart. Fancy getting a wee bit closer? You’re so gorgeous. I bet you get used to being seen in these columns all the time. I'm going to brave a trip across the M8 to see you very soon. How d'you fancy Portugal though? Or even to the end of the world? Love you till the apocalypse and beyond. Box No U/329/2. V I saw you Glasgow Uni Library renewals on 14/3/98 at 2. l5pm. You tall. dark haired girl. Me two in front in long coat. Couldn't stop looking at you. Please get in touch. Box No U/329/3. V I saw you Peter at Polo Lounge. l4 March. You thought you could cook tne up with some onions. carrots and gravy. It was fun. I'll see you next time! Box No U/329/4. V I saw you at my friend's flat. Your diet seems restricted. What you need is a diet of tenderness and love. Unfortunately. I am more shy than Starch. But the fruit I would give you would be far more sweet than an apple of the earth. Box No U/329/5. V I saw you Peter (musician. engineer) from Aberdeen in Glen Clova. l5/2/98. Are you 'attached'. want to meet again? Let me know. Surely someone up there who knows you reads this! R. Box No U/329/6.

V I saw you Friday 5/3/98. Polo Lounge. poptastic. You number 566 ‘Suzie'. Me 359. I want you to enter the transfer market. Call me please. we would make a great ‘team' go

' on. Box No U/329/7.

t Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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