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Great Expectationst IS) (Alfonso (.‘uaron. US. I997) Ethan Hawke. Gwyneth Paltrow. Anne Bancroft. 110 mins. Hollywood‘s free adaptation of Dickens's novel turns a dank. foggy tale into a dayglo romance incorporating art. sex and the media. Hawke plays a young artist who becomes the toast of New York. but can’t get Paltrow out of his mind. Adding colour are Robert De Niro as a gruff convict and Anne Bancroft doing her version of Miss Havisharti. It's at its best when faithful to the novel. but when the action shifts. the film dies a quiet predictable death. See feature and review. General release.

The Grey Zone (l8) (Franco Bernini. Italy. I997) 95 mins. The realities of terrorism fornt the basis of this gripping thriller (just as they did in La Seorlri). which questions the state‘s involvement in bombings. Tightly directed by Bernini. who makes his debut here. Italian Filrti Festival. Glasgow: GI-T. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Happy Together (15) (Wong Kar-Wai. Hong Kong. I997) Leslie Cheung. Tony beung. Chang Chen. 96 mins. Two gay guys from Hong Kong try to make a fresh start in Buenos Aires and disrupt their routine of breaking up and getting back together again. Narrativer simpler than Wong's previous movies (Cliungki'ng [it/Hess. Fallen Angels). but certainly not devoid of distinctive directorial style. Happy 7bgelher features a colourful collage of amazing cinematography. A truly thrilling piece of cinema. See preview and review. Glasgow: (EFT.

Hard Egg(l5)(l’aoloVir1.i. Italy. I997) IOO mins. The director's home town of Livorno provides the backdrop for the story of a a working-class boy with a soft heart. helping out his stepmother and retarded brother while his father goes in and out ofjail. Warm and witty. the film won the Special Jury Prize at last year‘s Venice Film Festival. Virzi will attend the screenings. Italian Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Hard Rain ( l 5) (Mikael Salomon. US. I997) Christian Slater. Morgan Freeman. Minnie Driver. 96 mins. The mother of all storms hits the. sleepy town of Huntirtgburg. helping a gang led by Jim (Freeman) ‘liberate‘ $3 million. Only the elements. an armoured car guard (Christian Slater) and the crooked local sheriff (Randy Quaid) stand in their way. The fatilts with Hard Ruin are almost trio numerous to mention: it actually across as an extended Bible class. weapons are fetishised and the dialogue is rank. See review. General release.

Heaven's Burning (18) (Craig Lahiff. Australia. I997) Russell Crowe. Youki Kudoh. l0l mins. A reluctant Japanese bride fakes her own kidnapping. but ironically is taken hostage during a batik robbery. Soon she's escaping across the country with the getaway driver. eluding police and her husband. Crowe returns to home roots after the highs of LA. Confidential. Australian Film Season. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Hotel De Love ( l 5) (Craig Rosenberg. Australia. I996) 95 mins. Passions mount at a gaudy Melbourne hotel specialising in honeymoon stopovers when an old flame of

Model of virtue: Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations

the manager turns tip with her new boyfriend. Funny. fast and set to a 70s soundtrack. it's another comedy hit from Down Under. Australian Film Season. Edinburgh: I-‘ilmliouse.

In And Out (12) (Frank 01.. US. 1997) Kevin Kline. Matt Dillon. Tom Selleck. 9l mins. When art ex-sttident seemineg ‘outs‘ him during an Oscar speech. Midwestern teacher Howard Brackett (Kline) has to reassess his life and sexuality just days before his wedding. A funny. feelgood movie that is aimed squarely at a mainstream audience. In And Out contains nothing to startle Middle America. Kline turns in a delightful comic performance. Largs: Barrfields.

Italians (I5) (Maurizio l’onzi. Italy. I997) 99 mins. A diverse group of Italians take the train from Palermo to Milan during the mid- 60s. and all are ptit under the microscope in this bitter-sweet comedy which reveals the lifeblood of a nation. Italian Film Festival. Glasgow: GI’I‘. Edinburgh: l-‘ilmliotise. Jackie Brown ( l5) (Quentin 'l'arantino. US. I997) Pam Grier. Samuel 1.. Jackson. Robert De Niro. I54 mins. 'I‘arantino's blaxploitation homage is proof that the directorjtist loves to hear his characters run their mouths off. However. the dialogue is pure pleasure in this sprawling. funky. triple-crossing heist movie about a Federal Agent sting to trap a gun runner. A classic Hollywood thriller in the sense that it is about the enjoyment of the moment. rather simply finding out whodunit. General release.

