Film choice

Is it possible to have a feature on film distribution? id like to campaign for a better deal for we film-goers, but don't know where to start.

Looking over the nationwide film listings is quite mind-numbing. With the exception of a few repertory companies, every cinema in every town shows identical programmes. And whenever there is a public holiday, we are all treated like children.

So why has all this come about, and who is responsible? Does it date from the advent of the ubiquitous multiplex or are there a few fat cats out there manipulating the film industry? Were it any other commodity, something like the Monopoly And Mergers Committee would be involved, for sure. So why are they getting away with it?

I see no point in pouring new money into the indigenous film industry if its work is never going to see the darkness of a cinema due to distribution difficulties.

George 8. Anderson Dunfermline

No sex, please

Judging by the first page of last issue's music section, you lot seem to think that music isn’t interesting unless you can gloss over it with irrelevant stories about sex, drugs and, to quote

Norman Cook from your ’Bigmouth' piece, 'getting twatted'. Do you really think that this is all music is about? Can't you find anyone involved in making music who wants to talk about the music itself? Less froth and more facts, please. How about an interview with that nice George Michael, he'd have plenty to say for himself. D'oh. Simon MacKenzie


Nick Hornby: on trial as Kafka

Slam ham!

End of an era, eh? 'Slam reach the end of the tracks' says the cover of last issue, and a city of clubbers weep. But, hang on, read Rory Weller’s feature, and we discover that Orde and Stuart will continue to do clubs in Glasgow, and that they‘ll be overseeing what goes on in the Arches in that hallowed Friday

l _

night slot. 'Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose,’ as they don‘t say in Possil.

Anne Stevenson


Huff fidelity

What are you talking about comparing Nick Hornby to Kafka and Proust? Those two authors are giants of world literature, while Hornby is little more than a compulsive chronicler of his own petty obsessions. Kafka and Proust convey all the profundity of the human condition, Hornby merely conveys the inanity of football league and chart positions. Hornby may currently have the greater impact on our trivia- obsessed popular culture, but he has all the staying power of an Aqua single. Get some perspective!

Frank Mclnally


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