Maiiiet-scriptcd satire comes iti heavy handed form. As one ‘problem' after another is encountered and solved. the cool. ironic tone of the opening section is rapidly replaced by one of simple hysteria. lidiiibtirgh: ()deoii Quay. Irvine: Magnum. We All Fall Down ( l5) (Davide l’errario. Italy. I997) SS inins. A 32-year-old virgin avoids military service by bovving out as a conscientious objector. and fills his days vvith fantasies. A lively movie. perked tip by a soundtrack from Italy's indie bands. ltaliaii l‘ilm Festival. (ilasgovs; (il’l‘. lidinburgh: l‘llllllltHlSL‘.

Welcome To Sarajevo ( IS) (Michael Winterbottoni. UK. I997) Steven l)illane. Woody Harrelson. limira Ntisevic. |()7 mins. 'lhe horror of the conflict in Bosnia breaks dovs n the professional detachment of reporter Michael Henderson (Dillane) who decides to smuggle an orphan otit of the country. Based on the true story of “N journalist Michael Nicholson. Winterbottom's film gains further authenticity by being shot on location. An angry. poleniical film that barely manages to contain its makers' shame and righteous fury at the West's complacent response to Bosiiia's suffering. liast Kilbride: UCl.

The Well ( I5) (Samantha Lang. Australia. I997) Miranda Otto. Pamela Rabe. l()2 iiiins. A hedonistic teenager forms an unexpected relationship with an older vsomaii who lives with her ailing father on a remote farm. Strong performances and excellent photography drive this movie which competed in the official competition at Cannes last year. Atistralian liilm Season. lidiiibui'gh: liilmlionse.

The Wings Of The Dove ( IS) (lain Soi'iley. UK. 1997) Helena Bonham Carter. Linus Roache. Alison lilliott. ltlS mins. An intelligent. emotionally devastating adaptation of Henry James's novel that confidently side-steps the pitfalls of stuffy costume drama. Prevented front marrying her humble los er. Kate (Bonham Carter) plots to pair him off vvith a rich. sickly American. livei'ything about this film emphasises quality. including the costumes. photography. use of Venice as a setting and - above all »- the peerless performances.

Ay r: ()deon. l-‘alkirk; 'l'ovvn Hall. Stirling. MacRobert.

Withnail 8r l ( l5) (Bruce Robinson. UK. 1987) Paul Mc(ianii. Richard li. (irant. Richard (ii‘iffiths. l()7 iniiis. 'l‘yvo out-of- vvoi‘k actors surviving I969 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. vv here one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual

ovv ner. entertaining British comedy has a second stab at glory. and it's the bleakei‘ end-of-the-decade elements that have lasted best. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Young Einstein (PG) (Yahoo Serious. Atistralia. l989) Yahoo Serious. ()dile l.e (.‘Ie/io. John llovvard. 97 mins. Wild-haired .‘slr Serious vs rites. directs. produces and takes the title role in this ii'reverently inventive biopic of the geiiius‘ early life. This Albert liiiisteiii. born in 'l‘asmania. not only split the atom. btit also invented the electric guitar and hence rock 'n' roll. (ilasgovs. (il'()s\Cll()l'.

refused to be ground dovv ii in Strum/(ii Night. Sum/(1v .llurliuie. lloskins is marvellous in this harsh and beautiful tiliii (ilasgovv: ()deons. lidiiiburgh. (Xiiiieo. ()deon. l’aisley: Sliosv case.

Ugetsu Monogatari ( I2) ( Kenn Mizoguchi. Japan. I953) 96 mins. ()ne of the defining arthouse movies of the 50s is at last available again iii the UK. During a bitter civil war. a greedy potter takes advantage of the sittiatioii vsliile his neighbour heads off to become a samurai. As iii much of Mizoguclii's vsork. it's the vvoiiieii vs ho bear the brunt of male irresponsibility. l‘oi'iiially composed. vsith a compelling humanism at its core. (ilasgow: (iilmorehill. Stirling; Mac-Robert.

Ulee's Gold ( l5) (\"ictoi‘ Nunez. US. I997) l’eter l-onda. l’ati‘icia Richardson. it‘ll] Wood. I ll iiiiiis. l’oiida proves himself back on form vs itli this film about a bee-keeping vvidovvei' and Vietnam vet vvho is yanked otii of his solitary existence to search for the missing vvife of his imprisoned son. While atmospheric photography reinforces the overall mood. a gripping crime intrigue plot drives the story along. l-‘onda‘s admirable performance is also both moving atid honest. lidinbtirgh: (‘ameo.

Up 'N' Under ( l3) (John (iodber. liK. I997) (iary ()lseii. Samantha Janus. Neil Morrissey. 98 mins. Combining comic realism vvith the age old triumph-over- adversity formula. (iodber's stageplay is an tiplifttiig tale similar in style and structure to Brusset/ ()If and Ill/lt’ Full Monty. A middle- aged rugby ex-professional (Olsen) makes winners out of the lazy pub team \v itli the help of sexy blonde g) in instructor Hazel (Janus). 'l‘he amusineg self-satirising approach holds an appeal for men and vsoiiieii alike. (ilasgovv: (ii'osyenoi'.

US Marshals ( l2) (Stuart Baird. US. I993) 'l'ommy lee Jones. Wesley Snipes. lrene Jacob. I33 niins . Tommy |.ee Jones reprises his ()scar-vs‘inning role as relentless US Marshal Samuel (ierard in this half-decent sequel to The lure/lire. 'lliis time. it's CIA agent Snipes vvlio has been framed for murder and is on the run. Snipes is a bit of a superman compared to his predecessor (vv ho had to rely solely on his MM and this lessens the drama soiiievvhat. See rev ievs. General release.

U-Turn ( I8) (Oliver Stone. lFS. l997) Sean Penn. Jennifer Lopez. Billy llob 'llioi'iitoii. l35 nnns. Stone avoids controversy and goes instead for a smaller. genre piece vs itli skilful storytelling. strong performances and punchy cinematography'. l’eiin is an unlucky dude vs ho gets embroiled iii a seedy murder plot betvseen husband and vvife vvhen his car breaks dovs n in the desert. A small. perfectly formed gem. See previevv and revievv. Glasgow; ABC Film Centre. L'Cl Clydebaiik. liditiburgh: l’(‘l.

Wag The Dog ( l5) (Barry l.ev iiisoii. US. I997) Robert De Niro. Dustin Hoffman. Anne Heche. 97 mins. A spin doctor cooks tip a fictitious vvar to help a l‘S l’resideiit throuin a tricky and scandal-filled ie- election campaigii .ill doiie-aiid-dusted

\sell before Clinton's Monica l.esv iiisky scandal surfaced. lint outside its frighteningly impeccable timing. this

Creating a diversion: Jennifer Lopez in U-Turn

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