Junk Mail (15) (Fill Sletaune. Norway. I997) Robert Skjaestad. Andrine Stether. Per Iigil Aske. 8| mins. Roy is a postie from your worst nightmare: he will probany read your letters before you do. When he strips

deaf dry cleaning woman. l.ine. front killing herself. he ends up embroiled iii crime. A stylishly grungy delight. with ()slo painted as .1 city washed iii a constant. sickly- colorired drizzle. peopled almost exclusively by pasty-faced malcontents. See preview and review. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

Kiss Me Kate (U) (George Sidney. US. I953) Kathryn Grayson. Howard Keel. Ann Miller. l()9 mins. Drawing parallels between a musical production of The 'Iiuiiiiig (2/ The .S'lireir- and events in the private life of the cast. this delightful MGM production with plenty of song and dance. Watch Miller stop the show with 'Too Darn Ilot'. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

Kiss Or Kill ( l 8) (Bill Bennett. Australia. I997) 96 mins. The darker strand evident in the recent output of Australian films (Burl Buy liltl’l’). ertpt’r Slonipei: Deal/i In lirrrnsrr-i'ek) continues with this Iove-on-tlic- run tale. Two young lovers keep one step ahead of the police. but as a trail of murders grows behind them. they both suspect each other could be the killer. A sharp thriller that questions the very nature of love. Australian Film Season. lidinbrirgli: l‘llllllltmsc.

Kiss The Girls ( l 8) (Gary Fleder. US. I997) Morgan Freeman. Ashley Judd. Cary Iilwes. I I6 mins. Sharing its star and sortie thematic preoccupations with the superior Seven. Km The Girls avoids genre pitfalls. but lacks original psychological insight. Freeman plays a detective whose search for his missing neice uncovers a spate of disappearances and a killer who's convinced of his romantic charms. The ending is contrived. and the actors deserve better. Glasgow: ()deon Quay. Showcase. UCI Clydebank. Iidinburgh: [JCT liast Kilbride: UCI. Paisley: Showcase.

LA. Confidential (18) (Curtis Hanson. US. I997) Kevin Spacey. Guy Pearce. Russell Crowe. Kiitt Basinger. l35 mins. Adapted from James Iillroy's neo-noir novel. the best American film of I99? evokes a glitzy post- WWZ Los Angele underpinned by an all- pervasive. festering corruption. An intricate. drop-dead brilliant plot links bent cops. good cops. Hollywood star lookalike prostitutes and the mob. The dialogue crackles and the actors burn tip the screen; one of the few films one would dare mention in the same breath as the definitive ('Iiinulown. Glasgow: ()deon Quay. Iidinburgh: Odeon. Stirling: Carlton.

The Last Days of Chez Nous (15) (Gillian Armstrong. Australia. I992) Lisa Harrow. Bruno Gan'l Kerry Fox. 96 mins. A Sydney household. peopled by a successful novelist. her French husband and her daughter. is thrown otit of balance by the arrival of the woman's sister. The latest from Gillian (.Ili lit (Illlr'lltl ('tireei I :‘sl'lllslfOllg has some of the most believable characters you‘ll have seen on screen for ages. while script. cast and director chime in resonant harmony. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

Leaving Las Vegas ( 18) (Mike l-‘iggis. US. I995) Nicolas Cage. lilisabeth Shue. Julian Sands I l() itiiiis. Sacked from hisjob. Ben (Cage) drives to Vegas with the sole intention of drinking himself to death. but during his descent comes across hooker Sera (Shire). another lost soul. Figgis's neon- drenched movie captures the irresponsible euphoria and mental pain of alcoholism from a subjective viewpoint. while the astonishing performances by the leads help it transcend the surface tawdriness and delve deep into underlying emotions. lidinbtirgh: Cameo.

Lola ( I 5) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. (ieriiiany. I98] ) Barbara Sukowa. Armin MtielIcr-Stalil. I 15 mins. Fassbiiider‘s remake of The lilrre Angel is perfect territory for him. particularly when he gives the original a toticli of melodrama in the Douglas Sit‘k style. Mucller-Stahl plays a respecable building coitiiitissioner whose desire for club singer/brothel madam Sukowa leads him into corruption. Stirling: MacRobert.

Look Back In Anger ( l 5) (Tony Richardson. UK. I959) Richard Burton. Claire Bloom. Gary Raymond. l()() mins. Burtort is the archetypal ‘angry young man' iii the film version ofJohn ()sbotirne's ground-breaking play. He storms his way through the dialogue. delivering blistering diatribes against the middle-classes and the world in general. ()f course. ritucli of it is dated now. but we can still tap into the passion. lidinburgh: l'llllllltfllSC.

Looking For Richard (15) (Al Pacino. US. I996) Al pacino. Winona Ryder. Alec Baldwin. ll2 mins Pacino investigates his passion for Shakespeare by scurrying around New York. interviewing ordinary people and famous tliespiaiis about the Bard‘s appeal. When he gets together his chums to chew over the text and to enact sortie scenes from th'llunl //I however. his offbeat film goes sadly off the rails and resembles a Higher Iinglisli lesson. A noble effort that's too self-indulgen to secure a new audience or further enlighten Shakespeare fans. Iidiiiburgh: Cameo.

“Not since Delicatessen have humour, plot and visuals been combined to sustain such a perfect cinematic V‘sion” *****'i£§gt$‘fl c

A black comedy about love, money, cold canned spaghetti, karaoke, involuntary good deeds and the joy of being comatose.



WINN ER (.‘A.\'.\‘Ii.\' FILM H5.S“I'I\'AI. 1997 (JRI'I‘K‘S WkL'Js' I’RIZI;

“earned; Edinburgh‘iram T7 ABET” “EEESWr—nifié—EEW

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